A Message from John Burgos

To express my gratitude and as one small way to acknowledge you for who you are, and the beautiful light the emanates from your soul, I would like to gift to you the collection of all of the broadcasts from Season 9 on Beyond The Ordinary Show.

Thank you for the love you share and for carrying it’s essence within the purity of your soul and allowing it to shine through, even when you don’t realize your doing it. You matter and your loving presence creates ripples effects that are positively impacting the future of our world. I am forever grateful for all of the amazing speakers who shared their wisdom and reminded us that there are many paths that will take us to the enlightenment that we are seeking and yet only one true guiding force, LOVE.

While I do my part, along with our speakers, to raise the vibration of each and every conversation that we broadcast, it is your energetic contribution that provides the foundation for the quality of information and for the portals of divine energy and Love that we’re honored to transmit to you on a regular basis.

So in acknowledgement of your pioneering soul, beautiful heart and the amazing being that you are, I hope you accept this humble gift that is intended to keep on giving.

Click here to download the entire Season 9 Audio Collection.

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All my best,

John Burgos