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Angel – Divine Dictionary

ANGEL noun | an-gel : a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God : a spiritual being superior than humans in intelligence, abilities, or power : an attendant, guardian, or spirit

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COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS noun | col-lec-tive con-scious-ness : a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. : refers to a shared knowledge and belief system of members of any particular group. This group can be comprised of a few individuals, a state, a nation, or the entire […]

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Understanding Karma and Dharma

Living your highest, truest potential is something that we speak about often on the show. We talk at length about activations, meditations and tools for you to use to accomplish your life’s purpose and overcome blockages of all kinds. This cause and effect of life – this certain situation has happened and now I am […]

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Clairvoyance – Divine Dictionary

noun | clair·voy·ance : an ability to perceive or see events, people, objects, happenings in the future by telepathic means or beyond normal human vision. : French in origin, clairvoyance, or “clear vision”, is believed to be a sight which transcends human confines and of this world abilities. Clairvoyance is inherent for some, or may […]

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Intro To The Chakras

We talk about chakras quite often on The Beyond The Ordinary Show. From guests who are experts in blocking stagnant energy, aligning your energy centers, or healing you on an energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, your chakras are involved. So, what exactly are your chakras? Chakras Are Energy Centers To put it simply, your […]

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What is Channelling?

“Spirit is constantly talking to you, but are you willing to be crazy enough to talk back?” – John Burgos

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