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Step Into Your Leadership

LEADERSHIP This word has repeatedly come up for me and lately, more than ever, I have felt compelled to pursue my own leadership. In doing so, I have found my energy being grounded in my purpose, and this is what I wish for you to seek for yourself. In order to show up as a […]

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Energetic Cleansing For Optimal Clarity

Feeling stuck, stagnant, or bogged down? It could be that your energy is stale and holding you back! The solution? CLEAR IT OUT! We have compiled 5 ways that you can bring more clarity, directed energy, and overall well-being into your life! 5 Ways to Energetically Cleanse for Optimal Clarity   This one seems intuitive, […]

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What is Channelling?

“Spirit is constantly talking to you, but are you willing to be crazy enough to talk back?” – John Burgos

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