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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records refer to a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. They are believed to contain the information of every soul or being in the cosmos. With that being said, the Records are continually updated, with each new thought, word or action that every soul or entity makes. The Akashic Records contains the energetic prints about the origination and journey of every soul through its lifetimes. They connect each of us to one another. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”. To assist people in their comprehension of the records, many describe the Akashic Records metaphorically as a library. Others have called the Akashic Records the “Universal Computer”, the “Mind of God”, the Cosmic or Collective Consciousness, the Collective Unconscious or the Collective Subconscious. 

How to use the Akashic Records to clear the blocks to abundance.



Alchemy is the ancient practice in which ‘metallurgy’, medicine, chemistry, religion and mysticism were blended together in an effort to achieve several goals – the main one, being to transform base metals into ‘precious’ metals, was symbolic of the alchemist’s hope of bringing the Universe closer to its highest potential – physically and spiritually.

Another intention of the ancient alchemist was to discover an elixir that would cure all diseases, and indefinitely extend human life expectancy whilst maintaining optimum health. They are of the belief that there is an inseparable bond between the physical and the spiritual/metaphysical.



Angels are usually viewed as the spirit of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will or are merely extensions of the Supreme Being’s will.



Are members of the second choir of angels. Archangels are found in a number of religious traditions. Archangel Michael. The angel of the Lord who stands in defense of theChrist consciousness in all children of God; also known as Prince of the Archangels and Defender of the Faith. As the archangel of the first ray, Michael embodies the qualities of faith, protection, perfection and the will of God. He is the most revered angel in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scripture and tradition.


Ascended Master

Enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth, fulfilled their reason for being and have ascended and reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension. The ascended masters are the true teachers of mankind. They direct the spiritual evolution of all devotees of God and guide them back to their Source.



The ritual whereby the soul reunites with the Spirit of the living God, the I AM Presence, through the acceleration by the sacred fire at the natural conclusion of one’s final lifetime on earth. It is the process whereby the soul, having balanced her karma and fulfilled her divine plan, merges first with the Christ Consciousness and then with the living Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Once the ascension has taken place, the soul—the corruptible aspect of being—becomes the incorruptible one, a permanent atom in the body of God, free from the round of karma and rebirth.


Ascension Symptom

As one moves through the Ascension process there may be periods where the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time; then suddenly these symptoms may abruptly cease altogether for awhile, or symptoms may suddenly change or shift in intensity or frequency. The ascension experience is different for everyone and symptoms can vary according to one’s individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and even individual purpose on the planet.


Astral plane

A frequency of time and space beyond the physical, yet below the mental, corresponding to the emotional body of man and the collective unconscious of the race; the repository of mankind’s thoughts and feelings, conscious and unconscious. Because the astral plane has been muddied by impure human thought and feeling, the term “astral” is often used in a negative context to refer to that which is impure or psychic.


Astral Body

The Astral Body consists of a subtle energy field of light that encases the physical body. The Astral Body is the fourth layer of the aura. It is morphous – that is, lacking definite shape, and is composed of clouds of color, more beautiful than those of the emotional body. The Astral body usually has the same set of colors as the emotional body, but they are mostly infused with the rose color of Love. This body extends from six to twelve inches from the physical body.

Astral Travel

Astral travel is when our spirits take a ‘trip’ away from the physical body. The spirit is able to take off and visit wherever and whomever we wish. Astral travel lies at the core of some of our most vivid and memorable dreams.



Astrology is an ancient art charting the cycles of the Universe and the positions of the planets at the time of birth, to forecast, predict and draw a distinct impression of the personality and the Life Path.

The Astrology Chart or Zodiac is made up of twelve Sun or natal signs; each with its own ruling planet and a specific segment of the calendar.



According to Plato, 11,000 years ago there was a continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called Atlantis. Through some cataclysmic action, the entire nation and everything on it sank to the bottom of the sea.

Many prophets and philosophers have stated that Atlantis did exist and that it shall rise from the sea and exist again some time in the future.



A luminous emanation or electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. The atmosphere surrounding and interpenetrating the four lower bodies of man and his chakras upon which the impressions, thoughts, feelings, words and actions of the individual are registered, including hiskarma and the records of past lives.



The term ‘AVATAR’ means one who was descended, but descended from where and to what? It means descended from Godliness to human form. Avatar means those who descended to Earth from the Spiritual world for the establishment of Dharma, preservation of the human race and promulgation of Sastra. Avatar means the person who descends, as a fully or partially empowered incarnation of Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi, from the spiritual realm for a particular mission. An Avatar is also called a Savior, that is a person who saves or rescues mankind from the danger of deterioration. When a savior appears on this Earth all are saved through his grace.


Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is writing (or typing) that involves the intuitive mind taking over from the rational mind in order to access and record information.



Bi-Locate (Bi-Location)

To bi-locate is the ability to be in two (or more) places at once.

This is able to be achieved in the spirit realm but not in the physical/material world when we are in human form.



Cellular Memory

Every cell in our body has the ability to remember. Our Cellular Memory can store the memory of physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries, or abuse; emotional trauma like heartache, fear, built and anger; and mental trauma that manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry, etc. When trauma is suppressed into the cellular memory, that energy can get stuck. The problem with suppressed cellular memory is not only does it limit our ability to live freely and joyfully in life but it can also support the body in developing physical illness.”



Centering is a way to become self aware and responsible for your own energy. It is spiritual likened to the concept of ‘pulling yourself together, energetically speaking’. It is the focus of returning all of your scattered energies to yourself and back to self-realized wholeness. The concept of ‘Centering’ is usually used before meditation or when performing any spiritual work such as energy healing or divination, in order to prepare and protect yourself.

You do this by grounding yourself, centering your energies, and shielding yourself from unwanted or negative influences.



There are two main techniques medium ship developed in the latter half of the 20th century. One type involves psychics or sensitives who can speak to spirits and then relay what they hear to their clients.


The other incarnation of non-physical mediumship is a form of channeling in which the channeler goes into a trance, or “leaves their body” and then a specific spirit, talks through them. In the trance, the medium enters a cataleptic state. The controlling spirit then takes over, the voice may change completely and the spirit answers the questions of those in its presence or giving spiritual knowledge.




Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric double of man. The Chakras are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation (the fans make the shape of a love heart). Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. There are seven major Chakras or energy centers (also understood as wheels of light), located within the subtle body.

The chakra colors and their meanings: 


  • The Root Chakra –The Sanskrit word for this Chakra is Mooladhara Chakra (mool means root). The chakra colors associated with the root chakra is Red. The root chakra defines our relation to Earth. It impacts our vitality, passion and survival instincts. The red chakra colors are also indicative of our need for logic and order, physical strength and sexuality as well as the fight or flight response when faced with danger. The sense of smell in the human body is connected to the Root Chakra. The gland to which the root chakra is attached is the Gonads.
  • The Sacral Chakra – The Sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is the Swadhisthana chakra. The chakra colors associated with sacral chakra is orange. Swadishthana chakra relates to the water element in the human body. The chakra colors orange impact sexuality, reproductive function, joy, desire and even creativity, compassion for others etc. The sense of Taste is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Glands and organs impacted by this chakra include the lymphatic system, female reproductive organs, large intestine, pelvis, bladder etc.
  • The Solar plexus Chakra –The Sanskrit word for this chakra is ManiPura Chakra which literally translates to “city of jewels”. Thus the solar plexus chakra is the personal power chakra that is responsible for one’s personal and professional success. The chakra colors yellow of this energy vortex are associated with fire, energy, charge etc. This element of fire, when balanced and harmonious allows one to feel more confident, cheerful and energetic along with a right amount of respect for self and others. Our sense of sight is associated with the solar plexus chakra. The glands or organs associated with Solar plexus chakra are Adrenal glands.
  • The Heart Chakra – Anahata Chakra or the heart chakra is associated with the chakra colors Green. This chakra influences our relationships and has the Air element. A weak heart chakra is responsible for sabotaging the relationships through distrust, anger and envy etc. Sense of touch is impacted by the heart chakra and the glands connected to it are Thymus and lymph.
  • The Throat Chakra – The Vishuddhi chakra refers to our true voice. As the name suggests, the Throat chakra with its chakra colors Blue is associated with the ability to communicate, listen etc. The glands to which the Throat chakra is attached are the esophagus, ears, throat, thyroid, jaws, teeth and neck vertebrae. The ethereal element of the Throat Chakra, when balanced, allows an individual to have pleasant voice, artistic abilities, expressive ways and also ability to be in a higher place spiritually. The individuals with balanced throat chakra are able to meditate well and use their energy efficiently and artistically.
  • Third Eye Chakra – The Ajna Chakra literally translates to “centre of knowing or monitoring”. This chakra is associated with chakra colors Indigo and is connected to the Pineal or pituitary gland. Those with a well balanced brow chakra can have telepathic abilities, charismatic personality and they often do not have any fear of death. The element of electricity or telepathy along with the chakra colors of Indigo are associated with our sense of Thought.
  • The Crown Chakra – This chakra is known as Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit and is associated with the chakra colors of violet or purple. The crown chakra is associated with the pituitary gland, nervous system, and the brain and head region with its element of light. In its balanced state, this chakra can render individuals the ability to perform miracles, transcend the laws of nature, and have a heightened awareness of death and immortality.


Christ Consciousness

The consciousness or awareness of the self in and as the Christ, the attainment of a level of consciousness commensurate with that which was realized by Jesus, the Christ. The Christ consciousness is the realization within the soul of that mind which was in Christ Jesus. 



“Clear Smelling” is the ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life.



Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear things that are beyond the range of the ordinary power of hearing, such as voices or messages from the dead, Spirit Guides. Giving comfort to the living by providing “messages from the dead.”



“Clear Knowing”, is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of “just knowing”. Often, a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is “right” or “wrong.”



The ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.



A clairsentient is an individual who is empathetic and senses energies. Energies can be light or heavy, smooth or abrasive, prickly or gentle, peaceful and airy or good or bad.

For example, when sensing a negative situation a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like butterflies in the stomach, or a sense of feeling safe, peaceful and light.

Learning to discern positive and negative energies can make all the difference when making decisions in life.



A condition in which the medium takes on the ailments of a spirit, feeling the same physical problem as the person.



(from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “visibility”) is the apparent ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception.

A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clear”).


Cell Memory

Cell Memory is the entire body of knowledge that our spirit minds have gathered during all our past lives, infused and reacted to by every cell in the physical body the moment the spirit enters the fetus. Our spirit minds remember every moment we’ve experienced in this life and every other life we’ve lived since we were created.


Channel / Channeling

A ‘channel’ or ‘channeler’ is someone who is able to communicate with spirit and the ‘other side’. This process is known as ‘channeling’. A channel is also sometimes known as a Medium.


Chant / Chanting

Repetitive, short, simple words, an affirmation, or sounds used to help attain a deeper spiritual or meditative state.



Our Chart (or Blueprint) is the ‘script’ we wrote for ourselves before incarnating into this lifetime. It is the guideline by which we live our lives, and charts all that we will do, experience and learn during our lives.



Chi is the positive Universal energy that flows through the body’s vital organs and circulates through the entire body. Chi is positive energy.


Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness is a term used in sociology, the study of human societies. It refers to the knowledge and beliefs shared by all the members of a particular group, whether that group encompasses a few individuals, a nation, or the planetary population as a whole. Collective consciousness allows members of a group to share common goals, behaviors, and attitudes. It also encourages individuals with differing views to conform to the beliefs of the overall group. In short, it makes human society possible.


Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra, the crown chakra, is the last of the 7 main chakras.  This chakra acts a channel, or a portal, of Divine Light and Information coming in, and through it, flows the energy of the other chakras. Divine in, physical world out. This chakra is the seat of our connection with All That Is, the Divine Creator, Source, the Universe, the Spiritual Realm – where, as humans in the physical world, we connect with those existing upward.  In opening your crown chakra, you are opening your connection to all of those that exist in the Light – your Guides, your Loved Ones, and your Angels.

This chakra is located at the very top of our heads, projecting upward, into the skies above.  It is unique in that it resonates with two colors – purple, and white.  The purple represents the color of the Iris, a flower with three primary petals, representing, you in your physical  body, your Higher Self (or Spirit, or Soul), and your connection with the Divine. The color white, is representative of the crown chakra because this is the combination of all colors, just as the crown chakra is the culmination and combination of all chakras.   



is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. We use the term Crystal when we are talking of stones, rocks and gem stones, all which hold the energy of the earth and can help us in our healing.


Cutting Chords

The process, the ceremony of “Cord Cutting” is based on the premise that when we enter into relationship with a person, or even business relationships, and contracts of all sorts, an energetic thread or cord is activated. As we move through life, often these relationships no longer are what we need or want them to be. “Cord Cutting” allows for the energetic thread that has been running to be cut. Relationships don’t have to end, but this allows for new beginnings instead of being trapped in the past.

Sometimes, we want relationships to end, such as when you are no longer in a relationship with a lover. Every time you enter into such a relationship, particularly one that leads to sexual involvement, an energetic thread is started. If the relationship continues, the thread gets stronger. Often, people can feel this, or have an intuitive sense of what is going on with their partner. This is due to the energetic connection. Even relationships that are ended, years later there still can be a tapping in.


The Sophia Code & The Sophia Dragon Tribe 

The Sophia Dragon Tribe is a collective consciousness called forth and created by the Divine Mother Sophia, Creatrix of All Life, as a unified High Council of those exceptional Ascended Masters who have awakened and exemplified the highest examples of aligned, embodied sovereignty throughout eons of physical incarnations on this planet, as well as others, across the cosmos. When Sophia summoned this High Council it was for the sole purpose of supporting All of Creation in remembering itself as wholly and perfectly divine – made equal in the image and likeness of the One Sophia Source.

Over the course of human history, many of these living, awakened masters became deified in human awareness due to their extraordinary public service and ability to create an example of “Heaven on Earth” for a culture or civilization. Although we have all been “made in the image and likeness” of the Divine Mother, these individual masters embodied pinnacle examples of awakened, embodied self-realization and as a result their names became worshiped as Keycodes of encoded divine attributes that inspire future generations of humanity.

These Keycodes assist in understanding and awakening the Divine Mother Within the Self, both on the inner planes, as well as in the embodied ability to co-create with universal and planetary energies to manifest any desire into form.

As such, book 1 of The Sophia Code presents the first seven of innumerable essential Keycodes for humanity’s collective awakening of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness through the High Council members of Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and The Sophia Dragons who generously share their individual stories, wisdom, and initiations for embodying your sovereignty.  (Definition Source: Kaia Ra)



Quantum Journey

Quantum Journey is a method that quickly and effectively removes subconscious blocks and programming and activates a new perspective about yourself and the world around you, freeing you to make different choices and create something new in your life.

Each of us is constantly emitting an energetic frequency which has attracted everything in our life. This work gives you the tools to change your frequency to the station where obstacles cease to exist.

You will go beyond clearing, processing, and healing to a life consciously designed and created. It’s that easy, and it’s that effective! Unleash the powerful, magnetic you into effortless abundance. (Definition Source: April Olas)