Over the years, we have had numerous requests from our listeners who have wanted to make a donation to demonstrate their gratitude for the inspiration that the show has provided. My reaction has always been one of reservation. I conduct this show to be of service and trust that we are all richly supported in the process.

The inspiration to create Beyond The Ordinary came from the realization that very few people are aware of the powerful and life-transforming information that is available to all of us. This intelligence invites us to an invisible world, to stretch our mind, body, and soul in ways we have not been conventionally taught. The information and the teachings that they engendered have dramatically and positively altered the course of my life and ignited a flame within. It became my drive, truly my passion, to provide a platform where anyone in the world could be introduced to and go deep with the tools and inspiration that I continue to discover, and to make sure this intelligence is easily accessible as my way of giving from what has been granted to me.

The requests to donate to Beyond The Ordinary have become a gift I can no longer ignore and an expression of love I am learning to receive. Your generosity will assist to keep expanding Beyond The Ordinary into new frontiers and allow us to continue to provide the quality of show that you have become accustomed to.

Thank you for your support and love.