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Energetic Cleansing For The New Year

The new year is the standard time to make resolutions, start again, and declare change for the upcoming year. However, as so many of us discover (or re-discover), we fall back into our old routines by March and lose steam for permanent amendments. One of the causes for this is that we attempt to make positive changes while sitting in old energetic patterns.

Clear it out this year! Do the work ahead of time so that any new year’s resolutions you make this year stay for good!

5 Ways to Energetically Cleanse for the New Year

mindfully purge

This one seems intuitive, but for emotional reasons many people hold onto clothing, photos, journals, books, or even pieces of little sentimental value. So I urge you to physically clean your closets, countertop corners, nooks and crannies of your home to quite literally clear your space.
Pay special attention to under your bed – it is where you go to sleep and recharge every night, you don’t want to spend that intimate time with old memories, people of your past, or general clutter.

Clear out your physical space by creating room and openness to usher in the new!


The sacred healing ritual of smudging is steeped in ancient Native American tradition, and is practiced to cleanse away negative, unwanted energy and purify a space. It can be healing and meditative in itself when done with intention and focus. Using the smoke to symbolically bathe or cleanse a desired area can help you identify where in your life, or home, that you would like to cleanse.

Anywhere in your life – work, home, car – that you feel needs to be released of old, stagnant routines, patterns, and energy – smudge it! Try using sage, incense, or wrapped herbs.

write it down

Write down what you want to let go of, improve, or surrender in the new year. The act of writing them down and seeing them all listed gives them weight and a tangibility that just saying them alone doesn’t create.

We encourage you to have a cleansing ritual by burning it (in a controlled space of course) after writing your list, letting the flames envelop your past, your worries, your unhealthy or old patterns. From the ash will come new birth, new life, new aspirations!

move it out

Get up, dance, yoga, run, walk, be silly! Moving your body is the simplest form of stimulating your internal, physical energy. If you sit at work all day, be sure to make time to move – and change your mentality as you do it, especially if this is part of your new year’s resolution.

Try to move away from “I have to exercise! I have to get to the gym!” (unless of course that inspires you), and instead think more “I deserve fresh energy! Thank you body for all you do for me, in gratitude I will move around this stagnant energy to create higher vibrations and stronger energetic connections!”

simple sadhana

Create a simple, daily spiritual practice and stay committed to it every day. The key to a sadhana, or daily spiritual practice, is to infuse your practice with mindfulness to make it is a source of grounded spirituality. That could be waking up and reading for 10 minutes, quietly enjoying warm lemon water before the day begins to unfold, practicing a rigorous yoga flow, or anything in between.

Allow this time to be all yours, either before your monkey brain turns towards your day, or as a means to unwind from your demanding schedule. The practice of a sadhana allows you to find a spiritual routine to create calm, peaceful, and healthy space, and will hopefully keep the work you accomplished in your cleanse to be maintained in the new year, one day at a time.

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