Step Into Your Leadership


This word has repeatedly come up for me and lately, more than ever, I have felt compelled to pursue my own leadership. In doing so, I have found my energy being grounded in my purpose, and this is what I wish for you to seek for yourself. In order to show up as a leader in a capacity that supports the greater good, you MUST ground down and find your own true purpose.


One common problem that deters people from stepping into a leadership role is that they feel deeply about EVERY issue – human rights, saving the bees, banning plastic, you name it! I admittedly gone down this rabbit hole in my own way. The collective consciousness can be extremely magical, but can be chaotic as well. However, what pulls me out of this space of chaos is that I have the power to decide where my energy goes. I have the power to decide how much stress I take on. I am the Master of my own reality….and so are you!


You must remember that other people also feel called to be leaders, and the burden of the world is not yours alone to carry. The old saying “it takes a village” is true as well when it comes to helping make the world a better place. One thing I have learned without a doubt in doing this work is that I could not do it alone – some days are challenging, others are a breeze, and in all moments, it’s best when shared with your tribe. So open you heart, mind and arms to reach out for help. Because, remember: you are not alone, and you do not have to walk on this planet isolated, worried and discouraged. You have community, you have Divine assistance, and you are supported in every part of your day. I encourage you to keep this in mind when you approach your leadership.


Take a moment to pause and take a breath, meditate, pull an angel card, go on a run, do whatever it is that makes you feel energetically calm and centered.

Then, with intention, drop into your heart and listen.


Listen, then act. The first act of a leader is to confidently move in the direction he/she is called to go! When listening to your true Self, the onus is on you to take action. Confidence emits a vibration that is magnetic and inspiring. You must move to be moved. If you act and think from a genuine heart-space, you will be supported in whatever way you may need (whether you know it or not!).

In the end, be a Light! We need all the Lights we can get, and I know this community is full of luminous, powerful souls who together are catalysts to spark global change. With humility and strength, know that I will always be a part of your village, your community, and your team.

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