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What is Channelling?


Discover the Depths of Guided Communication 

“Spirit is constantly talking to you, but are you willing to be crazy enough to talk back?” – John Burgos

Channelling is a form of communication between humans and spirits, angelic beings, non-physical entities, or animals and pets. A channeller is someone who is the “channel” for such spirits or entities to communicate through. You could think of them as a translator or interpreter.

A channeller can choose who or what they want to channel. Or sometimes, which many of our guests would say, the channeller was chosen by the being, entity, mass consciousness to act as his, her, its, their channel. The process of channeling comes naturally to those who identify as channels, but the first contact can be confusing or hard to believe, as the experience is beyond this concrete, physical world. The information the channeller receives is not necessarily in the vernacular of the channel or the specified audience. The interpretation of the messages, then, is the duty of the channel to make clear for humans.

There’s Not One Way

Channelling is hard to explain and discern as there is not one way it is done. This can cause confusion or doubt around whether someone is actually channelling or if the message is one that comes from a place beyond our human limitations. Generally speaking, my advice is to be open minded and non-judgmental around the translated advice or messages from a person who considers herself a channeller. Some channels enter a trance or meditative state. Some pace the room or their voice dramatically changes. And there are some still who seem to be acting completely normal.

Tune In

Give it a shot–tune into a public channelling session or seek out a personal channel near you.  There are undoubtedly lessons to be learned. Remember to keep in mind that the messages may come off cryptic at first, but they are being translated for a reason. Sometimes we don’t discover the reason until later. So, stay open to whatever messages are channelled. And like so many other things in life, you will become more familiar with the practice and the particular translations the more often you participate.


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