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Great Awakenings
The Future of Conscious Conversations is here now


Live in Los Angeles

March 10, 2018






Meet Your Hosts



John Burgos

John Burgos, founder, and host of  Beyond The Ordinary Show has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others. He created Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and lead the next generation of transformation through providing a stage for emerging and provocative spiritual leaders, exposing and bringing light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness.

Moved by the profound, shamanic experiences that ignited his ability to pierce the veil to communicate with different realms and heightened his intuitive abilities, John has dedicated his passions to bringing this truth of inherent intuition to the masses.

He is widely known as a leader in the human potential field and finds his truest excellence in collaborating with esoteric and spiritual teachers. He believes that his work, in conjunction with the luminous souls he works intimately with, can be the catalyst for global change.






Sara Landon

Sara Landon is a globally celebrated transformational leader, visionary entrepreneur, spiritual advisor to people with big dreams, and channel of The Council. The Council is an energetic presence of nonphysical beings whose expanded awareness and higher-level consciousness are guiding people to answer the profound questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose?”

Together, Sara and The Council are fueling spiritual growth and personal transformation all around the world by helping people to reach greater levels of joy, love, health, wealth, and fulfillment in their lives. Their profound and powerful teachings have proven life-changing to countless people who have applied their wisdom to create positive change in their careers, businesses, relationships, bodies, and daily lives.

Whether you have been on a spiritual path your entire life or you are just beginning to awaken to the power within you, an experience with Sara and The Council can indeed be described as coming home to your own truth, which is quite possibly the gift of a lifetime.





Dee Wallace is an internationally known healer, author and actress best known for her portrayal of the mother in Steven Spielberg’s academy award winning movie ET. 

Dee has spent the last two decades developing a remarkable healing model designed to work deeply in the core energy systems of the psyche to encourage profound yet instant release. This channeled information has helped heal AIDS, hormonal imbalance, depression, thyroid dysfunction and migraines among otherdis-eases. Clients experience profound happiness, awakening, and financial expansion.

The I~M system states, “I Am the Creation of Me.” We were given free will to choose the direction of energy in a conscious way: to focus it with thought and emotion into the desires of our heart. We are the powerful Gods we have been waiting for, and we must accept our divine opportunity to create ourselves, and therefore our world, with divine love, promise, and the availability of all possibilities within our creation process. Then all energy rushes in to support us, and partner with us in our creation. The more we love and empower ourselves, the more we create the universes of Us and the world we desire.




Heart-centered and mind-expanding conversations

with your hosts

John Burgos and Sara Landon



Panel Discussion on the latest trends regarding our human potential
and how to apply it to our lives


Q&A with all speakers – Ask your personal questions

Bridge spiritual talk with grounded action


Where the closet spiritual seeker meets their tribe


Discover the essence of who you really are and what you’re here to do!


A community that makes what may seem esoteric and far-reaching
simple and easy to understand


Bringing together the awakened leaders of our time


A gathering for a new community of spiritual trailblazers (that’s you!)

Get ready to
awaken your awesome!





Creating the Future of Conscious Conversations

Our mission is to create the future of conscious conversations, gather an awakened community, and elevate the message of mainstream spirituality and transformation.

Great Awakenings live events will serve as the exclusive gathering for those who are ready to take spiritual dialogue out of the closet and make it part of your everyday life.

Now you have a place where you can feel comfortable talking about the things you know and feel.

We have personally handpicked the next generation of leaders who have the tools and knowledge to guide you through the next level of elevated consciousness and spiritual awakening. We’ll feature special keynote presentations from new consciousness movement leaders at the forefront of the evolution of transformation and spirituality.

This experiential, exclusive one-day retreat will be held in Los Angeles; the perfect place to inaugurate this series of live events, the City of Angels!


This exclusive gathering is for those who are ready to make to make this conversation part of their everyday lives. We will gather in community and take the spiritual dialogue out of the closet and make it mainstream.

For too long we have been seeking something like this, a place where we could elevate our personal communication and feel comfortable talking about things we know and feel but that we have been taught to repress. It’s time to own who you are and live your life’s purpose, consciously and intentionally and in the process awaken to radical self-discovery.



The Great Awakening Live Los Angeles gathering was birthed because we saw the need to bring the community the new generation of leaders and their deep wisdom and teachings to empower all of us to awaken to the potential that the energies of the new earth are bridging.

We are bringing light to conversations often kept in the dark and in the process together we make significant strides not only for our own personal development but for humanity as well.


“My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing”
~ Marcel Proust




We created the Great Awakenings live event with the emphasis on building community.


The schedule provides a generous amount of time to interact with our experts and provides a forum from which you can share with an open heart and mind.  


10:00 am – 11:15 am

Opening Invocation and Energy Update with John and Sara
Includes audience Q&A


11:30 am- 1:00 pm

Keynote Presentation 
Dee Wallace


1:00pm – 2:30 pm
 Break before afternoon session


2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Panel Discussion PLUS Audience Q&A





March 10, 2018
Los Angeles, California





Venue Info

Join us in the City of Angels

Saturday, March 10
10:00 am – 4:30 pm

 Hotel Indigo
899 Francisco St | Los Angeles, CA 90017

 Book your room by March 3 to receive our special group rate







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