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Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Paul Selig

CLAIM THE WORLD - By purchasing this package, you will get the full & dynamic Paul Selig experience. This is an incredible value, packed with exciting and groundbreaking content from Paul and his Guides.


BREAKTHROUGHS IN CHANNELING - In this course, Saryon will bring through the newest information, teachings and spiritual downloads for the group to help you open portals of communication with the invisible world. PLUS Bring a Friend bonus!

April Olas

LIVING IN A STATE OF CONSCIOUS CREATION - In this program, April will clear the path for you and then show you how to bring about the reality that you desire. ou will see Evidence of Your Own Power to Create over and over again throughout this process!!

Christel Hughes

5-D MIND MASTERY MAKEOVER - Feeling ungrounded and unstable? Are you not trusting your mind anymore because you forgot what you did just an hour ago? Starting to wonder, what’s wrong… why you aren’t as sharp as you always were? Give your Mind a Makeover! Trust me… it will feel so much better!

Brandy Gillmore

DISCOVER YOUR OWN UNIQUE ENERGETIC SELF-HEALING CODE - Whether you are working with archangels, nutrition, or guides, we each have a unique energetic code of what is needed for our bodies to heal. Learn to understand YOUR Unique self-healing code!

Marilyn Alauria

Open up to your Guides through Marilyn's fun and innovative techniques. Through the 28 Day Challenge and Channeling 101, you'll learn how to receive the loving messages your Guides are trying to send you. You can start creating the life of your dreams by connecting to your Guides. Let Marilyn show you how to connect now.

Krista Raisa

ORION COUNCIL AND LOVE ON THE PLANET EARTH - Krista's energetic, honest and loving readings plus oracle cards and over 2 hours of Orion Council trance channelings.

Jill Renee Feeler

LAUNCHING SOUL LIGHT FREEDOM - You are invited to experience this very special series, offering breakthrough approaches for an Expanded Consciousness, Exposing some Uncomfortable Truths, and helping you Trust Yourself More in this often strange reality.

Sandra Walter

MULIT-DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS - a deeply comprehensive online training class in Empowerment and Self-Realization unifying Spirituality and Conscious Personal Development. Sandra Walter provides step-by-step guidance on the Ascension process through videos, meditations and printable materials, available anytime to work at your own pace.

Justin Elledge

COME DANCE WITH YOUR SHADOW - Are you ready to Swirl, Pirouette and Waltz with your soul? Are you ready to take a leap into the unknown and discover the most hidden place of the fractals of the dance of creation? If you say yes, Then I say unto you, this is the time to engage with your own destiny!

Alicia Power

THE POWER OF YOUR PURPOSE - This training is a quiet truth bomb – a step by step outlining exactly what you need to do, to gain soul purpose fulfillment in this lifetime. Alicia is a Soul Archeologist and Advanced Spirit Communicator and she has a strong history of triggering change in others.


SEASONS OF MANIFESTATION - SPRING INTO MANIFESTATION - This package is your springboard into creating exhilarating realities for yourself and your loved ones with quintessential high wisdom, guidance, energy and applications from Julius. PLUS a 50% discount on a one-on-one!

Karen Curry

QUANTUM ALIGNMENT - Ready to Take the Guess Work out of Creating a Quantum Abundant Life that’s fully aligned with your highest potential? Want to learn how you can influence and increase the probability that events in your life will manifest according to your intentions? Get Started Today with Quantum Alignment Program

Emmanuel Dagher

CORE ATTUNEMENTS - Emmanuel’s offering addresses every aspect of the mind, body and Spirit, so that nothing is left behind. It also synergizes with one’s natural ability to heal themselves, creating a powerful quantum leap in healing and wholeness to occur quickly and effectively for the recipient.


INTIMACY - We can heal the past and experience feeling loved and loving as never before. We can fulfill our innate desire to grow beyond our old identity to become more of who we are. We can fulfill our inherent desire to experience oneness and create together.

Sarah Lynn Kennedy

ENERGY ALCHEMY - This package is designed to deeply connect you to your guidance and to reveal your pathway to the innate wisdom within. This experience will bring to light Your Centered Self, Your Sensory Body, & Your Life as Expanded Awareness.


UNVEILING YOUR BRILLIANCE - YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE BEYOND CONSENSUS REALITY - This package is designed to usher you from the drama, chaos and struggles of collective consciousness into the wide open spaces of freedom beyond consensus reality. It includes a live class where you can ask ChristiEl your questions and receive guidance, support, and facilitation.

Jean Slatter

HIRING THE HEAVENS - I’ve put together a package that gives you everything you need to immediately access the celestial workforce and develop an ongoing relationship with the Spirits of Creation to get guidance every step of the way.

Meg Benedicte

ASCENSION ACTIVATIONS - Join Meg in this cutting-edge consciousness movement as we birth alive a New 5D Earth. Meg will share with you time-tested, practical steps to becoming Divine Beings, and Quantum Access™ is the most advanced tool in existence to speed up our energy vibration!

Shelley Young

THE EVOLUTION OF TWIN FLAMES AND SOUL CONNECTIONS - This course is designed to help you understand the unique energetic challenges of these connections and to give you the information and wisdom to navigate them in the ways these relationships require and respond to.

Julie Umpleby

DIAMOND LIGHT WORLD - This is not just another activation or transmission program. It is an invitation to wholeness, a regeneration of ancient wisdom and a process of honouring YOU and the special role you play and have played, on this extraordinary expedition we think of as Life.

Joanne Justis

LEARN HOW TO BE YOUR BEST SELF - Joanne Justis is the creator of breakthrough scientific research that allows you to understand and use your hidden capabilities without the process of trial and error.

Micheila Sheldan

LIGHTWORKER INNER CIRCLE 7 - As you walk through this course material you will be activating new information to work within your creative process, as you call light to the anchors that are changing.

Jeffrey Gignac

LIFE RESPONSE FREQUENCIES - Engage with The Spiritual Connection That Clears and Balances You for Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, and Health.

Sara Landon

THE MANUALS FOR MASTERING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE - The Council’s Step-By-Step Guides for manifesting health, wealth, love, happiness and The New Earth. The Manuals are being celebrated as the next evolution of transformational tools. Begin today to master YOUR human experience!

Nora Herold

AMPLIFY YOUR JOY - Contained within Nora's transmissions are perspectives, love, and energetic support as well as grounded, practical processes and information that can be easily incorporated into your day to day existence.

Lee Harris

EXPRESSIONS OF FREEDOM - This is a hand-picked selection, curated by Lee, of some of his most popular audio recordings ever offered. It goes deep into many topics while simultaneously offering a broad overview of his work.

Wendy Kennedy

CLARITY OF PURPOSE - Wendy & The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share with you how to learn to nourish yourself, rediscover your passion, gain clarity on your purpose in life, and understand the subtleties in process of manifestation so that you can create a life you love.

Esther Bartkiw

Using sound, colour, imagery, motion and the right and perfect Universal frequencies these Divinely inspired videos assist you in blossoming from within the Miracle that you are, drench you in the vibration of Miracles, attract to you what you are—-A Miracle.

Kenji Kumara

EMERGE FROM THE SHADOWS Join Kenji on this 3-day retreat, via live recordings, from his weekend of transformation and rejuvenation in Carefree, Arizona. Shift out of your unconscious pain and fear into a space of allowance, clarity, bliss and freedom!

Paul Luftenegger

ASCENSION MUSIC This package and Paul’s work in general is to ultimately improve the spiritual Ascension and to aid the inner lightbody within blooming through vibrational shifting – turning up your love vibrational dial within.

Veronica Torres

ELOHEIM AND THE COUNCIL Each channeling session has offered additional insights and clarity as we access a COMPLETELY new way of living on planet Earth.

Donna Eden

ENERGIES OF LOVE AND HEALING Powerful streaming videos with Donna Eden and David Feinstein combining their energy to bring us Love and Healing.