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Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Brandy Gillmore

SOULFUL MONEY, PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS - The reality is ….everything that you want is actually available to you as you align your energy to it! Right now— in this very moment. Brandy has found the KEYS to truly breaking through.

Alicia Power

POWER OF YOUR PURPOSE / ULTIMATE EMPOWERMENT - In this series Alicia Power reveals revolutionary information and real skills that could accelerate your life – into your deepest dreams.

Shelley Young

EVOLUTION OF TWIN-FLAMES AND SOUL CONNECTIONS - This course is designed to help you understand the unique energetic challenges of these connections and to give you the information and wisdom to navigate them in the ways these relationships require and respond to.

Meg Benedicte

ASCENSION ACTIVATIONS - Step Into the Quantum Vortex and Accelerate Your Personal Frequency… Discover how to embody Soul Presence by using these universal tools hidden in plain sight!

Jill Renee Feeler

ASCENSION CODES - Ascension Codes will make your life, your work and your love more on purpose, more confident, more soulful and yes, more fun. We are more than ready for these new levels of Light on Earth. It is why we are here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

INNER RELATIONSHIPS & OUTER RELATIONSHIPS - These are different types of activation packages, focused on your multi-dimensional consciousness expansion, highest consciousness existence and transcending old unconscious programmed realities with greater ease.

Lisa Wolfe

YOU ARE GUIDED - You don’t need a shaman, a priest, or a psychic. You already have everything you need. All it takes is connection. Our Guides WANT to help — but we have Free Will, so they CAN’T help unless we ask. Once you learn this, you’ll never feel lonely again.

Paul Selig

REALIZING TRUTH; ALIGNING FOR A NEW LIFE - Experience the transformative teaching of Paul Selig and his Guides

Lee Harris

THE LIGHTWORKER WITHIN YOU - This is a hand-picked selection, curated by Lee, going deep into many topics while simultaneously offering a broad overview of his work. This is the most comprehensive package he’s ever assembled.

Marilyn Alauria

ABUNDANT LIVING WITH YOUR GUIDES - Living abundantly is so much more than only money. There’s a magic and joy that reveals itself when you unlock the abundance in your life. Every piece of this package is geared to help you find your own abundance and put it into your life in practical ways, so you can start living abundantly right away.

Lynne Brodie

DIVINE GOLDEN LIGHT BATH FOR YOUR INNER HEART - Receive the Intuitive Energy of the Golden Light Bath that opens the portal to your Heart and Soul

Dee Wallace

THE LITTLE CHILD EXPERIENCE - I have combined the most powerful pieces of information for your transformation, along with private work for your deeper insight. I am excited and proud to offer you this priceless package. – Dee Wallace

Bentinho Massaro

This selection of in-depth workshops and retreats will give you the very best of Empowerment and Enlightenment tools combined. When empowerment is fortified with the ever-present power of our True Selves we become truly unwavering powerhouses of Creation, enjoying profound bliss every day for the rest of our lives.

Tiger Singleton

CONSCIOUS LIFE DESIGN - An opportunity to align your perception of self, others and life, to reflect the truth of your inherent connection with all that is.

Terrie Christine

THE SECRET POWER OF YOU - This package is designed to help you clear the blocks in the way of abundance in every way, from health, wealth, security, creation, know-how and more.

Bree Melanson

SOUL SCULPT - This advanced course will link you up with your future fully-expressed self and teach you how to change any negative patterning in all areas of your life for permanent, real, soul-level change. Unplug from doubt and old patterning and into your true, soulful, infinite expression!

William Linville

The Mastery of Fruition & Success is all about you opening, integrating and growing in every way and in every direction, yet having no limiting singularity of a confining focal point, nor busy unnecessary work to be done.

Emmanuel Dagher

CORE ATTUNEMENTS - Emmanuel’s offering addresses every aspect of the mind, body and Spirit, so that nothing is left behind. It also synergizes with one’s natural ability to heal themselves, creating a powerful quantum leap in healing and wholeness to occur quickly and effectively for the recipient.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

INNER RELATIONSHIPS AND OUTER RELATIONSHIPS - These are different types of activation packages, focused on your multi-dimensional consciousness expansion, highest consciousness existence and transcending old unconscious programmed realities with greater ease.

Paul Selig

CLAIM THE WORLD - By purchasing this package, you will get the full & dynamic Paul Selig experience. This is an incredible value, packed with exciting and groundbreaking content from Paul and his Guides.