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Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Adena Tryon

STARLIGHTS OF THE SEA - Dive into the ocean of light with Adena and Stella Maris to discover your inner joy, heart path, and divine self. Explore how dolphin wisdom can heal your life and bless your path with flow and ease.

Judith Onley

LIGHT GATEWAYS - You will receive much information about accessing the Light vibrations that are now available to all humans, and how to turn on the lightswitch to implement these energies in your life on a daily basis.

Jill Renee Feeler

LIVING ASCENDED - The direct and clear wisdom and recommendations cover the practical application of our light and our mastery. The materials are mind-blowing, utterly cosmically-coded and purely crystal clear.

John Burgos

GREAT AWAKENINGS - The next generation of transformation gathers in the City of Angels.

Angela Montano

PRAYERWORKS - Give yourself the gift of a personal prayer guide and teacher to support you in creating and/or renewing your own unique prayer practice that will deepen your sense of vitality, connection, peace and serenity.