Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Raquel Spencer

WALK THROUGH THE PORTAL OF SELF LOVE Where Divine Feminine meets Divine Masculine - Riviera Maya Mexico Retreat

Laurie Moore

CROSSING OVER-FINDING TRUTH-WHEN A LOVED ANIMAL OR HUMAN IS PASSING OR PASSED PROGRAM Find the gifts, self-love, healing, awakening, and rebirth offered when a loved one is preparing to pass, passing or passed.

April Olas

THE KEY TO CREATING THE LIFE YOU DESIRE - CONNECT WITH THE MAGIC NOW! Are You Ready to Discover Your Own Magic and Access Your Gifts and Abilities? This series is going to be an Adventure, a Joyous Ride to Happiness and Fulfillment.

Nora Herold

OPERATING FROM JOY - A PLEIADIAN PERSPECTIVE Access new technologies, activations, information, and the understanding that you are capable of initiating and receiving realities beyond your wildest imaginings.

Donna Root

INNER ARCHITECT Retrain your brain and re-circuit your patterns for success in every area of your life!

Jennifer Posada

THE ORACLE AND THE LIONESS Join Jennifer on a journey to the place where myths are born, and where you can change the myth of your life in a string of heartbeats, like a stream of golden lights across the sky showing you the way.

Kelly Hampton

DIVINE YOU Tools and Processes from Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Light Beings to Help Live Your Most Abundant Life


MIRACLES THROUGH MEDITATION 21-day program of meditations and processes that will help create a permanent change in your mindset and, therefore, your reality.

Ameera Beth

SACRED TOUCH OF ATLANTIS GEOMETRY ACTIVATIONS This series of initiations will take you into to the era where we are walking as Masters of our energy and vibration frequency daily.

Daniel Scranton

A COURSE IN CHANNELING This package includes everything you’ll need to get you started and hit the ground running in your journey as a verbal channel.

Justin Elledge

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE SESSION PACKAGE Session and tools to clear away the limitations of Mind, Body and Spirit with the Human MRI Speaking Truth to Truth.

Angela Montano

MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL By connecting with the divine order deep in our hearts – through meditation, intuition and prayer – we can experience a healing balm to restore our balance, calm our fears and open us up to new possibilities.

Jill Renee Feeler

2017 TUNE YOUR WORLD PROJECT It is important that we attune the 2017 energies, from our humanness, connected to our divinity. LIVE CALLS Start on Sunday 10/2!

Leslie Sloane

MEET YOUR SOUL and AWAKEN TO INFINITE DIMENSIONS WITHIN YOU Bridge Divine Realms into your feeling body, making it possible to have a living dialogue with your soul, and to interact physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and etherically (through spatial matter) with your Guides and Infinite Light…all who are a part of you.


OPENING INTO A NEW PARADIGM Anamika offers a three part video series on healing and a three months access to her Community Membership Program which includes live, weekly workshops.

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

CONSCIOUS CANCER® - BEYOND THE BODY Dr. Sahi has created a life transforming, 13-Step Life Recovery Program which is designed to help anyone “transcend” the Cancer of our environmental influenced imprint into Graceful Living.

Micheila Sheldan

ATTUNING THE PHYSICAL BODY FOR COLLECTIVE ENERGIES Join Micheila Sheldan and the 9th Dimensional Atlantean Collective on a journey to attune your physical body for collective energies. With an option for a one-on-one with Micheila!

Jonette Crowley

CONNECTING WITH YOUR GUIDES Jonette helps you in the process of meeting and connecting with your Spirit Guide, Angel or Higher Self. Plus Channeled Reading and a Weekend Course! Three great options to choose from!

Marilyn Harper

HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING and DOUBLE DIGIT ACTIVATION ​Holographic Healing and Double Digit Activation - receive the power and inspiration of Marilyn Harper and Adironnda in these expansive packages! PLUS the option for a Live one-on-one call with Marilyn!

Alicia Power

STAY STRONG - SOUL TRAINING At this time in your incarnation, you are being asked to grow up - to show up - and to wake up to your full potential.

Jamye Price

BRILLIANT MIND SERIES Jamye helps you understand how your brain usage is changing, how you can amplify your innate brilliance, and how to connect the heart-mind complex into a unified field of loving influence in your life.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

QUANTUM LIGHT ENCODED FREQUENCY ACTIVATIONS and NAVIGATING DIMENISIONS Two amazing package options from Lisa to speak directly to all of your multi­dimensional aspects to activate your higher consciousness from within.

Paul Selig

This special package was hand selected as an ideal overview of Paul's Selig's work. It includes exclusive content that has never been made available anywhere before as well as two of Paul's most highly regarded recent channeled lectures.

Anrita Melchizedek

12 GOLDEN AGE TRANSMISSIONS OF LIGHT The Christed Heart frequencies align us into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God as we walk the Pathway of Divine Love, the Diamond Path, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

William Linville

THE MASTERY OF ALL RELATIONSHIPS This is a colossal package from William. Each Item includes six series with 9 Mp3s, 6 videos and 6 small format videos (for use on smart phones, etc.), for a total of 27 Mp3s, 18 videos and 16 small format videos.

Julie Umpleby

DIAMOND TEMPLATE ATIVATIONS The Diamond Template Activations program is an invitation to step up, to engage with your multidimensional Self and literally ‘plug into’ the Divine Matrix.


BREAKTHOUGHS IN THE SUPER DIMENSIONAL FIELD This is a current ongoing series supporting people to make breakthroughs in the process of opening to channel your guides. PLUS - Gift it to a friend!

Raquel Spencer

EXPANDING YOUR CONNECTION - MULTIDIMENSIONAL ENERGY ACTIVATION Raquel provides you with a unique and engaging experience, bringing a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional self.

John Burgos

BEYOND THE ORDINARY SHOW EXPANSIVE LIBRARY (SEASON 10): Your own personal library of special activations and meditations from Beyond The Ordinary Show's master teachers curated by host, John Burgos.

Shelley Young

PARTNERSHIP WITH SPIRIT AND SHIFTING INTO DIVINE LOVE Develop a profound relationship with your guides and Learn to receive BIG glorious love!

Maureen Moss

SUSTAINING 5th DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS: COMING CLOSER TO THE FUTURE OF YOU: This unique Special Offer is not only an offer and bonus from Maureen, but it also offers Divine Wisdom from a voice you may not have heard before.

Emmanuel Dagher


Karen Curry

HUMAN DESIGN FOR EVERYONE: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are Human Design is a new, cutting-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your unique decision-making strategy.

Meg Benedicte

STEP INTO THE QUANTUM VORTEX AND ACCELERATE YOUR PERSONAL FREQUENCY: Discover how to reunite with your Divine Inheritance by using the universal tools hidden in plain sight.

Wendy Kennedy

IGNITING THE LIGHT WITHIN In today's fast paced world most of us rarely take time to restore ourselves, let alone have a daily practice to do so.

Jean Slatter

RAISE YOUR TQ: TRANSCENDENTAL INTELLIGENCE: You can learn how to bypass the logical mind and go directly to the one source who knows you better than anybody – YOU! – through your transcendental intelligence.


The Hidden Keys: A 4-part course that will open many doors for you. Learn to heal yourself of past emotional hurts and wounds, seeming failures, infidelity or abuse and you move into that deeply satisfying relationship.

Guy Finley

FOREVER FREE: LET GO, LIVE NOW and FIND HAPPILY EVER AFTER During this intensive 8-hour course, Guy shares the keys to turning inspiring knowledge into purposeful actions that can transform your life inside and out.

Nora Herold

INTEGRATION AND RE-ASCENSION - Wisdom from The Pleiadians facilitated by Nora Herold.

Christel Hughes

ENLIGHTENED EMPATH COLLECTION: Advanced Life Skills for the One Who Feels …Everything.

Jill Renee Feeler

THE ANGEL IN YOU: The Angelic realms are inviting us to step up even further. We are ready to take on more light, more divine authority and more sovereignty within humanity.

John Burgos

BEYOND THE ORDINARY SHOW EXPANSIVE LIBRARY (SEASON 10): Your own personal library of special activations and meditations from Beyond The Ordinary Show's master teachers curated by host, John Burgos.

Matt Kahn

THE FUTURE OF SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION: This collection of teachings acts as roadmap that returns you home to the love that you are.

Dee Wallace

THE BRAIN & BEYOND: Science and Spirituality Come Together.

Sidra Jafri

ENERGETIC MAKEOVER: Transform outdated core programming and beliefs to enhance different aspects of their life, Now!

Patricia Cota Robles

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE: A series of Mp3s and eBooks to transform our lives into expressions of love, abundance, health, happiness and fulfillment.

Lisa Barnett

HEALING THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Divine Frequency Clearings & Activations to Empower Your Life. Includes Six, 2-Hour Akashic Healing Sessions

Wendy Kennedy

RELEASE & RESTORATION: Creating Balance in Your Self and In Your Relationships.

Rudy Hunter

YOUR LIFE BEYOND THE ORDINARY: Six Powerhouse energetic tools that will help you live your life Beyond the Ordinary.

Paul Selig

MANIFESTATION & DIVINITY: Claiming as the Divine Self 


HEALING UNWORTHINESS & SHAME: An incredible, satisfying journey back to your authentic, powerful self.