Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Prageet & Julieanne

RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND GROW YOUNGER - The Stargate’s Youthing Program is for those who wish to raise their consciousness and experience their body growing younger. The body does not have to slowly decline as time goes on. Open to the possibility that simply by relaxing into high vibrational energy fields you can begin to communicate with your body on a cellular level to rejuvenate, bring balance, and even grow younger.

Alicia Power

ADVANCE YOUR SPIRIT - Alicia offers us two different Advance Your Spirit courses – or choose both. Learn to Merge with your Higher Self and/or Come to Self-Realization, recognizing your self as Spirit. Both powerful workshops will transform you and increase your ability to shine your light!

Micheila Sheldan

PHYSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT: MERGING WITH UNIVERSAL ENERGIES - We come to explore all aspects of physical enlightenment, from the actual body consciousness itself to its energy channels and meridians and how the body is responding to a myriad of planetary and soul transitions.

Meg Benedicte

5D QUANTUM LIVING - Quantum Access® will improve your personal health, wellbeing and Spiritual evolution. You will learn how to access your portal to the quantum field and shift into the vertical quantum flow of life force. Let go of old patterns that no longer work in the new 5D paradigm.

Colby Wilk

ASCENSION REDEMPTION - Are you continually working on yourself so that you might heal, raise your vibration and have the life you have always desired? But your well-intentioned self-improvement plan may have left your nervous system overwhelmed. You feel out of balance or have chronic health challenges and you need an intervention. Welcome to Ascension Redemption.

Stewart Pearce

ANGELIC DESTINY CODES - You are Invited to Take the best big step Forward with the help of the Angels of Atlantis and become who YOU are meant to really be. Become Divine Light and Activate Your ability to be the Super Star Manifester of Your Best Life.

Dee Wallace

I AM THE SPARK OF CREATION - This program explains exactly why and how The Universe uses you in the direction and manifestation of your life. There are definite protocols and rules. When you understand them and apply them, your life changes!

Emmanuel Dagher

ABUNDANCE REBOOT - Emmanuel created a new type of remedial healing for the energetic, auric, and psychological clutter that has limited or interfered with our experience of living richly, abundantly, prosperously, and wealthily.

Marie Mbouni

IGNITE YOUR SUPERCREATOR - An 8-Week “Immersion Initiation Accelerator” Experience. This is the Path of Remembrance, Embodiment, Magnetism and Radiance. After you accomplish each mission, you will unlock and receive a Built-in reward for your brilliance and to help you get to “Mission Accomplished”. The rewards are encoded to build self integrity and accountability.

Cherie Vergini

PET PSYCHIC READING - Ask Cherie your questions regarding the messages your pets or loved ones have for you on a soul level, whether deceased or alive.These sessions will open your heart and mind to the truth of your journey. Feel the love as Cherie channels clear and direct messages specifically for you during this intimate private session!

Lola Pickett

SOUL SPEAK - A communication course for empaths who are sick of avoiding hard conversations. Learn how to speak your truth with courage and kindness – so you can create the healthy relationships that you deserve. Take Lola's Empath Quiz:

John Burgos

LIVING IN THE EXTRAORDINARY - A membership site for those who wish to be in community with other like-hearted individuals. A home for those who are committed to up-leveling their lives. A launching pad to catapult you to where living the extraordinary becomes your ordinary!

Theresa Vee

HEALING INTO YOUR GREATEST SELF - It’s time for us to bring back the pieces of ourselves that we’ve left behind to glean their wisdom and operate from a greater sense of whole-ness. Are you ready to live in limitless prosperity, success, LOVE, connection, joy, and health?

Susann Taylor Shier

COMING HOME: THE MASTERY OF UNION EMBODIED - Discover and deeply experience what it looks and feels like to be so completely connected to your guidance and its part in your life that you hold joyful confidence in all you do. Only you know what honoring your multidimensional self could bring forth when guided by the extraordinary nature of your soul and its connection to the infinite field of abundance.

Theresa Vee

HEALING INTO YOUR GREATEST SELF - It’s time for us to bring back the pieces of ourselves that we’ve left behind to glean their wisdom and operate from a greater sense of whole-ness. Are you ready to live in limitless prosperity, success, LOVE, connection, joy, and health?

Anrita Melchizedek

DIVINE MOTHER HEALING ACTIVATIONS - The focus of the Divine Mother Healing Activations is through attunement to the Divine Mother. As you attune to the field of Divine Love within and around you, you deepen into the innate wisdom and divine intelligence of your own bodies, aligning ever deeper to your Divine Blueprint, which includes your template of perfect health, balance and well-being.

Lauren Cielo

DIY CELESTIAL INTRODUCTION - Dr. Cielo created ‘Celestial Introductions’ to introduce other Light Workers to 6 of their Guides and Angels. You can now, with a little help from Dr. Cielo, use your own psychic abilities Read who your guides are and begin working with them every day.

Lydia Bisaillon

EMBODY YOUR SOUL WITH SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS - Lydia will take you on a deeply healing and empowering journey through a Sacred Spiritual Hypnosis session. The session will assist you in accessing the profound and unlimited potential of your Soul, allowing for deep and lasting healing and transformation to occur.

Eleanor Healy

TRUE LOVE ALIGNMENT & ACTIVATION - Are you ready to call in a relationship that is drama free and allows you to truly be yourself? Do you want an aligned match with someone who gets you on every level? Do you long for a relationship that is easy, comforting and fun? What if there is a way to attract and call in your truly aligned match? Get the support, energetic alignment and shifts you need to start making this a reality!

HeatherAsh Amara

WARRIOR GODDESS AUTHENTICITY - As women, we so often give our power away. We get stuck in the heaviness of shame, fear, limitations, too many choices, or doubt. And sometimes, it feels easier and safer to play small. Now it’s time to reclaim your power and step forward with confidence.

Nora Herold

YOU ARE MAGIC - MANIFESTING THE REALITY YOU DESIRE - Contained within this package The Pleiadians, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on and offer processes for accessing your magic, connecting with the faeries, activating your creator abilities, facilitating the deactivation of implants, activating of fifth dimensional technologies and abilities, techniques for manifestation and healing, greater connections with your own guides and more!


BEING THE LIGHT THROUGH EMPATHY - In this package, Julius gives you deep insights into why you may have chosen to be an empath or why you will become one. You are lovingly guided to understand its many gifts and its immense value on your conscious journey. More than that, you understand how to go forward and fulfill the stupendous promise of this state of being, which you gifted yourself.

Shelley Young

DEVELOPING AND DEEPENING THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF TRUST - This course is designed to give you extra supports to help you embrace that essential element of your evolution so you can move forward with far great confidence, comfort, and support, into your highest life expression.

Sandra Walter

CRYSTALLINE DNA MASTERY CLASS - This 12-Module class offers proven methods and a deep-dive on HOW to unlock the highest potentials of your DNA. High-Vibe professional, prerecorded training videos with Mastery-level methods, heart-opening tools and clear guidance for Crystalline DNA activation. Sandra provides clear explanations and tools for a complete understanding of DNA, activation, and the highest experience possible.

Karen Curry Parker

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM: THE CENTERS - If you feel called to redefine your success and create it in a way that feels aligned with your Heart and Soul, this new home-study program is for you! The goal is to support you in discovering how to deeply align with your Authentic Self and activate new ways to take leadership in the world.

Zoe Davenport

I AM ENOUGH - Re-write your story and re-wire your beliefs for success, happiness, and abundance with our live masterclass including a light language DNA Activation. Build confidence in connecting to your heart and spirit guides so that you can move forward with clarity and stop second-guessing. Come back into stillness and the zero point field through guided journeys, from here to re-start, re-fresh and re-new your intentions ready for 2020!

William Linville

INTEGRATION AND EXPRESSION OF THE UNIVERSE THROUGH YOU - This package will assist you in constantly being and feeling at home – everywhere in a body on a planet. You will begin to experience and run through an in-depth level of understanding, of why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling for eons; and moving into having all of it physically, mentally and emotionally start to make more sense for you, to where you can absolutely let every facet, on every level, in every direction, be cleared out, resolved and dissolved eminently.

Lynn Andrews

ACTS OF POWER - Lynn Andrews brings spiritual tools and compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. Her techniques use the power of thought to take you beyond self-limitation to other realities. She is offering you some of her most powerful work to lead you deeper into yourself!

Jean Slatter

RAISE YOUR TQ - TQ Advantage teaches you how to tap into the vast potential of the human intuitive mind through accessing your higher wisdom and how easy it is to access your intuition and Higher Guidance regardless of where you are in your training. You will find and trust your higher guidance as you travel your path of self-exploration and discovery.

Xi Earthstar

ADVANCED LIGHTWORK - This package is a comprehensive introduction to Xi Earthstar’s Advanced Lightwork, teachings of psychic mastery and multi-dimensional navigation to become active participants in the co-creation of New Earth. It includes access to live-streaming and recorded videos of workshops and ceremonies from her upcoming 11/11 activation retreat & healing intensive, a downloadable sound healing CD, 4 full length recorded quantum sound healings & a e-copy of her new book I Am Starseed.

Debbie Johnson

CONNECT WITH YOUR ANGELS - Debbie Johnson, a Medium with a unique connection to the Angelic Realm, has created a package that includes a 45 minute reading and healing with the Angels. Each recording was created so the listener could connect better with their Angels on their own, as well as receive Angelic healing.

Daniel Scranton

MAKING CONTACT WITH EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS - Why is contact with ETs a big part of our spiritual evolution as humans? What is the importance of knowing our true Earth history and the history of the galaxy? When will humanity be ready to officially be part of the galactic community? And how can we individually participate in this? Join me and learn more!

Morry Zelcovitch

TRILIMINAL TRANSFORMATIONAL SYSTEM - The Triliminal Transformational System is designed to help you transform your life from inside out. Groundbreaking new Mind Programming Technology literally removes the biggest obstacle preventing you from making the greatest breakthroughs in your life…by making your powerful Subconscious Mind a strong ally to your Conscious Mind.

Elizabeth Wood

QUANTUM AND GALACTIC ANTHROPOLOGY - When we do that we begin to physically and quantumly understand how everything is unified. We finally become aware that EVERY action, thought, emotion, deed and experience has an intimate relationship with all reality.

Steve Nobel

5D LIGHT MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY - Our ego-personality needs to be upgraded so that it can become a faithful container for our light. When the war ends between our ego selves and our Higher Self then we can take the next step forward in our evolutionary path.

John Burgos

LIVING IN THE EXTRAORDINARY - A membership site for those who wish to be in community with other like-hearted individuals. A home for those who are committed to up-leveling their lives. A launching pad to catapult you to where living the extraordinary becomes your ordinary!

Marilyn Alauria

EVERYDAY GUIDED LIVING - This class is especially for those of you who feel you can't see, feel or hear your guide. When people work with Marilyn in a live setting, they always meet their Guide. Through the lessons and Q&A, she will be able to guide you out of the trap of your thinking, which causes you to miss the communication into an intimate relationship with your Guide.

Jeilene Tracey

HEALING WITH THE JOY CODES: Joy is a vibration that flows through all of creation, it is the driving force within all matter. Deep within our cells and DNA, there are codes specific to feeling and emanating more joy that can become muted by our soul's experiences. Ascended Master Quan Yin, The Mantis and Angelic Collectives each bring their wisdom and perspective on regaining your connection to Joy!


QUANTUM HUMAN MASTERY - These audio transmissions have been channeled with the full support of the Galactic Councils and Federations supporting Earths and Humanities evolution, activations to assist you in clearing ancestral core wounds associated to mental plane trauma, subliminal mind control programs, hybrid genetic DNA mutation and associated chronic, terminal illness as a result of this over the thousands of incarnations your soul has journeyed.

Micheila Sheldan

LIGHTWORKER INNER CIRCLE - You are here to experience and consider many truths on your path to higher consciousness, choosing for yourself what is in resonance with your heart and soul. At a time when an uprising of density and darkness feels overwhelmingly restrictive, you are being called to see the abundant freedom you innately possess; the freedom that you are.

Lauren Cielo

THE METAPHYSICS OF YOU - Please enjoy the wonderful world of metaphysics presented by professional clairvoyant healers and teachers and the stars of The Metaphysical Q & A Podcast, Crystal Heinemann of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services and Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services. Each recorded class has a supplemental meditation and fun quiz to complete at the end!

Paul Selig

THE FREEDOM TO BE - Paul and his Guides will lead you on a journey of self-development, at once building awareness of your own life purpose and moving beyond fear-based limitations on your personal growth.