Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Sara Landon

DECADE OF THE MASTER - A six-part online course, including channeled wisdom and integration practices PLUS a Live Group Channeled Call and Q&A! You are invited to remember and reconnect with yourself as the Master of your human experience. Allow Sara Landon and the channeled wisdom of The Council to guide you to living mastery and the effortless, impeccable creation of your life experience.

Laurie Moore

PERSONAL FULFILLMENT - Identify and release or create something that will catapult your fulfillment and success. Goodbye cyclical love, wellness and prosperity difficulty! A private session with astute and globally renowned Dr. Laurie Moore will assist you instantly. And/or learn about your animal friend’s needs, expressions, and communications.

Karen Curry Parker

LIFE PURPOSE - Knowing your life purpose is more important than you think. Research shows that people who feel like their life has a meaning are happier, more productive, make more money and live longer. One of the most important secrets to living a high performance life - a life with meaning, power and purpose is knowing who you are and why you came here.

Dafna Ohana

DIVINE HARMONIC TRANSMISSIONS - These Transmissions are designed to work with the Invisible Architecture of our Divine design and the Resonance and Harmonic of Sacred Creation. The session works directly within the individuals Frequency Signature and Structure. Attuning them to the Resonance of their Divine Core Frequency and Aligning them to their Holographic Signature.

Tracy L Clark

REGENERATE YOUR LIFE - Many have found profound benefits from using the Body Regeneration Method and listening to the activations and clearings. Science has proven that if you learn to communicate differently to your body you Can change your DNA. Join Tracy and together YOU can shift your reality and you will become empowered to take action not just watch your life pass you by!

Hope Fitzgerald

THE INFINITY WAVE - These nine channeled recordings will help to Awaken Infinite You, the one who exists in unity consciousness, owning your energetic capabilities and knowing you are a multi-dimensional being here to co-create in an evolving World! This will help integrate this higher dimensional frequency, which breaks up and dissolves duality, clearing the way for a co-creative dance with life.

Lola Pickett

MEDITATION LIBRARY FOR EMPATHS - Designed especially for empaths and sensitive souls, this robust library of meditations not only supports you in clearing your energy, setting better boundaries, and relieving anxiety. It is also a space to receive healing transmissions, to form richer connections with your own soul, and explore how to embody your purpose and express your healing gifts.

Christel Hughes

PARASITES & PORTALS PROTOCOLS FOR HEALTH AND HEALING - 2 SPECIAL OFFERS TO CHOOSE FROM! Package A includes a Private Session with Christel! Set Your Soul Free! Ignite Your Soul’s Intelligence! Live Your Soul Truth! Illuminate Truth and Experience your Soul Self Vibration.

Theresa Vee

HEAL YOUR WAY INTO THE NEW PARADIGM - We have entered a new paradigm and, in some ways, it feels like everything is exactly as it’s always been. Yet underneath it all, we can feel the Truth that nothing, no. thing. is the same. Though there is much responsibility, we are also required to feel ALIVE and enjoy this experience! You deserve to operate in the limitlessness and joy that is your birthright. Theresa and your Divine Team will bring you there through this package.

John Burgos

LIVING IN THE EXTRAORDINARY - A membership site for those who wish to be in community with other like-hearted individuals. A home for those who are committed to up-leveling their lives. A launching pad to catapult you to where living the extraordinary becomes your ordinary!

Zoe Davenport

ACTIVATING THE GALACTIC WITHIN - This is an invitation for star seeds, visionaries, grid workers, light workers and the game changers that are consciously co-creating and embodying heaven on Earth! This is a brand new transmission that wants to be bought through for 2020, as self-expression through activation, sound attunement, galactic journeying, energetic expansion and alignment to ALL of YOU!

Jamye Price

UNIVERSAL BEING - This series will help you integrate your internal subtle bridge of connection to the infinite and find the courage of vision, and strength of compassion to help you transform into a powerful force of change in your life. This series contains over 8 hours of profound change. Each powerful class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to help you become the Universal Being that humanity is evolving into.

Solara Rose

PSYCHIC REFLECTIONS SESSION - This is a gorgeous opportunity to connect intimately with Solara. During the one hour session, you can ask your questions/receive diamond clarity on: Spiritual, physical, cognitive and emotional flourishing, sensuality, relationships, financial prosperity, business, energy mastery, success and more! It is her greatest honor and pleasure to support you on your journey!

Eleanor Healy

TRULY LUMINOUS - This enlightening package offers two levels of support and transformation: Package A is a series of 5 Golden Light Source Encoded audio Healings and Activations to Reset, Align and Illuminate every aspect of your being. Package B includes all of Package A PLUS a powerful 1:1 session with Eleanor Healy. Take the next steps for the grounded and aligned action to take to start creating the Life that Lights Up Your Soul immediately!

Daniel Scranton

ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE: LET LOVE IN - You’ll learn how to release the baggage from your past relationships and attract the soulmate relationship of your dreams. I’ll be offering processes, exercises, and meditations to help you get in that perfect point of attraction for your long-lost soulmate.

Lydia Bisaillon

SOUL EMBODIMENT - Lydia will gently guide you to deeply relax and assist you to connect to the innate wisdom of your soul. The session will assist you in accessing the profound and unlimited potential of your Soul, allowing for deep and lasting healing and transformation to occur. Access hidden gifts, talents, and abilities that are waiting to be embodied.

Ana Maria Vasquez

MOON WISDOM - Since the dawn of time humans have gazed up at the moon. Awestruck by it’s mystery. We are in a profound cycle of change and the moon offers guidance to reclaim who we really are. Journey with Ana Maria to a magical world and be re-introduced to the ancient moon wisdom.