Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Sara Landon

DECADE OF THE MASTER - A six-part online course, including channeled wisdom and integration practices PLUS a Live Group Channeled Call and Q&A! You are invited to remember and reconnect with yourself as the Master of your human experience. Allow Sara Landon and the channeled wisdom of The Council to guide you to living mastery and the effortless, impeccable creation of your life experience.

Lydia Bisaillon

SOUL EMBODIMENT - Lydia will gently guide you to deeply relax and assist you to connect to the innate wisdom of your soul. The session will assist you in accessing the profound and unlimited potential of your Soul, allowing for deep and lasting healing and transformation to occur. Access hidden gifts, talents, and abilities that are waiting to be embodied.

Solara Rose

PSYCHIC REFLECTIONS SESSION - This is a gorgeous opportunity to connect intimately with Solara. During the one hour session, you can ask your questions/receive diamond clarity on: Spiritual, physical, cognitive and emotional flourishing, sensuality, relationships, financial prosperity, business, energy mastery, success and more! It is her greatest honor and pleasure to support you on your journey!

Ana Maria Vasquez

NATURAL WELLNESS - We have been distanced from potent ancient knowledge - knowledge that can connect you with Divine Intelligence, raise your vibration, and alleviate the pain and suffering for you and your animals. All Healing and no "High"


PAST LIFE HEALING THERAPY - One of the most powerful tools for reaching and releasing the origin of issues that are causing problems in your current life. Immediate healing and release are experienced from the remembering of these experiences. Suddenly things that have never made sense finally do; release is immediate, and symptoms disappear.

Stewart Pearce

THE ROYAL RADIANCE VIP PACKAGE - Turn your life around today with the personal secrets of Diana’s Heart Path of Transformation and a life-changing session with her personal mentor.

Kourtney Levens

ANGEL READINGS - No matter if you’re stuck at a crossroad in life or just need extra guidance along the way, your angels are here to help! Do you have questions about love? Money? Your health or even someone else’s? Let Kourtney connect you with your heavenly assistants and bring the answers, comfort and clarity to your most pressing questions!

Laurie Moore

PERSONAL FULFILLMENT - Identify and release or create something that will catapult your fulfillment and success. Goodbye cyclical love, wellness and prosperity difficulty! A private session with astute and globally renowned Dr. Laurie Moore will assist you instantly. And/or learn about your animal friend’s needs, expressions, and communications.