Featuring Soul Elevating Programs from Today’s Thought Leaders – Curated by John Burgos Specifically for the Beyond the Ordinary Show Community

Zoe Davenport

ACTIVATE YOUR NEW EARTH MISSION CODES - The time is NOW to be shifting frequency, clearing density and aligning to mission, purpose & pleasure. The new Earth template is being downloaded through the core essence of who you be at a subatomic level. Getting down to the core version/being of YOU – which is light!

Caitlyn Picerno

GUIDANCE AND COMMUNICATION - Caitlyn offers you the opportunity to go deep on the topic that resonates for you. You can choose her Reigniting Session for yourself, or choose her Animal Communication Session to interact with your animal companion. Choose either one, or both!

Jill Renee Feeler

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS UPGRADE TEMPLATES - We interact with you as the fellow masters that you are, further beckoning your soulful mastery from within, to the surface of your human consciousness. This will allow you to recognize it more fully for yourself, and to further live these expanded layers alongside all the other ways that you are you.

Raven Many Voices

HEALING WITH THE ELEMENTAL DRAGONS - The Dragons of the Elements are here and ready to awaken the magic within your heart, are you brave enough to stand in their fire of transformation? Discover your Guardian Dragons and how they can help you clear away the cobwebs of the past and help you to roar into your next step in life.

Debbie Johnson

ANGELIC READINGS - As a channel to the angels, clairaudient and clairvoyant psychic/medium Debbie Johnson receives messages your angels are already trying to tell you. She accesses each person’s spirit “team” — often consisting of Archangels, Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones — who will answer questions, give guidance and send healing as well.

Kourtney Levens

ANGELIC GUIDANCE - Get in touch with the angels who wait to guide you - from an Angel Reading with Kourtney!

Denise Mange

ACCESS HIGHER VIBRATIONS & REALMS THROUGH ANIMALS - At this moment in our collective ascension path, animals are inviting you to play with them in the realms so that you may journey deeper, tap more fully into your multidimensionality, and become more joyful in your expansion. Join me and your animal companion on a transformational program to anchor higher frequencies and vibrations into your current timeline and unleash your true vision for 2020 and beyond.

Solara Rose

LIQUID NIRVANA: LIVING THE MIRACULOUS - Join Solara for a Nirvanic one-on-one journey to a state of pristine creative power, and then receive an Interstellar Velvet PDF journal to record the miracles of your life!

Stewart Pearce

THE ANGELIC SORCERY OF HUMAN MASTERY - The wisdom stream is opening now, aiding us to become rich in the way the great Sorcerers or Sorceresses were accomplished. These were beings that were and are the true wisdom keepers of Atlantis, and they have much to teach us about the magic that is opening within us at this time. For the Sorcerers were constantly deriving their force from the Source, from the source of all intelligence, from the source of all heart wisdom, from the great Divine Being we know as the Celestial Mother-Father of the Cosmos.