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Dive into the ocean of light with Adena and Stella Maris to discover your inner joy,
heart path, and divine self.

Explore how dolphin wisdom can heal your life and bless your path with flow and ease.

Enjoy transformative insights, activations, empowerments, and guided journeys with the dolphins to the higher realms.


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Stella Maris™ Guided Meditations:
Divine Love and Light Activations


Divine Love
and Light Activations


Journey with the dolphins of Stella Maris to the ocean of unity consciousness. Connect with the Starlights of the Sea and receive their joyful activations of love and light. Get to know each Stella Maris messenger by name and learn how they can support you.


Immerse yourself in the waters of their high vibrational energy and receive their gifts for your most beautiful life. Created from the Stella Maris Speaks book, these meditations combine Stella Maris’ powerful healing energy with the best practices for human awakening and evolution.

Includes transformative affirmations at the end of each journey to anchor your new awareness and divine self. (3.5 hours, MP3 format).







The Stella Maris guided visionary meditations are designed to:

  • Connect you with dolphin wisdom and the healing energy of their consciousness
  • Activate your divinity/Higher Self and anchor your ability to walk as your true self
  • Heal and restore your inner child
  • Clear and heal energetic blocks
  • Open your intuitive channels
  • Awaken your ancient wisdom and gifts
  • Align and balance all 4 levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Help you discover your Beauty Way so you can follow your highest calling and live in spiritual connection
  • Learn daily practices to bring the sacred and beautiful into your life
  • Affirm the qualities of your true self
  • Ignite your sense of wonder, fun, laughter, and joy
  • Dive into the unknown and create the life of your dreams through the divine feminine approach
  • Reclaim the power of your imagination and visionary ability so you can embrace your role as a New World Imagineer
  • Remember your role as a light activator, leader, and warrior: recognize yourself as a catalyst for shaping the future of our world.
  • Magnify your ability to co-create with Source for your own life and the good of all beings
  • Balance your divine feminine and divine masculine energy
  • Infuse you with more joy, fun, and laughter



The meditations include twelve different visionary activations guided by the individual members of Stella Maris.

Meet each pod member up close and personal. Theseus invites you to the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece. Mahadra brings you to a water healing ceremony where your senses are healed and your quantum human abilities are activated in the sapphire blue water. The Stella Maris children take you on magical adventures from islands to ocean temples to activate your inner joy, light, and love. Visit the Stella Maris temple in the Pleiades where Queen A’Mara will help you to remember your divine nobility.

Join Stella Maris for this unique audio journey designed to awaken your consciousness and bless your life.





Included tracks of the Stella Maris Guided Visionary Meditations

(Total Duration: 3 hours 30 Minutes, MP3 format)


Introduction – The Prayer of Stella Maris

1. Kaleosi- Messenger of Divine Vision

2. Luz- Messenger of Divine Light

3. Lolli- Messenger of Divine Joy

4. Ra – Messenger of Divine Play

5. Phaedra- Messenger of Divine Laughter

6. Ama- Messenger of Divine Love

7. Mahadra- Messenger of Divine Water Healing

8. Theseus- Messenger of Ancient Wisdom

9. Grandmother Izoma and Grandfather Skylan- Messengers of Divine Alignment

10. Kelti- Messenger of Divine Freedom

11. Queen A’Mara

12. Drahana- Light Warrior Messenger



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Stella Maris™  
Ignite Your Joy Course



Adena and Stella Maris have created this new course to help you dive into dolphin wisdom, connect to your higher realm support, and discover daily practices that activate personal and global healing.

Includes ceremonies for your awakening and empowerment and channeled messages from Stella Maris.

If you are ready to ignite your joy, join for this live four-week class February 13, 20, 27 and March 6. Course length will be approximately 1.5 hr., Tuesdays at 11 a.m.

If you are unavailable to listen live you will receive a link to recording. Only offered on the Beyond the Ordinary show.


Class 1:
Holy Dolphin!

Discover Your Connection to Stella Maris
and How to Receive Their Support


Understand the power of dolphin medicine, why it is incredibly important at this time, and how it can bless your life

Remember your deep connection to the dolphins and how they are part of the divine feminine healing movement for Gaia Earth

Learn more about Stella Maris and how they can support your healing and highest calling

Discover how to listen and connect with dolphin consciousness to receive guidance

Explore writing, journaling, and other divination practices to receive your messages from the dolphins, Source and guides most easily.

Connect to the healing energy of unity dolphin consciousness

Receive channeled messages from Stella Maris

Guided meditation to help connect with dolphins beyond time and space and to uncover your guides, angels, and circle of light

Stella Maris Ceremony


Class 2:
Inner Child Power

Ignite Your Joy and Visionary Ability
with Mother Mary, the Stella Maris children,
and Your Inner Child


Learn about Mother Mary’s important connection to the dolphins, how she can help heal your inner child, and how she supports the children of Gaia Earth

Clear and heal energetic blocks from childhood

Reclaim your inner child to ignite your wonder, imagination, sense of fun, and laughter

Explore how dolphins are master teachers of how to live with joy and fun

Learn ways to co-create with Source using divine feminine principles and living your

Beauty Way

Dive into the unknown and emerge in the life of your dreams through a divine feminine approach

Receive the unconditional love and blessings of Mother Mary and learn ways she can support you

Inner Child Healing Ceremony





Class 3:
Self-Love at Last!

Drink the Healing Waters of Compassion
with Quan Yin and Mahadra


Discover Quan Yin’s connection to the dolphins and how she is a wonderful guide for self love and compassion

Recall your role as a volunteer and how you were created perfectly for this mission

Remember how there is nothing wrong with you, it’s the world you’re here to change

How develop more self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion

Stella Maris dolphin Mahadra teaches you ways to work with water, color, and sacred geometry for your healing

Receive guidance from your angelic support system and the dolphins. Understand you clairs (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance) and how to clear and activate all of your quantum human abilities

Remove blocks, clear sensory/psychic channels, connect to Higher Self, and expand self love

Understand how embracing and feeling your emotions is a key divine feminine practice

Water Healing Ceremony




Class 4:
Shine as Your Star Self!

Live Your Beauty Way and Claim Your Role
as a New World Imagineer


Explore ways co-create with Source and how the universe communicates with you

Awaken and embody your Beauty Way, one of the greatest contributions you can make to world healing

Discover how to connect with the energy of the Divine Mother Source and dolphin consciousness in daily life

Practices for living in beauty and embracing everyday magic

Remember your unique purpose and way of being. What is your heart’s calling?

Learn exercises to activate your gifts and step into your role as New World Imagineer

Queen A’Mara Star Dream Guided Meditation









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Stella Maris Combined Packages


You will receive everything in Package A, Divine Love and Light Activations


PLUS everything in Package B, Ignite Your Joy Course


Valued at $555 – that’s a 64% discount!




Package C


Valued at $555


 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Adena Tryon

Oracle and Divine Feminine Teacher

Adena is a bestselling author, oracle, and divine feminine teacher. After swimming with wild dolphins, she began receiving messages from angelic dolphin beings called Stella Maris. They asked her to share their messages of light and love, dolphin wisdom, and healing blessings for humanity. Her recently released book Stella Maris Speaks: Dolphin Wisdom for a New World became an international bestseller.

Embracing life as a modern-day priestess, Adena teaches the Beauty Way, an individual way of life designed filled with joy, creativity, and adventure. She channels practical wisdom, guidance, and healing activations from the high council of Stella Maris which includes the pod of Stella Maris and divine feminine teachers Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Queen A’Mara.
You’re invited to remember your special connection with dolphins and how you can work in partnership with them beyond the confines of time and space to heal our world. And it can be fun and full of joy! Dive into the waters of oneness with these delightful divine messengers who offer you support and healing from the angelic realms.

Adena offers personal sessions, healing ceremonies, and sacred retreats around the world (Bimini 2018!). She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work, graduate of Feminine Power Mastery, and Certified SoulCollage™ Facilitator. In her free time, you will find her immersed in the ocean, listening to Source, writing, painting, and taking fun adventures with her family.





“We were sitting under my Spirit Tree called Miracle and the Ancients came forth with a beautiful vision of Adena Tryon. She was in the ancient continent of MU or more popularly known as Lemuria, which is currently Hawai’i. Adena was in the ocean and around her was a pod of magnificent dolphins. They were communicating inter-dimensionally. As she vibrated very high to their frequency she was able to be teleported to other dimensions … to the Stars and her original home in the Pleiades, they also showed her other galaxies. The dolphins showed her how to use their energy to heal, to bring joy to others and to see the divine light in all living things. These experiences and many more are stored in Adena’s DNA, in her Akash. She has awakened to these things because the consciousness on the planet is finally high enough to receive this precious knowledge and many gifts she brings through her book. The souls who are ready, and many are, will resonate to it and be drawn to it creating a collective consciousness that says to the Universe, we are here! We are ready to receive these news gifts from Spirit through this channel Adena. Bring it on! We are divine and we know it! I celebrate these new times and this new energy on our beautiful Gaia and the beauty of Adena’s soul and her courage to come out of the cave and shine her light and share these exquisite teachings with the world. It is time.”

Kahuna Kalei’iliahi


“I am so deeply soaking in my session with Stella Maris. It was the medicine I needed, the most beautifully soothing to my soul. My spirit and back are feeling much better. Adena has such an amazing gift and I am so grateful.”

Carley Corrado


“Holy dolphin WOW! This beautiful book and its cast of magical beings is the real deal- a divine transmission. Adena drew me into these holy oceanic realms. And I experienced their profound love and light directly. If you long for the sacred, or simply yearn to serve on a higher level, dive into the illuminated waters of Stella Maris.”

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann


“Stella Maris Speaks is a treasure and work of art worth every dollar. It is an aces gift for any loved one who loves dolphins and also a divine gift to yourself. Tryon’s & Stella Maris’s writing weaves fluidly with Florencia Burton’s watercolors, and there are a *lot* of watercolors! This is the kind of book that I lusted for as a child: brilliant originality, handmade art, all working together into a coherent whole that blows you away and you want to dive into it again and again. It is rich, generous of spirit, highest quality, a feast. And that is just its physicality. Tryon’s channeled writing, the spirit of Stella Maris, all the starlight messengers you encounter in their individual forms in this book, is bright, loving, positive, intelligent, meeting you with activations, fun lessons and applications and visionary stories, reminding you where your best, highest, true self is. And sometimes there is a down-home, happy, funny phrase that is like a wink at you that will make you laugh out loud for joy! I have been sparking with synchronicities the whole time I’ve been reading it: sometimes a thought that will come to me on one page and then will be written about the very next page! It will definitely take you into that dimensional fold of synchronicity. And beyond just the delight of reading it, the beauty and urging of the book’s message to care for Gaia Earth is super relevant and crucial now, and rendered in an entirely original way, as well as the book’s message of immense care for children. So it is about: dolphins, Earth, the stars, your highest self, our past, our present, our future, your heart. You will be so glad you received this book however it may come into your life. Clicks and whistles, leaps of joy with the ‘aumakua! Get this book!”

Laura Marjorie Miller


“Adena’s teachings will give you insight to your own inner power and divine feminine spirit. You will be awakened, held, supported, connected, and encouraged. I had an awakening and remembrance of my divine true spirit in going deep with her teachings. She has a gentle, yet powerful, loving presence and she honors you, sharing her knowledge and gifts of intuition in an authentic, grounded, and creative manner.”

Erini Koulouris


“Adena Tryon is such a Divine Gift to everyone, especially to the Crystar Children and women wanting to “remember” their Divinity. She is an amazing light activator, showing us how to heal within and then emerge out of the chrysalis, becoming who we truly are, to express fully our creative potential and to shine brightly in this world. Since connecting with Adena, I now see and feel how Dolphins and Whales and other Divine Beings are not “out there” but are guiding us and surrounding us all the time. Let’s listen to the incredible wisdom they want to share with us as we emerge into this beautiful new Golden Age of Spiritual Awakening. My awareness has greatly expanded and my life feels so magical since connecting heart to heart with Adena and Stella Maris. I highly recommend connecting with them and reading her incredible book if you desire to polish more of the diamond that you truly are. “

Christina Raye, founder and host New Earth Family





If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!



*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.



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