Past Life Healing Therapy sessions are one of the most powerful tools for reaching and releasing the origin of issues that are causing problems in your current life. Not all of your issues or ailments stem from a past-life trauma or repressed emotion or memory, but experience and research have shown that many do.

Devin uses PLHT as a method that takes her clients to where they need to gopast, present, or future situations that hold the key to unlocking present-day issues. You will enter into a series of memories within you of times when certain fears, phobias, unrequited loves, and hatred of self and/or others originated.


You may visit multiple lives, and may also have experiences of the “review” room with your guide, who knows you intimately. In the “review room”, your guide helps you understand the particular memory you just visited and the purpose it plays in your life now.


Clients are astounded by the details they recall during a session, recognizing that in their recall, they have been in that exact moment, this exact time and place before. PLHT is like opening your own soul’s encyclopedia, with all the facts, details and history that no one else would know about you. Although the experiences are not always pleasant in the recovered memory, they are always full of meaning and healing clues to the client’s present-day desires for evolving their own soul.


Immediate healing and release are experienced from the remembering of these experiences. Suddenly things that have never made sense finally do, and in that understanding, release is immediate, and symptoms disappear.


PLHT is perfect for those with long-term emotional, relational, physical, professional and financial issues that just can’t seem to get resolved – themes that keep recurring, issues in your life that continue for years and years, relationships you can’t understand, no matter what you do, or how many healers or traditional doctors you seek assistance from. PLHT will often offer an explanation to what seems inexplicable; it can be the cure for something that seems incurable.


Past Life Healing Therapy Session





Private Session with Devin

(Limited to the first 50 clients)



During the session Devin will bring you into a relaxed slightly hypnotic state where you will be able see, hear and feel experiences in another place, time, and body, that you couldn’t possibly make up, even if you tried!


During the session we may go into more than one life time, and possibly into an in-between life where you may meet with guides or passed on loved ones, or possibly even a future life (rare, but sometimes happens).






Past Life Healing Therapy Session




Past Life Regression Therapist


For over two decades, Devin has assisted clients across the globe to create change in their personal, relational and business lives. A master of past life regression healing therapy, her skills have served to assist thousands of clients through the process of clearing unconscious blocks in order to discover their best self.
Devin holds three advanced degrees in business and psychology from top US universities, and has received years of mentorship and teaching with experts of the healing, spiritual, and intuitive arts. She accesses all of this in her depth consulting, where she is able to move through multiple lifetimes in a single session, bringing resolution, completion and remarkable advancement.
Devin is a published author and credited screenwriter.


What People Are Saying About Devin


This past life work has helped me find “ME”, the adult me who isn’t afraid of expanding into who I was born to BE… Looking forward to exploring future journeys inward.


The most powerful revelation I’ve ever had in my life. It has changed my life completely. It’s an art form.”


That last session cleared out so much of the blocked energy for me. Thank you! I had so many visions afterwards.”


I feel so much more self-confident!”


Devin, that was amazing, you cannot believe how free I feel after our session. The trauma has lifted.”


I am just so grateful; I feel that these sessions really helped save my life.”


Thank you for another great, enlightening session! I’m always amazed at how quickly things evolve between appointments, each one bringing a completely new level of awareness that just seeps into everything.”

I found the consultation I had with you to be of the very highest level. You were kind and funny and put me at ease right away. I always get a little nervous before such a kind of thing, but I got a peaceful, encouraging feeling from you right away.”


My PLHT session helped me to reach a little deeper and sort out some things that I was wrestling with regarding my potential job change and life path.”










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Past Life Healing Therapy Session