An 8-Week “Immersion Initiation Accelerator” Experience
This is the Path of Remembrance, Embodiment, Magnetism and Radiance



On 12/12,

  • To Instantly Usher In a new beginning, a new Cycle, A New Year of Your Deepest, Real Desires.
  • To experience higher realms energetic downloads that shift you into a new cycle of
  • To awaken Your “SuperCreator”®, your Divine Radiance Blueprint and Infinite Potential.
  • To receive Higher Self Activations, and simple, practical action steps you can take Right Away to create your reality.
  • To shift from a Fear Matrix and the Illusion of Separation
  • To Accelerate your Ascension and Spiritual Growth, with embodiment.
  • To awaken your own inner healer.
  • To move into the Vibration of Miracles, Divine Creativity, Synchronicity, Magic.
  • To step into full connection
  • To receive codes of the highest light downloaded into your DNA.



The Missions:

Each Week you will get a Mission through a Video Webinar and a PDF Workbook

2 weekly Check ins “Mondays with Marie”, “Wisdom Wednesday” videos or audio coaching from me


Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Container


This private group starts right away, and after you have experienced the Higher Self Integration process and would like to interact, you can compare notes and support others who are working on improving their lives and attaining higher states of consciousness.
You get to post comments or request feedback from others who are likely encountering the same types of experiences that often accompany dramatic spiritual growth and purification.


The Rewards

After you accomplish each mission, you will unlock and receive a Built-in reward for your brilliance and to help you get to “Mission Accomplished”.

The rewards are encoded to build self integrity and accountability.


My Higher Intention is for you to get to Mission Accomplished.

This immersion should take approximately 2-3 hours a week (depending on the speed you choose that is appropriate for YOU, Easy to understand and apply.


Ignite Your Supercreator®
with your Future Self Embodying
Your Divine Radiance to Manifest
Your Highest 2020



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Week 1 Mission:





Receive upgrades, upshifts and downloads from My Galactic Teams and Stars (Andromeda Sirius Pleiades Arcturus Lyra Sun Moon) and my Earth Team Pachamama, Gaia.

Introduction to Quantum Architecture.







Week 2 Mission:


If you’re ready to rise up, your shadows are a powerful portal towards liberation.
Develop your ‘Supercreator® Sight’, your ability to identify shadow programs and a process for transmuting the shadows that are at play in your life.


Explore the shadow archetypes and how they keep you entrapped.

Meet the light archetypes with distinct superpowers we must harness in order to liberate and embody your divine radiance.

Take radical ownership of your shadows and move through the discomfort holding you back.



Week 3 Mission:


Was your mother unloving…, dismissive, controlling, emotionally unavailable, unreliable or critical?


Did your father exhibit Absence, Anger, Rage, Violence, Abuse (self and others), bullying, passive aggressive, lethargy, depression, bitterness, hatred, resentment destruction neglect addiction


These wounds create subconscious patterns in your life that are keeping you in lack of self-trust, self-love, drama, and struggle.





Week 4 Mission:


Discover How to Remove Deeply-Rooted Energetic Blocks That Are Secretly Stopping You From Experiencing More Abundance, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love and Success in Your Life.


Everyone has the ability to TUNE in to their own intuition.

Learn How to Turn On Your Intuition Using Simple Techniques

How to Cut Energetic Cords and Clear Yourself


Did you know that other people energies have the ability to affect you?

You are an energetic being, and people can attach chords to your energetic body, without meaning to.

When that happens, you feel exactly how they feel…

Their fears become yours…

I’ll show you how to release these chords, so others can’t affect you.


Use Sacred Breathing to Access Higher Levels of Consciousness, learn breath patterns that energetically shift you, and bring higher levels of healing.

Access Sacred Geometry Technology


Week 5 Mission:




Receive cutting edge techniques on HOW to CRAFT your VISION.


Step into mastery and take ownership of your energy, consciously craft parameters and filters through which you direct and amplify your life dreams.

To create with precision and focus your energy in an intentional way.




Week 6 Mission:



Your true power lies in the still void of the zero point, basking in perfect trust and detachment.

In order for creation to manifest, you have to be willing to let go of your attachments to them.

Holding tightly to your desires will not allow them to manifest.

To allow the universe to surprise and delight you!

To receive ways to trust that which is greater than your individual self and will affect other individuals and the planet.



Week 7 Mission:


The greatest teachings come from ourselves

When we understand who we are we can be free


The process of creation is both ACTIVE and PASSIVE and requires you to stand strong in INTEGRITY, sustaining clear BOUNDARIES, while being OPEN to receiving the next steps and taking rapid ALIGNED ACTION.


To Design a DESIRE and ACTION MAP.





Week 8 Mission:
Mission Accomplished.




We all need space to integrate the shifts in our lives.


I will be present to answer any questions that may arise pertaining to what has been discussed and what may be alive in your field.

You will take this time to reflect on your commitment to mastery and the honouring of your unique expression.







Some of the Rewards you will receive every week

  • Silent Energetic Support through the whole program
  • Ultimate Blueprint for Crafting a holistic Life Vision
  • Demartini Value Determination Process
  • Ultimate Moon manifesting Ritual Blueprint PDF
  • Advanced grounding techniques used by masters and healers
  • Foundations of communication with your higher self gatekeeper
  • How to build a Sacred Protection Shield PDF
  • My favorite Secrets for getting the best sleep Ultimate sleep hacks PDF
  • My go to Playlist for easeful creation, meditation, calm and peace SPOTIFY

You may have done many online programs that promise xyz, only to realize at the end that you did not even finish the program, or you could not engage, or maybe the change promised did not happen.


This program is an immersive, an accelerator.

It’s fast, and we will use new effective ways of actually completing your missions. You also have the option to explore at your own leisure, if that is more beneficial for you.



Bonus 1:
Awakening Your 9th Dimensional
Chakras with Archangels
Breathwork and Creation of a
9th-Dimensional METATRON GRID


Marie begins this call with a guided relaxation with breathwork.

Breath is your connection to Source. The more deeply you breathe, the more Source energy you take in and the more you can open your channel to receive big energies.


You will start reconnecting with your own healer within, releasing and transforming old wounds and dysfunctional patterns.


Experience a spectacular visualization into the Higher Angelic Realms, to the crystal Cathedral of Light that will offer you the chance to meet Archangels connected to each of your 12 chakras.


Your 9th-dimensional chakras will be activated one by one with each archangel and their twin flame. This will enable you to open yourself up to them even more so that they can merge their frequency into you. Be prepared to receive downloads and insight that will help you accelerate your mission for this lifetime now.


We will end the call with a lesson on how to create a 9th-dimensional Metatron Grid.

This is a SUPER GRID that will connect you to the energies of Archangel Metatron, one of Marie’s archangel guides. Metatron has been described as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He is the ruler of the ancient map of consciousness known as the Tree of Life, he ushers in the life-force from higher dimensions, stepping them down into the worlds of matter while also guiding us on our return journey to wholeness, or Paradise.


Bonus 2:
Reclaim and Re-Encode Your
Divine Master Blueprint:
Karma Release Journey with DNA
Repatterning and Creation of a
Gold Silver Violet Flame Crystal Grid


The science of Epigenetics has shown us that we carry imprints in our DNA from our ancestors, and several other factors including age, the environment, our lifestyle, and even certain disease states.


We now know that the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and karma of your ancestors has profoundly affected the DNA you have inherited. And your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and karma have continued to influence it. Some of the information coded in your DNA is no longer in alignment with your Divine master blueprint.


It is time for a RESET!

The deep intention of this call is to support you in re-encoding and reactivation your crystalline body of LIGHT.

Reclaiming your own innate soul wisdom, bringing your gifts online, and living your birthright of peace, love, and abundance.


We will end the call with a lesson on how to Create a 5th dimension Gold Silver Violet Flame Crystal Grid.

This grid will anchor the 5th dimension Gold Silver Violet Flame for you. You can create different power spot with these grids easily and use it to transmute lower energies where you choose, in your home or office, or to send it to other places.


Bonus 3:
Unlock Your Gateway
For Miracles


Surrender and letting go does not mean that you’re weak or not consciously creating. Life is a co-creation, with infinite intelligence or Source. Expressing yourself as infinite intelligence, knowing and fulfilling itself, creating your life with intention, drive and determination is perfect.


However, at some point, you need to let it go and trust that the universe is working for you and whatever presents itself is for your best and highest good. States of anxiety will form if you do not understand this part of the process.


Your role is not to force it into place, it is to set a clear and consistent intention, and then allow space for the universe to assemble the parts.


In order for creation to manifest, you have to be willing to let go of your attachments to them. Holding tightly to your desires in needy ways will not allow them to manifest. You must find ways to trust to that which is greater than your individual self and will affect other individuals and the planet.

Faith and trust are the secret ingredients for creation.


Integration into the present moment of now and connection with your inner being to be able to tap into the manifestation of miracles.

Experience an unconditional love wave and allow your full potential to be expressed. It comes from within and therefore releases the need to search for it, as it already exists inside you waiting to be awakened. Tune into the feelings of letting go and surrender, let that energy carry you in order to allow the universe to surprise and delight you.



Bonus 4:
Pleiades Andromedan
Miracle Connection


Loss of self is the most dangerous risk we run in life. We have forgotten that in our natural state of being — when we’re not pushing, forcing, and struggling — we already have a built-in compass that makes getting what we want in life easy.


The biggest component of this compass is an unconditional Self Love that builds worthiness.


The Pleiades is a star cluster of deep healing with a Ray of the softest luminous Blue.


The beautiful Andromedan Energy is a glorious Pink Light, one of love and acceptance beyond our current understanding.


Allow an accumulation of the beautiful Andromedan Energy or Pink Ray of Unconditional Self Love as well as Pleiadian Energy of self-healing to enter your heart and open an interdimensional portal through which the Masters of the Pleiades and Andromeda can flood your being with transcendent healing love, nurturance, ecstatic expression, Support, worthiness, and Sovereignty.


This is a very POWERFUL journey, carrying keys, codes and a light language activation that will bring you into higher realities. Be ready!


Ignite Your Supercreator®
with your Future Self Embodying
Your Divine Radiance to Manifest
Your Highest 2020



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ABOUT Dr. Marie Mbouni

Healing Artist and Shamanic Coach


Marie is an MD Anesthesiologist, shamanic and energy Healer, spiritual guide, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and retreats, temple body arts guide, creativity Coach, sacred writer, world traveler, love anchor., All these techniques help her share her Medicine which is LOVE.

As the Founder of Reclaim Your Soul Power as we Manifest a New Matrix Marie offers transformational experiences for Star Seeds, light leaders, change makers, way showers and visionaries wanting to step into their wholeness, power and purpose.

Through online, in-person, retreats and gatherings, she guides those called to serve at all stages of their development.

She helps them tap into their heart-centeredness, intuition, sacred sexual energy, creativity and connectedness; balance, harmony, love and joy.


What People Are Saying About Dr. Marie Mbouni


With Marie’s spiritual guidance I went on shamanic journeys that were truly multisensory, sacred experiences. Through guided meditation, sound healing, energy movement, and drumming she helped me tap into my subconscious and retrieve parts of myself I had forgotten about. I felt a return to love and to my whole self. Working with her was a powerful experience, I felt safe and supported and was completely comfortable opening up. She also coached me on how to let go of the past and be fully open to giving and receiving love again. Part of her awakening offering helped me reframe my language, honor my feelings and ask for what I truly want, in order to be in integrity and reclaim myself as a powerful feminine woman. Working with Marie was a beautiful, healing experience that has helped me clear the clutter and get back to my true self and to love.



As a dynamite woman having a big career worldwide, I always found very challenging finding a spiritual guide capable of both creating and holding up an energetic space where I could feel 100% supported, safe and ministered. Dr Marie’s profound understanding of our physical and multidimensional aspects was for me the key element that helped me to go deeper within, thus achieving the inner healing, clarity and success that I always yearned for. Dr Marie’s work is profound. Her approach is unique. She is a true Spiritual Master who can take her clients on a journey well beyond the five senses! She became a safe haven to me, and I am proud to be working with her since 2016.”

-RAQUELL MENEZES, International Speaker, Author, Multidimensional Coach, São Paulo, Brazil


Marie is a truly one of a kind, deeply soulful, loving healer, shaman, and creatrix of abundance and light. Through her powerful voice and intentional, meditative journeys she was able to bring me back to a place within myself to reveal the answers in my heart. To rediscover my own truth. She is a truly gifted guide and teacher and I am grateful to have found her on my journey of awakening. She is able to go deep with you and to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Helping you to move past the blocks, beyond the ego, and into the heart space. To commune with the part of yourself that knows. She creates a truly sacred space beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Throughout the entire experience I felt completely held and supported as we delved into the depths of my story. Marie helped me to more fully understand myself and the vision for my future. And for that I am grateful.”

-ROCHELLE FOX, Designer, Illustrator, & Artist


I truly believe that Marie possess the spiritual gift of healing, which is such an appropriate match for her skill as a doctor. What sets her apart from other medical professionals though, is that she has the power to heal the mind and the spirit as well as the body. I am eternally grateful for our encounter.”



Being in Marie’s healing space is an amazing environment to behold. The sounds, colors, essences and meditation are only the beginning. What makes it a sanctuary of peace and relaxation is Marie’s incredible loving and gentle energy. I have never been able to pinpoint exactly how my sessions leave me transformed and balanced, only that they do. I intuitively know when I need my fix and Marie’s radiating light, sage wisdom, soothing words and remarkable healing talents never fail to reset my inner bliss compass.”



Marie simply radiates love, compassion and peace in their purest and most authentic forms. Utilizing her energetic toolkit, her intuitive gifts, and her deep and expansive knowledge of healing modalities, Marie has helped guide me to a level of heightened consciousness, and transformation. No two sessions are alike, and words are rarely spoken; as I feel she communicates at the soul level. As she gently peels away the layers, I am repeatedly left with a sense of “returning home.”



I met Marie at a very pivotal time in my life. I had just experienced a life-threatening event and traumatic loss all at the same time. In the midst of healing and getting back to my regular activities, I was also transitioning my business to better align with my gifts and calling, which is how I met Marie. We attended a training intensive together, and while at dinner one evening, I started sharing a bit of my story with Marie. As I was talking, I became visibly upset and Marie immediately reach out her hand and asked, “May I support you?” I told her yes, and as I continued to talk, she held my hand and used her energy to soothe and comfort me. During this time, she didn’t speak–she just listened, but it was so powerful. When she finally spoke, her words helped me to re-frame my story, as I was subconsciously blaming myself for the traumatic loss. I remember leaving dinner that night feeling free, as I had released this misplaced guilt as a result of my encounter with Marie.”



Marie is a ray of positivity here to heal the world and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Marie’s healing sessions, intuition, and guidance powerfully transform people’s lives. If you are ready to step into your greatness, reclaim your gifts and say YES to more love in your life, I highly recommend working with Marie to make the shift you desire. Get ready to work with a true ambassador of love whose joy is contagious.”











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Ignite Your Supercreator®
with your Future Self Embodying
Your Divine Radiance to Manifest
Your Highest 2020



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