Deeper Into the Heart
Loving Yourself Awake

We are being invited to end the war within …
to hold a frequency that dissolves the illusion of separation consciousness forever


We are being initiated to release all the stories of who we’ve been (or haven’t been) in the past…
to move beyond forgiveness or any sense of redemption and need to be forgiven.

We are being asked to step forward, and not know what will come through us, and be utilized by a presence…

beyond our minds 
beyond anything, our hearts have ever experienced before.

We are being asked to surrender and let go of all ideas about what it means to be in relationship.

Are you prepared for where this may take you?
Are you prepared to truly receive what your deepest heart’s prayer has been asking for?

Come one, let’s just say it…
We are all wanting that “Heaven on Earth” experience, but we don’t fully know what that means.


It begins by opening, expanding and going
Deeper Into the Heart of Love!


Are you ready not to be afraid of your own power…?

Afraid of how big your love is…?

Are you ready to let go of the pain of trying to contain this power…?

Did you even know that you have been afraid of your own power all this time. . .?




Imagine yourself as this great, strange and powerful being, a fierce, winged one – emerging in courageous expansion, taking flight… an Earth Angel and a fearless fire breathing dragon at the same time… dissolving polarity and duality within and no longer being willing to tolerate it in relationship.

This is where we set fire to the illusion!

This is unity consciousness within the self. This is what we have been seeking in unity consciousness for humanity! We are in the time that the great sages had been prophesying.




“What you both share and transmit is so strong and invaluable. I am loving what I have received so far and know it is only the beginning of this ever-deepening love journey within! Yay! All my love to you both, it is a joy to witness your love together and thank you for being the beacons of light and truth that you are!! ~ Jennifer


You are invited to gather with John and Amadora in an amplified field of embodied love to initiate you and lead you into the next octave of your awakening.


This is a transformational portal that will take you into a state of embodied sovereignty and beyond.

Are you ready? Is your heart saying YES!? 

This initiation is not meant to be done alone. It is time to gather in light council. 




We are in a time that requires that we let go of everything we have accumulated in our minds, by the ego, and go beyond to expand your heart beyond anything you have ever trusted before to a deeper convergence where the Warrior of Light meets the Divine Child within…

Where we amplify the sacred relationship by going deeper than we have ever considered possible and into loving ourselves awake. 

We are inviting you to make a bold and courageous leap.

This is a unique opportunity to join John and Amadora as they come together to share their mastery in this sacred portal of initiation.


“Being part of your Loving Yourself Awake has been shifted me into another level (as am writing this am having body wobbles) can’t wait for what is about to happen. I am shifting lots instantly.” ~ Maureen


Join Amadora and John Burgos
Deeper Into the Heart
Loving Yourself Awake

3 Part LIVE Video Series
Powerful and Transformational Initiations and Transmissions

Valued at over $497


This life-changing opportunity to work with John and Amadora side by side is the next best thing to working with them in private sessions as your personal guides.


This 9-part initiatory journey includes 3 Live video calls with Q&A Plus…


archetypal initiations…

guided soul recovery…

embodiment practices and more…

to empower you to go from living in your potential to stepping into your actualized, awakened state where you create your dreams into reality.

Together we will create a powerful and sacred container to share from vulnerability and authenticity about the challenges you have been facing.

To find and touch the core of what has been keeping you stuck and to lovingly transmute it.



No shadow is too dark,
it is only the part of yourself that has been waiting to be integrated and loved into wholeness.  And your light is not too bright. You are not too much. You are loving yourself awake!


This is the time to Deepen into Your Heart
and Embody your Avatar Frequency


Deeper Into the Heart


Valued at $497


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


3 Live Video Calls

with LIVE Q&A
Led by 
Amadora and John Burgos




This is the next best thing to being mentored by Amadora and John directly!


Tuesday April 30th at 12pm PT/3pm ET

Thursday May 2nd at 5pm PT/8pm ET

Thursday May 9th at 5pm PT/8pm ET


You are invited into a very intimate space with us to create a powerful portal of transformation together. We will share deeply from our direct experience and wisdom as well as hold and guide you as you navigate the energy during these intense, yet exciting times.


Each of these live calls will be held in sacred space for you to be seen and heard in an amplified container of unconditional love.

There are quantum leaps of transformation that are available when we are held in a coherent, intentional field as we witness each other’s soul growth and awakening.  This catalyzes our own wisdom and remembrance which provides us a direct experience of synarchy, which is where we are met to play harmoniously as sovereign empowered beings together.


John and Amadora will provide guided journeys, direct transmissions, archetypal wisdom, and grounded embodiment practices to lead you an actualized state of your full potential. 

Receive laser mentoring, shamanic healing, sound technology transmissions and an amplified field of deepening practices and ceremonial initiations.


Deeper into the Heart of Love

Streaming Video

Receive the transmission of the Goddess of Love
and her sacred embodiment practices.

“I feel… I respond… I beautify.” is the mantra of the Goddess of Love


Do you suffer from:

  • Competitiveness
  • Comparison
  • Issues of distortion in body image
  • Feelings of Lack or Scarcity
  • Obsessive Emotions
  •  Focus on outer rather than inner beauty
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Mistrust of Love


Do you long for more:

  • Harmony in Relationship
  • Sense of inner and outer Beauty
  • Feelings of fulfillment
  • Open heartedness
  • Sensual pleasure
  • Presence in the present moment
  • Trust with intimacy and vulnerability
  • Feelings of abundance, gratitude and overflow
  • A deep and abiding experience of self love


The Goddess of Love archetype will activate the elements of Fire and Water within you, to help you dissolve the shields around our hearts and to open to true, unconditional love of self and other.


“What will it take to choose to love yourself right now, exactly as you are?”


The Goddess of Love transmission that Amadora channels for you and her embodiment practices take you deeper into the unfurling, soft pink fragrant petals of your own undefended heart. As you spiral down into the luxuriousness of her embrace, she will invite you to feel deeply through all your senses… to awaken through the senses not in spite of them.


She whispers to you, “I see you, Beloved. I know how challenging it’s been to trust in love. I see the scars and the shields upon your heart. I feel your weariness. I invite you, now, to rest in the softness of my embrace.


Amadora’s transmission and embodiment practices of the Goddess of Love offers you tools to find a pathway to open, to ignite your passion for life in a more fully embodied, passionate way. She also offers you the direct embodied experience of a balm of gentle sweetness, like a nectar, or healing waters, washing away all that has hardened your heart.


The Goddess of Love invites you to rest and receive deeply the beauty within you and all that surrounds you. She whispers to you, Remember, my darling, that your greatest power resides in the softness of your open hearted magnetism.


“Evolution in the Goddess occurs through the senses rather than in rejection of them.” – Ariel Spilsbury


Video Series

John Burgos’
Seeding the Heart of Awakening
6 Mini Video Series  


This is a powerful series of videos where John shares channeled messages and direct guidance to seed a new layer of conscious awareness in your field.


The transmissions in these powerful videos are intentionally delivered by John in a very subtle manner to allow for the depth of their integration to occur over a period of time. 

These profound transmissions go into…

Conversations with your Soul
The Alchemy from fear to Truth to Love
Emotional Creation
Failed Circumstances and Pinnacle Moments
Your Bullshit meter



“John, your words and gift to me. I was in a space where I could not hear or feel anymore. I thank you with such kindness and respect. You gave me more insight today than I have been given in my entire life.”




Receive the transmission
of the Primal Goddess and her
sacred embodiment practices

Streaming Video 


“I fuel… I consume.”

is the mantra of the Primal Goddess

Do you suffer from:

  • Survival issues
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of energy
  • Unresolved shame and guilt
  • Feeling stuck and blocked in your body and life
  • Issues with setting boundaries
  • Feeling disempowered
  • Fear of sexual energy in self and other
  • Mistrust of instincts


Do you long for more:

  • Freedom
  • Passion
  • Feelings of Natural Ecstasy
  • Vitality
  • Powerful presence
  • Appropriate boundaries that empower
  • Trust and confidence in self
  • Flowing life force energy
  • Creativity


Receive the transmission and embodiment practices of the Primal Goddess to catalyze and awaken your ecstatic connection to the Divine. She will help you transmute stuck energy, especially rigidity and shame in the body and activate your aliveness.

Her guidance helps you reclaim your inner fire.


Reclaim the kind of fierce love that transmutes the collective primal scream of rage and fear into a primal roar of passion and freedom. This is the kind of love that echoes into the remembrance in your core of who you truly are again, activating your essential nature. And this is the kind of fierce love that creates quantum leaps and miracles, allowing you to wake up, shake it off and free yourself up Beloved, before all that blocked energy has a chance to fester into physical dis-ease.


She will show you a direct pathway to reclaim, activate and ignite your health and vitality!

The Primal Goddess offers you the keys to the gate of your FREEDOM.


Have you been challenged in finding and speaking your truth? Follow her lead and your Primal instincts will sing it to you. Embody her to awaken and to real-eyes who you truly are and that your real power has always been right here in your own central channel – just waiting for you to claim it.


The Primal Goddess helps you to trust yourself and remember, when you are this instinctual, free and powerful, you’ll never need to bite anyone’s head off. You just strut like the lion you are and say it as you sense it from your gut- or choose to silently radiate it from the centered heart fire of your magnificent full embodiment.


She helps you raise the bar for your “YES!” and unapologetically embody your fierce “NO!”

As she assists you to claim this body and this life for your own.

Now that’s HOT! Hail and welcome- Primal Goddess!


“Aliveness is derived from authentic expression of essence.” – Ariel Spilsbury


Receive the transmission
of the Initiator and her
sacred embodiment practices

Streaming Video

“I challenge, I clarify, I align.”

is the mantra of the Initiator

Do you suffer from:

  • Feeling separate from source
  • Blame
  • Impatience
  • Control issues
  • Addictions to avoid pain of feeling separate
  • Issues with temper
  • Feeling powerless
  • Fear of right use of power
  • Need for recognition and validation


Do you long for more:

  • Clarity and Discernment
  • Empowerment
  • Feelings of courage
  • Recognition of your own truth
  • Decisiveness and Initiative
  • Feelings of self trusting
  • Ability to surrender
  • Confidence
  • Patience


Receive Amadora’s transmission and embodiment practices of the Initiator archetype to help you to cut through illusion, align with truth as love and empower yourself upon your spiritual path.


The Initiator offers you the activating and clarifying properties of the element of Air, like the wings of the Goddess Isis, to help bring quantum leaps, breakthroughs, and radical changes in your life through the clarity of your embodied Truth.


Where are you willing to speak truth as love and which relationships still challenge you tell the truth from love?

Amadora lovingly guides you to feel the upleveled frequency of this power within your own body, showing you how to hold our own inner sword of power, authenticity and fierce love, to help you step through the initiatory gateways and challenges that life continues to offer you.


Her transmission and powerful practices help you to find and resonate your own truth as an embodiment of fierce love to empower yourself and others. She offers tools to help you feel the alignment and clarity that will assist you in speaking up, and not to get caught up in needing others’ approval or validation.

This activation will help you to hold steady in your center and to invite others to come into their own higher power as well.


If you’ve felt particularly challenged around needing to have recognition, or to feel that you need to be in power – as control- to be ok, then the transmission and embodiment practices of the Initiator will help you to surrender and liberate yourself into deeper love.


“The lack of self-love is the singular basis for all power struggles, both personal and collective.” – Ariel Spilsbury


Shamanic Doorway:

Cosmic Soul Recovery Journey
John Burgos transmission


There is a doorway that can be accessed that will lead us to places within us that have been unresolved. A place where we can journey to and collect significant disassociated essential parts of our innate innocent wisdom and strength.

Have you ever felt…?

Frozen in fear
Unable to state your needs clearly
Not being to stand up for yourself
Confused by others emotions
A feeling like you couldn’t take action
A fear of too much power
Repeating cycles of emotional or physical abuse
Not feeling like a priority

These are all symptoms of soul loss. And it’s time to reclaim our fragmented soul pieces back!

During this cosmic shamanic journey, I serve as your guide to take you to a place beyond time and space. To a place where you will be reintroduced with a part of you that is ready to merge once again with your astral and physical body. This aspect knows how to stand up for herself. How to make you a priority. She is both fierce and compassionate. Loving, kind, fun and creative. He will invite you back to finding your creativity and passion.

This powerful experience will ignite a heightened feeling of self-love and self-empowerment.



Sun Embodiment Transmission

by John Burgos


Take a Journey to access previous Timelines and
bring back only that which serves you now


I received this powerful transmission two years ago and it forever changed my life!

In this journey, I guide you to the Great Central Sun, where you will receive a life-transforming transmission to enable you to recover the lessons, wisdom, and strength gained from many lifetimes. You will burn through the karma and integrate these divine experiences while leaving behind the trauma that may have been incurred during each incarnation.

Are you ready to: 

  • Inherit the gifts and talents that you have rightfully earned from each lifetime experience
  • Ready to let go, on an astral and cellular level, the surreal memories of the trauma suffered from what can only be described as past life experiences
  • Let go of recurring relationships that no longer serve you in this lifetime
  • End the ‘karmic’ lessons and embrace your Dharma and the opportunities it engenders


Warning: This is a simple yet advanced experience. If you participate with an open and innocent heart, by the end of this journey you may feel a need to redefine your dreams and wishes by setting the bar higher than you ever have before.




Merging The Trinity of  Sacred Consciousness
through Divine Synarchy
Led by John Burgos


There is an aspect of our consciousness that in the search for the ecstasy of enlightenment has instead led to spiritual by-passing and a division of our energies, that until they are again united will continue to cause suffering and confusion in our field.

Although well intended, this separation takes a powerful and very misunderstood ally in the pursuit of our spiritual development and alienates it to function on its own.

In this transmission, you will re-establish a new, upgraded connection with these alienated aspects and emerge with your 3 pillars of Christ Consciousness.

Once you bring this powerful process into your awareness the volume of any of your internal conflict has the potential of being eliminated!








You are invited to sit in a circle of sacred mirrors.

You matter! In fact you are needed to share your heart, your wisdom and your beauty exactly the way you are.

It not by just one of us, but by rising together, side by side that we accelerate our remembrance and soul missions as we activate and amplify together.


“Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.”  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar




Deeper Into the Heart


Valued at $497


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option



The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out
for some new delight

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes
because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

— Jellaludin Rumi,
translation by Coleman Barks


What does it mean to be initiated?



“When we speak of Initiation we are referring to a naturally unfolding organic process of awakening written into the evolutionary code of all life. Human beings are naturally evolving like everything else. We are an aspect of the cosmos whose awareness becomes progressively more expansive as we evolve. Eventually, our awareness expands to encompass our true universal nature as one with all that is. This process of inner evolution has over the millennia been noticed, tracked and embodied by countless human beings, many of who have laid down their understanding of the process. One of the most frequently repeated themes of our awakening is its tendency to progress in sudden leaps in consciousness. Such leaps are known as Initiations.


Initiations tend to be archetypal breakthroughs emerging through spontaneous mutations and transmutations in our DNA, which are then in turn expressed through the language and style of a particular culture. However, the Initiations themselves, being universal, are in no way limited to any single culture.


One who has travelled or is travelling the path of Initiation is known as an Initiate, although this term is used in different ways by different teachers and teachings.


Sometimes, Initiation can take the form of sudden direct mystical experience, intense inner vision, profound external shock or deep heart-opening. At other times, Initiation can go on for years, silently and subtly opening us to greater and greater inner horizons. Depending on the Initiation, the experience can be very different from person to person.”
Richard Rudd


Deeper Into the Heart


Valued at $497


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option



ABOUT Eden Amadora

Spirit and Embodiment Coach


Eden Amadora is an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, an archetypal voice & embodiment coach, ceremonial singer, and prayer-formance artist. With over 20 years of shamanic and yogic training with a focus on sound and movement integration, her work is in service to those who are ready to embody their most essential, radiant selves and express their authentic voices.

Eden’s passion is for witnessing the incredible transformation that occurs when she creates and holds ceremonial space, offering a sacred container for others to have an embodied experience of working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.

Eden is gifted at holding unconditionally loving space and simultaneously being a fierce voice of truth. She is a conduit for soul guidance, as she supports and mirrors her clients. She lives with one foot in the archetypal realm, holding others in their highest essence helping them to transmute their shadow – or stuck old patterns – into more self-love and empowered presence, allowing them the freedom to fully live their unique mythic story.

As a priestess, she leads circles with guided meditation, deep inquiry, chanting, devotional singing, ritual and embodiment practices of the Sacred Feminine. As a singer and prayer-formance artist, she has performed in several large venues and for benefits to raise awareness for planetary sustainability and peace. She currently enjoys writing, recording, producing and performing devotional electronic music with her band Amadora.

Eden Amadora offers ceremonial circles, retreats, devotional temple days, and 1:1 sessions for people who are ready to rest into a more self-trusting place, awaken to their true beauty and embodied self-love, align more deeply with their soul purpose, and live into greater joy and connection to Source.



ABOUT John Burgos

Intuitive, Channel and Host


John Burgos, founder and host of the Beyond The Ordinary Show, has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others. He created the Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and lead the next generation of transformation through providing a stage for emerging and provocative spiritual leaders, exposing and bringing light to the shared power of collective consciousness.

Moved by the profound, shamanic experiences that ignited his trust in his innate intuitive abilities, John has dedicated his passions to bringing this truth of inherent intuition to the masses. He soon emerged as a leader in the field and finds his truest excellence in working with esoteric and spiritual teachers. He believes that his work, in conjunction with the luminous souls he works intimately with, can be the catalyst for global change.

John’s greatest passion and purpose is celebrated by providing a platform, holding space and expertly directing new thought patterns to assist in the growth, evolution and empowerment in shaping a new, more soulfully connected generation.



What People Are Saying About Eden and John


“I recognize Eden as a leader of leaders for the new generation and as a brilliant example of what is possible when we come into communion with the grand trine of the divinity of our mind, body, and heart.

As an emissary of unconditional love, Eden radiates a rarified, high vibrational frequency that will harmonize and entrain your energetic field to its highest potential. From this state of being, Eden amplifies the field to set a new template for those who are ready to step into the balanced union of their Divine Masculine and Feminine essence and rise into the next octave of their empowerment.

– John Burgos


I see John as a shining example of an integrated and balanced man who walks in beauty and leads form his heart. His work and mission uplift the vibration of Earth. He is holding a frequency and setting a template for all to truly feel what the sacred masculine is capable of. It is my honor to join forces with John in service to the awakening of the collective heart of humanity- where we move from the old paradigm of duality and division into a higher octave of love embodied.”

– Eden Amadora


“Eden is a pure presence of love. She is a stand for you to show up in all of your wholeness. She offers a sacred space where you can open to knowing all parts of yourself. Through her masterful use of sound and movement, Eden supports you to dive deeply within to release your inner light. I have had the great honor of having Eden help co-create many circles for women who are choosing to journey into the Priestess path and she brings such grace, love and humility to the work. I am deeply grateful to Eden for all that she brings to me and to all the women who are blessed to be in her presence.”

– Elayne Kalila Doughty


I just want to say thank you for being such an oasis and source of spirit renewal and opportunities for growth. So thank you John. You do so much more good than you know.”

– Laura Hill


It is very beautiful to witness how spirit moves through Eden’s music and voice. Through listening and moving to her songs, I am able to remove blocks from within and open my heart to be able to open up to feeling more love. Eden has a direct gift from spirit to help us awaken to our deepest desires to love and be loved. She also expresses the full range of love from soft and vulnerable to passionate and fierce. I feel very blessed to have her as a musical and spiritual guide on this journey of awakening.”

– Malissa Lea


This is wonderful and timely! Thank you both so much for this!”

– Ilene P.


John, thank you so much for this amazing gift, Walking the Comic Shaman’s Path. I have so many remembered past lives where walking in my power or what I thought was my power caused so much pain to others. Your past life story had me in tears. I so want to release all that pain and not be afraid of hurting others. You are a blessing.”

– Deb


So glad you’re having another “get-together.” I especially enjoy seeing the love and respect you two have for each other. It’s beautiful! Blessings,”

– Tricia   


Thank you thank you thank you for this beautiful class you are offering!    What you both share and transmit is so strong and invaluable. I am loving what I have received so far and know it is only the beginning of this ever deepening love journey within! Yay!    All my love to you both, it is a joy to witness your love together and thank you for being the beacons of light and truth that you are!!”

– Jennifer A.


Thank you for validating me, for accepting and showing me how to love those parts I have pushed away.  Blessings”

– Lorraine W.


THANK YOU, I am so Grateful for Your Insight and Wisdom, I greatly appreciate how much I have learned and am learning through great Guides/Healers like yourself. These are Amazing times with great potential for humanity.  Much Love”

– Kimberly P.


I have been following you for years. I so resonate with you, and Eden ever since she came onto your show I adore her and deeply resonate with her too. One can’t help but feel empowered around her. I am absolutely thrilled you guys are working together and thrilled and stoked that you guys are offering this at such an unbelievable price. I just want to say thank you and I am so excited and looking forward to this offering of you twoThank you both very much from the bottom of my heart. Many many blessings to you and Eden!”

– Maria J.


John and Eden, I have found your transmission of tones and frequencies are powerful and beautiful.   My journey has been with cancer, I have found the transformation of my body spirit have been mind blowing. Being part of your Loving Yourself Awake has been shifted me into another level (as am writing this am having body wobbles) can’t wait for what is about to happen. Am shifting lots instantly.”

– Maureen C.










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Deeper Into the Heart


Valued at $497


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option