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Are you ready to journey boldly into the cascading flow of your divine wealth and riches? And see results for years to come?

Join me on a transformative expedition into replenishing your internal and external abundance in my BRAND NEW healing experience.


My beautiful friend,

As we progress into the uncharted and unknown of a new year, our soul’s highest truth and greatest potential yearn more than ever to be fully realized and expressed.

That’s why I created a new type of remedial healing for the energetic, auric, and psychological clutter that has limited or interfered with our experience of living richly, abundantly, prosperously, and wealthily.

And I am so excited to share the results with you through my brand new revolutionary healing series for rebooting and supercharging your abundance.

Read on to learn what’s included and your special launch offer.


YES, I Want to Reboot My Abundance!


“Each new moment gives us the opportunity to reset and begin again. Whatever is oppressing you, give yourself permission to hand it over to the Universe.”

                                                                                                                                 Emmanuel Dagher



I am Emmanuel Dagher, author of the bestselling book Easy Breezy Prosperity.

Many of you know my childhood was one of extreme poverty and daily hardship, having grown up in a war-torn country.

Yet the lessons, insights, discoveries, and wisdom gained from my seemingly disadvantaged youth became the driving force behind my healing work and the inspiration for writing my book.

When Easy Breezy Prosperity reached bestseller status, it was clear that the need for healing one’s relationship with money and wealth spanned cultures, generations, religions, and continents.


I became inspired to use the teachings in my book as the foundation for creating guided courses, in-depth programs, and interactive events in an effort to address humankind’s great need.


Little did I know these resources of support would connect me to tens of thousands of determined souls searching for the true meaning of prosperity, yearning to experience the abundance they deserve.

Three years later, I reflect in awe and gratitude on not only the countless beings who welcomed me on their breathtaking journeys from financial struggle to heart-opening prosperity…

But also the newly discovered intel, fresh revelations, and previously unrealized truths proven to heal the multidimensional relationship between wealth and the soul, psyche, and spirit.


During the last months of 2018, I immersed in these advanced findings. I reviewed them, experimented with them, and fine-tuned them to bring you a thoroughly replenishing compilation of prosperity healing unlike anything you’ve experienced or that I’ve ever created.


The Sacred Momentum Behind Your Abundance Reboot


I have dedicated my life to being of service and honoring my deeply rooted intention to inspire, heal, and uplift those who are ready and willing to expand into their greatest, most joyful potential.

At the heart of my healing work is a time-tested and proven healing technology founded on principles of science and spirituality – The Core Work Healing Experience©, which quickly resolves the root of every imbalance in one’s physical, auric, mental, emotional and financial bodies.


Developed from decades of research, trial and practice, it is one of the most effective and comprehensive energy healing modalities that has supported tens of thousands worldwide to achieve true and lasting healing.

The Core Work© proprietary healing technology is rooted in Law of Attraction and quantum physics. It uplevels and accelerates the clearing of karmic patterns that keep you stuck while establishing new karma that guides you to heal, thrive and prosper.


YES, I Am Ready For My Abundance Reboot!


“You deserve to be prosperous. It is your birthright.”

                                                                                  Emmanuel Dagher


Abundance Reboot: Awakening Your Divine Riches & Wealth healing series is a program unlike any other.


The Abundance Reboot:

  • Delivers never-before-revealed universal laws, insights, discoveries and evidenced-based teachings, revelations, and processes amassed through my years of working with tens of thousands on abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Identifies and targets the unique combination of factors that create and/or keep you stuck in a cycle of lack, deficiency, scarcity, deprivation.
  • Helps you connect the dots between what’s happening in your psyche, in your energy field, and in your life, to get a full picture of what’s causing your internal and external abundance to stall and how to uproot and clear those interferences… for good.
  • Reboots your abundance frequency and awakens every aspect of your divine riches and wealth so that you see results for years to come.


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Session 1:
Financial Freedom


The cognitive healings and energetic clearings in your Financial Freedom session are divinely designed to guide you to rewrite and up-level your relationship with money as you unravel and release constrictive patterns and beliefs, clear your energy field of multi-generational struggle, and access your soul’s divine riches.


Get ready to:

  • Unearth the biggest, most common yet undisclosed “phobia” that prohibits abundance from entering your energy field.
  • Pinpoint and shed societal, ancestral, and familial-influenced ideas, perceptions and behaviors that repel prosperity.
  • Dissolve fear, doubt, unworthiness, survival, and imbalances of giving/receiving at the root.
  • Befriend the mind AND the soul to attract and accelerate divine fortune.
  • Trade in a life of struggle for one of effortless opportunity and renewed abundance.


Session 2:
Abundant Self-Worth


Your Abundant Self-Worth session immerses you in sacred processes, exercises, and visualizations that help you detach and liberate from that which you subconsciously use to measure your self-worth, then anchor within you new found self-love, self-compassion and self-appreciation that ensure you experience blessings that inspire, motivate and nourish your being.


You will:

  • Discover and embody the one personal value essential to attracting blessings into your life.
  • Eliminate the need to find self-worth in identities, titles, conditions, and external entities, experiences and situations.
  • Re-pattern reactive behaviors to match the frequency of that which you want to attract.
  • Access and align with the ONE TRUE SOURCE of abundance and blessings.
  • Heal and restore your past/present/future physical, mental, spiritual, financial bodies on a cellular and molecular level.


Session 3:


Unearth the three “secret” ingredients to success through sacred insights, proven teachings, and inspiring revelations that guide you to gracefully transform learned behaviors and embedded perceptions that have impeded your success and master how to instantly shift the flow and trajectory of your well-being, money, and relationships.


Prepare to:

  • Uncover the most important thing in life, that no one talks about, that actually dictates your level of success.
  • Access ancient “intel” that sages, masters, and gurus used for centuries to align with the energy of success.
  • Discover how your current states of abundance, prosperity, and wealth are influenced by the creative and destructive powers of loyalty.
  • Know the two distinctly different types of success and which one your soul yearns for.
  • Overhaul your perception and definition of success to maximize and accelerate your ability to experience it.


Session 4:


Inner observations and inquiries consciously liberate you from self-censoring behaviors, attuning you to your soul’s most authentic essence and rekindling the expression, creativity and spirit of your inner child while instilling new clarity of purpose and fueling your perpetual light of value and prosperity.


You will discover:

  • How to break through the main behavioral mechanism that stands between you and your abundance.
  • The three most important aspects of who you are, why you’ve forgotten about them, and how to put them into practice to begin thriving.
  • Why inspiration impacts your ability to experience wealth and how to align with that which feels right and brings you good energy.
  • How to tune into and embrace the gifts of your ancestors who desire for you to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and successful.

Session 5:
Expanding Your


Guided healings and clearings target long-held glitches in your physical and energetic bodies, transforming lifetimes of conscious and subconscious monetary imbalances, misconceptions, myths, and stigmas while delivering you into a fully rejuvenated and refined relationship with your soul’s divine riches and wealth.


Get ready to:

  • Discover and adopt the primary spiritual and psychological quality that is the nucleus of expansive abundance
  • Hear my own discovery around money that moved me to tears, changed my perspective and, therefore, my life.
  • Identify, heal, clear, and release hidden patterns of victim consciousness and oppression
  • Suspend behaviors of expectation and attachment and open the heart and mind to receive freely without fear, suspicion, or judgment.
  • Shatter the confines of conditional thinking and celebrate your purpose, uniqueness, and individuality


Package A


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Package B

Two live Q&A healing
group sessions with Emmanuel


Experience the Abundance Reboot sessions and then join Emmanuel for two live group calls.

Ask your questions about expanding into greater abundance and receive one-on-one support!

Package B


Valued at $1,795


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ABOUT Emmanuel Dagher

Global Humanitarian, Spiritual Healer and Tacher


Emmanuel Dagher has become recognized as a global Humanitarian, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Multi Best-selling Author who truly walks the talk when it comes to living from the heart. Emmanuel’s early challenges of growing up in the war-torn country of Lebanon have helped him develop a level of compassion and awareness that heals those who enter his space. Emmanuel’s ultimate desire is to remind everyone he meets of the wholeness that resides within every cell of their being; leading them back to the happy, rich and fulfilling life they desire most of themselves.

Emmanuel has had the honor of connecting and engaging with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. You may notice that upon your first encounter with Emmanuel, it’s as if you have been long time friends.

One of Emmanuel’s greatest gifts he offers to humanity is the amount of compassion he is able to share, as a direct result of having grown up below the poverty level during the Civil War of Lebanon in the 80’s and early 90’s. Having experienced unfathomable adversity, Emmanuel views all of his prior experiences as sacred gifts from the Divine that helped to shape his ability to love all those he meets beyond measure.
Emmanuel’s has quickly come on the world stage through his wisdom, healing gifts and humanitarian work, giving him the opportunity to present and facilitate global healing at the United Nations in New York City where the heart of global diplomacy occurs, at the World Congress, Consulates, and other international events that promote world peace and healing.

The role Emmanuel was set to play with helping to raise the global consciousness of the planet was ignited early on in his childhood.

Growing up during the civil war of Lebanon—where Emmanuel witnessed things that no human being should ever see or experience, and where safety, food, water, electricity and other amenities were either nonexistent or sparse —gave Emmanuel a deep ability to embody a compassion for others that to many transcends logic. One of Emmanuel’s passions includes helping refugee children, women and men who have been displaced from their home countries due to war, teaching them how to heal so that they can create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

With a background in parapsychology, combined with his gifted intuitive healing abilities, experiences, and having received an abundance of specialty certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving and awakening humanity, so that they can remember and embody the sacred core essence of their Divine Self.

Emmanuel is also a two time #1 international best seller for his books Easy Breezy Miracle and Easy Breezy Prosperity.



I came to Emmanuel’s [work] 3 months past due on my rent, no job, ailing health, and very low self-esteem. Since working with Emmanuel, I have experienced a complete 180. My health is back and better than ever. I left the corporate world and now work from home doing what I love more than anything, which is to help women find their voice and live their passion. I just closed on my first home purchase and will be moving in next week! I feel happier and more empowered than ever. Community, receiving continued healing support and self-care have been my oxygen this year. Emmanuel will always tell me that I made it happen for myself, but I have to say that if it wasn’t for his continued love and healing support, I would not be here today. I’ve tried many things in the self-help world, and I feel I found the pot of gold with Emmanuel and his support. You will not find better, period.

-Kristina Brezinksi, Grass Valley, CA


The reason why I resonate with Emmanuel and his healing work is because he empowers and uplifts in ways that remind people that they are their own greatest healer. I’ve studied with several spiritual teachers throughout my life, and was disheartened to witness how many of them would act in completely opposite ways as what they were teaching, especially towards those who actually studied with them. Yikes! After seeing Emmanuel speak at Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, Arizona, I felt something I’ve never felt before. I felt like I had met a long lost friend who came back to remind me that everything I ever thought I needed, I had the power to give to myself. If you’ve met Emmanuel, you know exactly what I mean. Since that day, I have ‘come home’ to myself in ways I had always been searching for prior. I feel a peace that is undeniable almost every moment of the day. This is coming from someone who struggled with sever anxiety their whole life. I have more energy to experience life in ways I just wasn’t able to before. Life is good, and the blessings are too many to count. My heart thanks Emmanuel and his miracle community for helping me come back to the most authentic version of myself.

-Pam Martin, Boston



I’ve been on a spiritual and healing path for decades. Emmanuel’s The Core Work© is the healing modality that made the biggest difference. Nothing else even came close to the results I experienced when it came to actually ‘feeling’ better. I’m spreading the news to everyone I know, and several friends have confirmed the same.

-Cory Jenkins, Los Angeles



Emmanuel pleasantly surprised me with a new way of viewing prosperity. He opened up my imagination and consciousness to techniques I’ve never heard of or read about ANYWHERE! Emmanuel truly does make prosperity easy: easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to enjoy.

-Peggy McColl, Canada


Emmanuel, I have listened to your healing recordings and tuned into the summits that feature you as a guest. I always notice a sense of spaciousness that I don’t experience with other energy healers. It’s quite difficult to find the correct words, but it seems like your Core Work unfolds space within me. It adds space within space. The initial issue is now perceived within a larger space where it’s no longer an issue or it becomes like a manageable tiny dot. Or it may totally disappear.

-Michel De Vos








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