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One hour one-on-one psychic medium reading with Jane, your Angels and Spirit Guides,
and any loved ones who want to come through


My readings are an active conversation between you (client) and I, as well as your Guides/Angels/loved ones and I, which then I repeat back to you. During the reading I am not in control of the information or events that occur. Some things may be of greater importance that you are not aware of in the moment, but they are the areas in your life that need to be addressed in order to heal.


Communication with spirit is like translating a foreign language. We (readers) have to interpret everything we see/hear/feel/sense/know whether it be from loved ones or your teams in spirit. I can only tell you what I am shown and by having a verbal conversation with the (you) client, does it help to further open the doors. I wish it were as simple as reading one’s mind, but it isn’t. You (client) need to be aware that this is the same for ALL mediums and intuitive guides across the board, moving forward.


Being an integral reader, I have no intention of misleading anyone during a session. I have zero control on the outcomes of who speaks to you, who doesn’t or what messages they have to tell you. I am just the messenger relaying the information.


The best thing anyone can do is let go of all expectations of what a reading should be, and instead enjoy the ride into higher realms that few tend to tread.


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Option One

Medium Reading


By using your first name and your permission, I connect with your Spiritual Team (Angels, Spirit Guides, loved ones in spirit, etc.) Messages are usually about what is currently happening in your life at that moment. Occasionally I receive messages about upcoming events, but nothing too far into the future. I believe we have free will to change the direction of our futures, at any given point in time. I am not a fortune teller, but I’m here to share guidance from your Spiritual Team or loved ones who have crossed over.


I offer readings in person, remotely over the phone, or through video calls using: Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Signal, Whatsapp, or through Email. When a message needs to be delivered, Spirit speaks through any platform.


I deliver what Spirit brings through and although it may not always be what we expect, it is always what we need.



Or Choose


Option Two

Animal Messenger Reading


These readings come directly from your pet, either living or deceased.


By using their first name and your permission, animals speak to me as though they were humans by showing me visions, sensations or words. At times they will show me how they would dress if they were in human form.


By connecting to these lovely sentient beings do we create deeper bonds by understanding their wants and needs.





Angel Wings


Valued at $225


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Jane Dance

Psychic Medium


I am a naturally born Psychic Medium who has been interacting with Spirit all my life. As a three-year old child, one of my earliest memories was seeing spirits hovering above me. The Spiritual Realm has manifested in front of me in various ways throughout my life, by throwing objects, moving objects and by audibly calling my name. I have even received phone calls and had my feet tickled.

In March 2000, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). AML is uncommon, making up about 1% of cancers. I was mourning the death of my Dad who had been diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 1996 and had passed shortly a few months later. I found myself dying in the same hospital ward as my father, which then became my home for the next three months.

Everything that could go wrong, did. I have a rare blood type (only 3% of the world’s population), that combined with an uncommon type of cancer equaled poor odds of survival. I was initially on a 24/7 trial chemotherapy which burnt me from the inside out. I lost my hair, my fingernails, my appetite and I lost my sense of self. When I was stable enough, I’d go home on day passes only to return in ambulances. Twice the EMT’s couldn’t find my pulse.

It was the endless medications with their endless complications, endless chemotherapy sessions and endless bone marrow aspirates until my body finally went into remission. I remained healthy for fifteen months until June of 2001, when the Stage 4 AML returned more severely within 70% of my body. Again, I lived confined within the walls of the hospital for another three months during which my family had been called to come say good-bye to me.

In July of 2001, I received a Bone Marrow Transplant from a beautiful lady, who was only a few years younger than I was at the time. This unrelated selfless soul, who lives in a different country, became my living donor as she was a 100% match, which is very rare. Although I was given a 25% chance of survival and six years to live (post transplant), since that time, I have remained Cancer free.

Because of my Near Death Experiences, I am now a living Gateway with one foot in the Spirit World and one foot in the Physical World simultaneously. I bridge the gap between the Angelic realms and humans by sharing my perceptions. When I conduct readings, I connect with these beautiful high vibrational beings of light just by using the clients first name. They speak through me by using my words, giving me sensations in my body or by showing me images that I then translate to my clients. My readings are an active conversation between the client and I and their team who walks with them, in Spirit. Through this dialogue, the client connects with their own inner ways of knowing and can validate themselves.

All readings focus on what is going on in one’s life at the present moment and the questions people have about that. Clients can also ask questions about people and pets who have passed over to the other side. What I love about this process is how each person’s messages fortify their own bridges between the realms. I am blessed to be able to deliver messages upon the wings of Angels.


What People Are Saying About Jane Dance


“Over the last 30 years, I have had readings by those considered to be the best and most renowned readers/healers in the world. In fact, in 2012, I had a radio show where I interviewed ver 150 energy workers and a prerequisite was that I first experience their work!   Jane is really one of the best of the best. I was truly blown away by the clarity, accuracy and usefulness of her reading…and she throws in a powerful healing to boot! I am recommending Jane to all my friends and clients. She is amazing!”

-Debra Poneman, USA


Talk about seriously gifted! Jane picked up hard facts and outcomes I never disclosed to her. Her abilities are multi-layered and she zeroes into the mundane as well as the higher spiritual influences and information. No guesswork and vague information here. Real facts and sharp insights.   I have read with sensitives and psychics from many places, including the world famous Hans Christian King and Jane ranks up there with him. Sensitives of this caliber are hard to find and usually charge very high fees for their services. I feel fortunate to connect with her. Anyone wanting to interact with a really gifted psychic should read with her. You will see what I mean. ”

-Carol Ann Wilhite, Canada


The Reading given to me by the lovely Jane was stimulating, exciting, synchronous, revealing, fascinating, focusing, enlightening, uplifting and a sheer Joy !  Jane had clearly spent a long time, prior to the Reading, asking her Guides for information and writing out copious notes in preparation, and I felt, strongly, that she had gone to great lengths in ensuring that I received the best possible value from my experience.
A truly memorable and valuable experience it was, too !  I hereby recommend anyone reading this testimonial to book a Session with Jane without any hesitation!   You will NOT be other than delighted with the result.   Jane is energetic, honest, kind, a delight to be with, and in fact just fabulous, and, quite simply, hugely gifted. No mistake!”

-Pauli Murphy, United Kingdom


I met Jane after a chance view of a heartfelt testimonial written by my beloved teacher of success, Debra Poneman. She said that after meeting many psychic practitioners, Jane’s gift is ‘the real thing’.  Everything that Jane brought up in my angel reading resonated deeply to my life; the insights she gave were accurate and tremendously helpful.
She has a deeply spiritual energy, is easily approachable, kind, and quite generous. I wished to know about specific matters, and Jane welcomed all my queries most graciously. This was not my first psychic reading, and I fully agree with my teacher about Jane.  So grateful that my past, present and future has greater meaning after veils were lifted. I have better clarity. My heartfelt appreciation to Jane at Angel Wings Readings.”

-Susan Borum, USA


I have had many sessions and readings over the past 5 years with my guests, as host of Soul Talk.  Jane came highly recommended from one of my guests that I have the highest regard for.  Jane’s reading was far more expansive, reaching into realms that had never before been brought to light. Meaning she is working at a higher frequency to be able to access these realms. So far, she has been spot on with what has manifested.  I highly recommend Jane to up level and fine tune what is coming in for you.”

-Patty Malek Host of Soul Talk


I highly recommend Jane. She is highly intuitive, a natural medium, and a kind, compassionate and caring person. She read for my dog which was a huge confirmation and gave us information to help with our relationship with our fur baby.   Thank you Jane!”

-Zoe Baldwin, Canada










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Angel Wings


Valued at $225


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option