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“First, please know that this is a series unlike any other. Over the almost ten years of my sharing channeled messages and insights from my Eternal Self (what I call “My Team” which includes beings such Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Quan Yin, Metatron, and so many more), we’ve created some absolutely mind-bending, heart-expanding, consciousness redefining materials. We did this together, alongside each other and alongside our Eternal Selves.


More recently, particularly since my group Egypt trip in Feb. 2018, I have been shown keys and codes related to the “after life” which are completely different than what most of us know or even have access to. It is clear that we have only scratched the surface on these topics. The Egyptians in the time of Goddess Isis were very dedicated to the bridge between the living and the afterlife. There were experiments tried and theories tested. Now, we continue with this bridge building in a new era of enlightenment and with an expanded, more direct level of connection to our Eternal Selves.



In this series we will see that that the real bridge we are building isn’t between realities, rather it is the bridge between the individual human the Eternal Self. When that bridge is in place, the After Life is not a concern.


I can feel Goddess Isis, Thoth, Jesus, Quan Yin smiling at us in that revelation alone.  It is time for these materials. We came here, in many ways, for this expansion, this personal and internal connection to Source.



How is revealing the After Life relevant to us, now, and how is it applicable to our present incarnation? Many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, the distortions in the after life (we will address these) are causing humans (the vast majority of humans), to reincarnate unnecessarily. Please consider this for a moment. No one, no One has to reincarnate… ever. But if you don’t know that here, while you are alive, you are far more likely to be caught in the after life system which guides souls back into human incarnations, again and again and again. Compounding this problem is that many spiritual teachings actually incorporate this idea of sequential lifetimes as a means for a soul’s growth and progression. That, too, is a distortion. A lie (we are very blunt, all for the purpose of helping you access Your Eternal Self energies).


Your true soul is Eternally Light, infinitely ascended, perpetually pure and most definitely whole, holy.

Since that is your true soul nature (what I call your Eternal Self) but almost no one is aware of that most expanded level of Self, then no wonder so many spiritual seekers and experiencers have such a hard time feeling connected, on purpose and divinely intentional in their lives.


Again, the vast majority of humans on Earth have been tricked into reincarnating and, thus, are automatically compromised in their energy fields. This makes for an uncomfortable, extremely challenging and, frankly, unfair life.

So, let’s do this!!!


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I am here alongside you in this extremely unique series to explain the after life, what happens there and how to live within the Bridge of Light energies to your Eternal Self energies. We will do so for the purpose of you being more honest, clear and connected here, now, while you are alive. The true bridge Within Self will be restored.


By getting your energy field and consciousness ready for the after life transition through this internal bridge to your Eternal Self, you are then primed for your best life, now, here.


Finally. Because I know many of you feel like you’ve tried everything, with varying degrees of success. I hear all the time from clients that they sense they are missing something. They sense something is off. They feel their light at times but it isn’t consistent.

Through our work, we connect you to the Eternal Self energies, we point out the distortions, we clarify the Self and the liberation of light begins, and just grows stronger and brighter from there.



In your personal life or in your spiritual journey have you ever felt stuck, held back and/or disconnected, like something was missing?


I bet you were trying multiple things for your latest breakthrough, without knowing that the energetic foundation was inherently flawed.


Now, I know this can make one feel triggered, defensive or just guarded, especially if you’ve felt quite expanded in your spiritual journey. No worries. We have a very loving, respectful but also direct and clear approach to assist you, as our fellow masters of Light.


Mary Magdalene knows just how to put things to unlock those important doorways to self and she is a part of my Eternal Self energies (and most likely yours)! We make it graceful and productive for your ego (the storyteller) to drop the false teachings and easily and excitedly pick up what is true, timeless and real.


We then stand within the truths; truths that are true whether one believes them or not. Eternal Self truths. When we do this, we feel liberated, wise, playful and even confident in the light that we are. The Light that we Are, eternally. And here.



Ok? Sound good? We have a plan for this series.

A plan I’m led to from not just my Eternal Self but our mutual Eternal Selves. Because they/we want us to know the truth. Not just for the after life, but for this human life.


Truth sets Light free. Free to Be the Light we came here to Be. Not learn, not earn, not study, not start over from scratch; Be. The Light we Came Here. To Be.


I’d love for you to join me in this completely ground breaking expansion. We will be doing more than pulling back the curtain on deeper levels of consciousness. We are going to rip off the curtains. And let the light in. From the inside out.

I have goosebumps (God bumps) as I write this.


I’m so excited. In many series we have partnered together, this group of Bringers of Light, which includes you. We continue to pioneer fresh pathways for light here. This series proves to be another additional ring of expansion that is also primed for even those just now joining our work (welcome!). We are now to the deeper levels of taboo, mysterious and carefully veiled subjects. And we have the authority to be here in these deeper realms. We have the divine sovereignty keys needed. And so it is.


This series is shared in a set of 9 empowering audio recordings, with lifetime access. We expect you will savor this series, with multiple listens; hearing, receiving, creating new energetic expansions with each listen. True multidimensionality in action.


Given the nature of this special group and your contributions to the materials, a BONUS live Q&A is also included, on Saturday April 6th, offering time for you to consider and reflect on what questions you have. What I’ve found with such expanded beings as yourSelf is that your questions lead to additional, highly relevant paths of wisdom and activations to the series.

“Thank you in advance for this! I am excited for our further engagement in that Q&A call.”





Recording One:

Connection Experience, Introduction


Duration: 13 Minutes




Recording Two:

How to Transcend the After Life


Duration: 45 Minutes





Recording Three:

The Bridge of Light- Jesus and Mary Magdalene


Duration: 44 Minutes





Recording Four:

How Jesus Reappears to Mary Magdalene, Transcendence, The After Life and Heaven WOW!!!


Duration: 1 Hour 3 Minutes





Recording Five:

Ripping Off the Curtain…


Duration: 34 Minutes





Recording Six:

Living the Bridge Within, Every Day & Expanding it


Duration: 47 Minutes





Recording Seven:

Special Message: For those Who Often Face Self Doubt and/or Do Not Trust Themselves


Duration: 19 Minutes





Recording Eight:

Special Message: For Those Who Do Trust Themselves


Duration: 11 Minutes





Recording Nine:

Special Message: Being Seen, Here


Duration: 13 Minutes






Live Q & A Call  on April 6th. Enough time for you to consider and reflect on what questions you have for Jill!

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Includes everything in Package A PLUS

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30 Minute Private Session with Jill


We do have a private session option for you, in very limited supply. If you don’t get one of the private session packages, please know the materials in this series are absolutely priceless and worthy of your experiencing them, even without the private session option.

For those who get in on the private session offer, congratulations and nice job acting so swiftly to purchase. I’m booked out quite a ways as you will find upon booking. I recommend that you take the first available, trusting that the timing of your session consistently turns out to be perfect.  I don’t have a cancellation list because it is almost never that anyone cancels. Trust you.


Upon purchase, Beyond the Ordinary will provide you detailed, clear instructions for how to immediately access the materials. These steps are tested, so thank you in advance for following them slowly, carefully, and fully. You may need to scroll down on your screen to see all of them, especially if you purchase the private session option.


The two packages I am offering exclusively to Beyond the Ordinary (this is a brand new series,

not shared anywhere previously)


Package B


Valued at $615


 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Jill Renee Feeler

Spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary


Jill Renee Feeler invites us into not just another dimension of ourselves, but into another spectrum of our humanity. She is boldly setting the stage for 21st century spirituality, ushering in a way for being divine while also being wholly human. She embodies awareness, wisdom and unconditional love that turn present day spiritual teachings on their head.

Jill offers her audience and clients clear game-changing tools for bypassing the limitations of this Age, for connecting directly to your eternal energy field and your inherent Sovereignty. As a rising star in the personal growth industry, published author, unforgettable speaker, and top rated intuitive, her fresh ideas come to life and awaken the soul for even the most advanced spiritual seeker.

Jill’s intuitive sessions are game changing! One client put it perfectly: “one session with Jill is like years worth of therapy/coaching.” Awaken your soul, brush off the false teachings and tee up Your mastery with Jill!




“Jill, I am not ready with my growing questions, but I have to share that my love for this series keeps growing with each recording (I am on recording 5, but make myself listen to each at least 3 times to make sure I have gleaned what I can).

I believe this is by far my most favorite series EVER, and the others were already amazing!!

Recording #4 answers so many questions I have carried for decades, it brought me a great sigh of satisfaction. And if that weren’t enough, what absolutely filled my heart to almost bursting was the love I felt between Yeshua and Mary M – it brought tears to my eyes. It felt so, so soothing, like Yes, this is what real love between two humans can be!! The beauty between them as their ‘we’ that they shared with us, that still exists in the afterlife (!!), well wow, that is the epitome of a couple’s love… could they please teach a class??? I am serious!!

And then in #5 the message from Zeus and Athena, soooooo amazing!! And, omg, they were not mere mythological gods but actual human beings??? Mind Blown!! So what next, Santa Clause is real too??

I am loving this series so so much, like no other before – and I have loved many of yours – that I just had to stop and let you know and Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths from love – they are making my world a better place. This sharing of beauty and love and receiving of beauty and love, well THIS is the real New Earth if you ask me…Xoxoxo,”

– M.


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for doing this series. I can’t stop listening to it. Episode 2 had a big impact on me. Listening to it I felt like a big part of me shifted. It is hard to explain but it felt like I was able to feel my light crack open and expand and shine through my physical body. It is exactly what I needed to hear to at this time. It has greatly helped me see where I have been holding back and allowing Wetiko to take over.  I also am working through your Soul Signature Series. So THANK YOU!! Your work has really helped me to dive deeper into who I AM and release some of the old stuff I had tried on during this journey. I appreciate all that you do and for showing up for all of us! Luminous Blessings! xoxoxo”

-Stacy Stehle


“The freedom and the levels of sovereignty that I’ve accessed since I started listening to Outwitting Wetiko has been so rewarding, and so surprising… I feel brighter in my Light! I needed this series because I wasn’t going to engage this level of Light from where I was before. I had to expand in this other layers of unconsciousness, and to be able to see everything at a different angle. I wasn’t sure that I was ready or even interested in this series. But I’ve got to tell you, I’m loving it!! I absolutely love it and I feel like that it’s supportive to everything else I’ve done in my spiritual awakening. It integrates and upgrades everything that you’ve, that we’ve, created so far in spiritual teachings.”

– JM


“Jill has an amazing ability to recognize and translate the eternal light that shines from within each of us. She does so with much love, honour and insight. Jill has a timeless and endless wisdom. I truly cherish our time together. Much love and thanks to you dear Sister!”

-Paul, Canada


“Not even 2 seconds into it, Jill managed to say things that blew me away! One of my very TOP concerns came to the surface as soon as we said HELLO!!! Jill is a loving, kind, direct, accurate and just all around beautiful person. I am honored to be able to call upon her gifts. I genuinely love JRF!”

-Anna, USA


“Our session together was extraordinary. I want to thank you so much for all the insights you had about me and my family. You truly have a beautiful gift that words cannot express. I listen to the recording you provided of our session together often because I always get so much more out of it every time I listen. I even had my husband and boys listened to it and they too enjoyed it. My son Dylan said to me “how does she know so much about me?” The way you described my energy along with my family’s energy was absolutely unbelievable and beautiful. You have provided me with so much expansion in myself and how I view myself. I have been using the “fun factor” more and experiencing more joy everyday in my life. I will definitely be having another session with you in the future. Thank you so much!”

-Nicole, USA


“OMGoodness Jill!!!!! Talk about a game changer!!!! There is not enough room here to express what has happened since the call last night. This series is HUGE!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Love you!”









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