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“Moving Through the 11-Alignment Gateways” into 2018

In these packages you will receive much information about accessing the Light vibrations that are now available to all humans, and how to turn on the light switch to implement these energies in your life on a daily basis.



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Decade of Light


Six recordings of the most recent telechannels from Judith’s “DECADE OF LIGHT” Teleconference Channels, including her “Special 1-1-11 New Year’s Day” channel which gave information about the “Mastery and manifestation” energy available to us in 2018!

  • Nov. 11/17 (11:11) – “Standing Up for the Light”
  • Nov. 22/17 – “Your Experience is Your Experience”
  • Dec. 11/17 – “Holding The Sacred Space of Knowing”
  • Dec. 22/17 – (Winter Solstice) – “A Greater Unification of YOU”
  • Jan. 1/18 – (1-1-11) – “The Master That You Are”
  • Jan. 11/18 – The Embodiment of the Truth




You will receive the opportunity to join her and “US” LIVE on her Feb. 11/18 telechannel to personally experience the frequency of JOY that “US” brings through.


Judith was given information at the end of 2009 about what the next 10 years of human evolution would be about and has been gathering like-hearted people on her teleconference calls to share information on how these intense energy shifts are affecting all of us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

On these teleconference calls (and through the recordings) you receive information, and affirmation of what you are experiencing, as well as a live channel from “US” that shifts energy at a cellular level.


Judith Onley and “US” help you to understand how the shifts are unfolding in your own life, and they give you tools to navigate all the changes that are happening to create more balance from within you.


Winter Solstice


You will receive the private streaming video of Judith’s Winter Solstice Live Channel held Dec. 21/17.

The messages was “Knowing and Feeling Your Evolution” and will give you a greater understand of what is really happening here on Earth as we are evolving into something greater than we could have ever imagined with our linear brain.








Messages of Hope from US


PLUS you will receive the PDF version of Judith’s book  Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), Decade of Light – Volume 1, an empowering and transformative collection of messages from the first half of this transformative decade.

The unique energy transmission through their words whether live on a teleconference call, listening to a recording, or reading their words reaches you at your cellular level, enabling you to access the “knowing” that has always been there… the intuitive, conscious answers for your personal well-being, and for the uplifting of our world into a higher vibrational energy.









Invocation of Your Divine Essence



In these words and transmission (Mp3), you will feel this activation at a very deep cellular level that allows you to access a deeper knowing and a sense of empowerment.











Package A


Valued at $275


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Package B

Includes everything in Package A, PLUS
a 1 Hour Private Session

(Limited to the first 50 clients)


One Hour Private Session with Judith


Includes everything in Package A PLUS a 1-hour private session with Judith and “US” – an energy activation of your Divine Essence!
In Judith’s private sessions, she tunes into your energy field and helps shift your vibration so you can harmonize more fully with the new energy available to us on the planet.

Judith communicates and teaches with the assistance of “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), a group of very loving, supportive non-physical spiritual teachers whose purpose for coming forth at this time is just as their name indicates:

“To unite heaven and earth by activating the Divine Essence
from within of all Human Beings”


The energy Judith channels from “US” facilitates an energetic clearing, and an activation on a cellular level that you will feel instantly. The benefits you will receive are:

  • energetic support to handle life’s ups and downs
  • shifting of negative thoughts and energy
  • higher perspectives on chaos and drama in your life (and the world!)
  • support to tap into your own guidance and inner knowing


In a session, you will experience the vibration of true joy and love in your physical bodies so that you can remember it for yourselves… AND apply it to your life!

“US” channels energy through Judith to help you stay centered and balanced. Whether in person with Judith, reading her books, or listening to recordings of the words and energy of “US”, you will feel instant energy shifts to be able to create more JOY in your life!


Package B


Valued at $497.00


 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Judith Onley

Spiritual Mentor and Channel


International Best Selling Author Judith Onley is a Spiritual Mentor and Channel who communicates and teaches with the assistance and wisdom of “US” (UnitedSouls of Heaven and Earth), a group of non-physical spiritual teachers whose purpose in coming forth at this time is “to activate the Divine Essence within all Human Beings.”

She shares this empowering information live in group settings, via international teleconferences, as well as with individual clients. Those who attend group channels are profoundly affected, not only by the words of the messages, but by the energy, as they actually receive an activation at a deep cellular level. Word of these Divine messages has spread, and Judith has been traveling and teaching throughout North America, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and England, sharing the loving energy and empowering messages for the benefit of all those who are awakening at this time of unprecedented shifts, transformations, and possibilities on Planet Earth.

Judith is also a mother and a grandmother. She lives in Canada and is currently writing a number of other books. She cherishes the opportunity to share her life experiences to inspire and motivate people. She brings “Spirit into Being” by offering programs and consultations that facilitate the complete integration of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart. Her books on these messages are available in both full-size and booklet form to enable you to access the energy and wisdom of “US” for yourself at any time.

Through the transmission of words and energy, Judith’s consultations are beneficial to anyone who wants to:
• Relieve stress and tension in their body
• Move out of being “stuck”
• Have more clarity of mind and purpose
• Feel inner peace and a sense of personal harmony
• Have a deeper connection with Self and Divinity
• Experience the JOY of their life.





“Very, very rarely have I been gifted with the opportunity of meeting a soul as genuine and heart-centred as Judith. I have had the privilege of experiencing Judith’s work through both healing sessions and participating on the calls where the channels were ‘born’. Judith is like a staff, firmly grounded yet still accessing, for any of us who care to benefit, wisdom from heavenly Souls.”

Carol C., Reiki Master, Ontario


“I have enjoyed Judith’s coaching numerous times as I find she has incredible insight into the challenges I am facing and the limitations that may be holding me back from realizing my true purpose. Judith has helped me to connect on a deep level and activate my inner self, allowing me to gradually open to the peace that lies deep within. Thank you, Judith, for all the sessions! “with love from

Sandra K, British Columbia


“Dear Judith, I know and I feel in the deepest part of my being, in my bones the wisdom and light you speak of, I feel a stillness that is very pleasing and powerful. Thank you!…. ”

Sue B., Toronto, ON


“Judith truly helped me get closer to understanding myself and others. I’ve become inspired to make my life more fulfilled and how to go about accomplishing this….”

Steve W. Toronto


“Judith… After our call yesterday I had a nice nap. I fell into a free floating, warm sleep. I then had a nice evening out and came home to the same restful sleep. No more tumultuous nights. I feel like I’ve released so much. Am here in my own body, in my own life. I feel freedom and trust. I am thankful to you for helping to lead the way there… “

Barb D., California


“I feel that I came to Grail Springs at this time so I could connect with you, Judith. You helped me so much. I know I have the strength to handle the problems in my life. Just a few days ago I was at a loss on how I was going to live through it all. Thank you… “

Karen S, Toronto, ON


“The time spent in sessions with Judith has been extremely productive. The goals I set, both spoken and subliminal, have been achieved and have become a part of my life. My ability to deflect stress, and not to personalize it, has been enhanced and the result of smoother, more rewarding interpersonal relationships is especially welcomed. Thank you. Judith. Progress is being made in my life…”

Peter N. California





If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!



*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.



Package A



Package B



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option