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You Are Guided, A journey to claim the support and protection that’s waiting for you!


Loneliness is a modern epidemic in need of treatment.

When we feel alone, we are disconnected from the source of power within and begin looking for guidance everywhere.
But you are truly led. You are truly guided.

From birth, we have helper energies around us. Angels. Guides. The supporting energies of the Universe.

Ask for help and receive it.

You don’t need a shaman, a priest, or a psychic. You already have everything you need. All it takes is connection.
Our Guides WANT to help — but we have Free Will, so they CAN’T help unless we ask.

Once you learn this, you’ll never feel lonely again.


Sometimes, we know SOMETHING’s there but it’s hard to tell apart the voice of fear or worry from the voice of true Guidance.

Some days we’re inspired, but how do we know if it’s for real? Is that really your path, or is it just a diversion? Is it Resistance talking, or is this really a bad idea?

This inner dialogue can leave us feeling tired and very much alone.


You Will Learn:

  • The tools to communicate with your Guides and Helpers through practical processes.  Once you learn, you’ll find that you can reach them anytime.
  • You will see that all your life, even in the darkest night of the soul, you were helped — even if you couldn’t see it at the time.
  • You’ll step confidently into your Soul Path, knowing that always, always, the Universe has your back.


You Are Guided



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Grounding, Clearing, and Protection


We are constantly being buffeted by other people’s energy, energetic shifts such as astrological events, and everyday life.

It can be tough, as an empathetic person, to withstand this.

Course One is all about learning the tools for grounding yourself when you’re feeling off-balance, clearing other people’s energy, or the energy of situations, and protecting yourself so you don’t have to be a hermit or avoid humans.


You will learn:

  • A simple, easy process to ground yourself anytime you’re feeling less than centered
  • How to return the energy of others to them, ensuring that you are solid in your OWN energy
  • A set of tools for minding your own energetic system, and easily smoothing out the energy when you’re feeling vulnerable, frazzled, or leaky.


Developing Intuition


This week we’ll dive into the different types of intuition and the ways that you may be experiencing messages from your Guides and Source.

Everyone is different in the way they receive energy. YOUR way of experiencing the energies is different than other peoples’ — it’s delightfully and uniquely yours.

Once you get acquainted with your intuitive style, you can rely on it in Shamanic Journeying, as a way to access guidance, messages and healing on an incredibly profound level.


You will learn:

  • How to get input from your Guides through an age-old Shamanic process
  • How to begin to decipher energies using your unique intuitive style
  • Notice all of the little nudges and winks that may barely register but are actually Guidance
  • Discover your type of intuition and what it means in terms of your relationship with the energies around you


Decoding Messages


Course Three will explore the ways in which we can understand messages, and how to use our own discernment to decode.

You will learn how to do a Shamanic Journey in the upper world and how to communicate with Guides without fear (and maybe even with a little fun).

Using a simple set of tools, you’ll be able to confidently tell when your “lizard brain” is playing tricks on you and when you’re receiving a clear message about which path to take. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll no longer need the help of a psychic to decipher “the signs”. You’ll just know.


You will learn:

  • How your own experiences and lineage may influence the messages you receive
  • How to rely on your own discernment to decode the messages you receive
  • How to actively communicate with your Guides in an upper world Shamanic Journey


Energy Healing


We will bring it all together with a completion ritual. We’ll celebrate together in circle, share our experiences, fully claim our new tools and talk about any questions or doubts.

And in the spirit of celebration and cycle completion, each participant gets a shamanic energy healing for what they need most right now.


You will:

  • Participate in a ritual to celebrate our journey together
  • Share your experiences with the circle
  • Have your questions answered
  • Receive a Shamanic Energy Healing for what you most need now


For The Love of Your Inner Child
Live Group Rituals with Q&A


Month One Live Ritual: Group Lower World Journey. Lower World Journeys are the “standard” Shamanic Journey; we will work with Earth Energy and Guides who are associated with Earth connection and manifestation on the physical plane.

If you’ve been having trouble bringing your ideas into form, Earth Energies can assist you; often these energies come in the form of animals or Ancestors, and once you’ve made connection, these Guides will provide comfort, assistance, and guidance with going deep into the manifestation of ideas into form. They will stay with you and work with you as long as you need them, and provide reassurance and deep healing to your physical, emotional and energetic body.




Month Two Live Ritual: Group Upper World Journey. The Upper World is the realm of extra-terrestrial beings, including Angels, Ascended Masters, and otherworldly beings.

These are the Guides who assist in your grand vision of your life and the planet; they give us perspective regarding the Earth Plane and allow us to see the bigger picture of the paradigm shift that our planet is experiencing. These are the Guides of inspiration, clarity, and stepping into the greatness of your soul. Once the connection is made, these Guides provide access to your higher soul journey, so that you can understand and step into the work that you were inspired to incarnate on the earth to carry out. Their energy is uplifting and serene, and will provide inspiration and gentle encouragement.



Month Three Live Ritual: Energy Games and Healing. This Ritual, held in January, will help to establish a vision of your next year, and give you the tools to work through any blocks or restrictions you have to making the vision a reality. When we vision powerfully as a group, we see opportunities and feel into our highest purpose without the “buts” “shoulds” or “hows”. Your soul wants to be free to create and to manifest a life of ease, grace, and purpose; too often we get bogged down by ancient patterns, both from the collective consciousness, our lineage, and past lives.

In this ritual, you will receive the tools to clear these encumbrances and keep your energetic system clear, allowing full soul expression.




You Are Guided



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option

Valued at $599


ABOUT Lisa Wolfe

Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Mentor


Lisa Wolfe is an Intuitive Guide and Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Seekers. Her mission is to connect clients with their deepest soul purpose, to express their highest creativity and fulfillment.

She combines modern shamanic practices and energy work with pragmatic methodologies gleaned from 20 years as an entrepreneur. She specializes in removing the energies that interfere with her clients’ Soul Guidance; her background allows her to assist them in aligning their lives with their own soul purpose and personal sacred mission.


What People Are Saying About Lisa


“Lisa Wolfe is an amazing intuitive healer that helps you understand what lies beneath with caring and compassion but does not hesitate to help pinpoint the work that needs to be done. After Lisa released some energies that were holding me back from my authentic power it seemed to also affect the others around me and influence their own self-healing and empowerment. Lisa is a light on the path to healing and wholeness.

-Lisa Skura


It’s been a year since that first session with Lisa and looking back I can clearly see how much I’ve accomplished over these past months. The turning point for me to begin seeing the results of the work I’d been putting in was, without a doubt, the energy work with Lisa. What did happen for me during and after that session was a profound healing and uncovering of some HEAVY stuff I had been dragging along with me for years, decades even. Lisa’s approachable, down-to-earth insights have done so much to accelerate my journey I can’t even begin to describe. I’ll recommend Lisa’s energy work for people struggling to move past trauma and anyone who’s in need of spot-on intuitive readings and no-nonsense, top shelf healing work. Not only does she have a great sense of humour, she has a knack for making wisdom actionable. As far as energy healers go, you couldn’t ask for a more objectively effective, deeply empowering experience.”

– Mariana Bandarra


I want to give a shout out and testimonial to Lisa Wolfe. First of all, let me tell you that Lisa is a naturally born teacher. She is deeply and richly intelligent and wildly intuitive PLUS she has a way of explaining what she sees and understands that resonates deeply and widely with my own knowing. There is no fluff with Lisa – it’s all substantive. She knows my guides more clearly than anyone other than myself that I have worked with. She helped me with some energy alignment that I needed as I’ve been having fairly serious issues with my cervical and thoracic spine directly related to energetic shifts that have been happening with dimensional upgrading. Lisa is working on a program all of us who do spiritual work will benefit from so stay tuned and stay connected!

– Lynn Louise Wonders


“My session with Lisa was exactly what I needed. I came seeking guidance on a specific issue, but what I got was so much more. From the moment she began telling me about my guides, I knew right away that she was completely connected. She described their energy to a T. But she also knew so much about me—things that I actually had doubted about myself, but that I need to remember so that I can go forth and fulfill my purpose. The messages Lisa brought from my guides were loving and reassuring, and the way Lisa delivered them was direct yet caring, leaving me with every confidence in her, my guides, and myself. The guidance she gave me herself was illuminating and will help me move forward with this newfound confidence and make it last. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.”

– Lindsay Maxfield, energy healer




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*Please note – refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.