The Triliminal Transformational System is designed to help you transform your life from inside out.


It consists of 6 Sets of Triliminal recordings (12 recordings in total) plus 3 bonus brainwave entrainment recordings.


Groundbreaking new Mind Programming Technology literally removes the biggest obstacle preventing you from making the greatest breakthroughs in your life…by making your powerful Subconscious Mind a strong ally to your Conscious Mind



Triliminal Transformational System



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Do you feel there is always a negative talk inside your head telling you what you cannot do and you don’t deserve whatever you want in life, and you just cannot control it?

Do you find yourself always sabotage yourself just before your major breakthroughs?







If that sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Most people find these true to themselves one way or another because we always have this battle constantly going on between our conscious and subconscious mind.


In fact, this is
the biggest obstacle that is preventing us from succeeding in whatever we want to pursue in life

We consciously want one thing, but subconsciously want another. Our precious energy is wasted in this constant battle.

Then what is the solution?
The solution is to make your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together towards your desired goals or dreams.



Imagine… …

What it feels like if you can make the subconscious part of your mind congruent with the conscious part of your mind, what that means is that you will be able to tap into the VAST power of your subconscious mind and make it a loyal alliance that supports you in whatever endeavor you’re involved in.


When that happens, EVERYTHING CHANGES.


You will become a much more powerful being than you can ever imagine.

Whatever dreams or goals that you always want to pursue, you will find it so much easier to have them in your life……




Your life will be filled with joy, happiness.

  • You can have the financial freedom and security to do whatever you want, when you want for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You can have a loving circle of friends you trust and a fulfilling relationship based on love, trust, respect and dignity.
  • You can find peace and stability in an ever changing world environment.
  • You will be able to pay off all your debts, earn enough money to pay your bills and other expenses, have the lifestyle you enjoy, live in a nice home, travel anyplace you want not having to worry about money, help those less fortunate than yourself.
  • You can have your own profitable and successful business, be your own boss, work when and where you want.
  • You can make more money than you ever dreamed, be able to buy and do what you desire, and be free of money worries.
  • You will be able to get to the inner place where you love yourself deeply, completely, unconditionally, and always nurture yourself no matter what.
  • You will peel away the layers of self-hate, doubt, fear, shame, anger, and low self-worth that block you from truly tapping into, and staying tapped in to your true, real, core, wonderful amazing unique self.
  • You will be able to free of stresses, look and feel healthy and vigorous, and have more energy and strength.
  • You will have more time to spend with your loved ones, and more holidays, complete freedom.
  • You can live each day to the fullest capacity, see the beauty in all things.
  • You will attract to you the people and events necessary to make you succeed, and surround yourself with successful people and people who acknowledge you and respect you for your achievements.





Main Program:

Triliminal – Success I & II

Triliminal – Hearts Desire I & II

Triliminal – Law of Attraction I & II

Triliminal – Manifestation I & II

Triliminal – Intention I & II

Triliminal – Healing Attitude I & II





Bonus 1:
"Creativity Booster"


A 30-min “The Morry Method” Brainwave Entrainment Recording

It’s very simple…ONE breakthrough creative idea can change your life, make you millions, and even change the world. The “Creativity Booster” audio is specifically designed to activate your creative right brain.


This recording is based on pure Brainwave Entrainment sound tracks with different frequencies to induce different vibrations for the desired result.


You’ll also receive a shorter 15-minute version of the recording for those times you need a “creativity boost” but don’t have time for a full session.


Bonus 2:
"The 4th Harmonic
Schumann Resonance"


There’s a special “healing blanket” of energy that surrounds the earth. It’s an electrical tension of energy that vibrates at extremely low frequencies called Schumann Resonance.

These electromagnetic waves are thought to enhance wellbeing in mysterious ways that may actually affect both brain health and the health of your body as well.

In fact some research indicates that when test subjects were deprived of these undulating energy waves, the result was emotional distress and migraine headaches. So it’s very important you have access to Schumann Resonance for optimal health.




Bonus 3:
Alpha Flight V2





Alpha Flight is one of the most famous “The Morry Method” recordings. The original 20mins version received tremendous positive feedback from users, and created unbelievable results. This is a 40mins extended version of the original Alpha Flight.

It can help you increase clarity, increase your sense of well-being, improve your memory, and more!





Triliminal Transformational System



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Morry Zelcovitch

Brainwave Entrainment Engineer


Morry Zelcovitch is the world’s first and only Brainwave Entrainment Engineer! He is the creator of a new proprietary technology and methodology which uses sound to evoke certain brainwave states and helps the listener to experience truly beneficial results.

TMM (The Morry Method) is a specially designed audio recording system that incorporates brainwave entrainment as well as other audio and neural technologies.

Its goal is to help the listener increase their brain power (for example… concentration and enthusiasm while reducing stress and anxiety). It allows the listener to easily master their mind power and completely transform their life automatically, simply by listening and with no other effort required.

Morry’s work has been used by the Brazilian military and they even did a research study that showed incredible positive results from using The Morry Method. And, Dr. Dale Bredesen recommends Morry’s work in his book, “The End of Alzheimer’s,” to help Alzheimer’s patients with amazing results.


What People Are Saying About Morry


This morning, I left home a little early so I could enjoy my day. As it turned out the Train and bus connections were on the dime, communications with people was the best. Me, I was a little fussy today that changed just as fast. I felt as if I had the 3 voices with me all day, my neighbour whom I just met gave me a ride to the store out of her way; I tried to offer something for gas, and told me no! One of the best days for, as if depression lifted, and ran away from me! Thanks Morry 

-Regina Diane Monroe

BRAVO Morry! Never before did I have today’s remarkable experience. 3/4 into the recording, I was in a state of ‘sheer bliss’. A sense of well-being washed over me like a wave. I felt total trust, peace & awareness that “ALL IS WELL”, right here, right now. I knew I had all that is necessary, nothing is needed. A deep peace enveloped & went through me. I was completely relaxed & at rest. The struggle & striving fell away. Your own, in ONEness & Spirit, GITS/k.

-Kathleen Mohseni

“Your audio seems to quiet all of the endless mind chatter that I have been having and helps me to get to sleep, along with calming down some anxiety that I have been feeling lately.

-Andrew Hassfurther


I’ve been using this triliminal for a couple of years and sharing it with my relatives and friends. I almost listen it once a day. I’ve noticed a massive change in my thinking. I’ve become a very positive person, I have goals and achieve them, I’m capable of anything. I can see that my life have changed for the better and also I’ve witnessed a huge change in 2 people very close to me, which I pass this recording on to , and they recognize that is due to this recording. It gave them the strength to take steps they never though were capable of. Thank you very much Morry.

-Alba Lucia Hincapie Serna

I have an irrational fear of rodents and have been listening to releasing fear and I have had miraculous results. I used to hurt myself at the thought or picture of a mouse, rat, or possum…I am clearly on my way to acting rationally when it comes to these little creatures. This has been a lifelong dilemma. I am truly pleased.

-Sharon Schneider

I just joined the membership and just tried the triliminal “Stress” for March both Stress 1 and Stress 2 and they are awesome. First of all, a great feeling of relaxation that takes over just in a few minutes from the beginning and then fully guided process. Yesterday after I listened to Stress 1, the one that begins with overcoming challenges and looking at challenges as opportunities, after I finished listening to it, there was the first challenge waiting for me – one person was about to start an argument with me. I was almost to react in my usual way and ready to fight back but then something clicked in my brain and I literally heard some words from that triliminal. As a result, I just smiled to that person and said: “this is not the worst that could happen. we can always figure something out.” As a result there was no conflict, no argument. And I was thinking “wow! That was me? That was great!” Actually I never felt so good realizing that a potential argument can bring you so much satisfaction just by choosing how you react to it! I am looking forward to getting back to work on Monday to see how I will react there – my work is a bunch of challenges mixed with disguised conflicts. Will keep you posted!


I listened to the free triliminal last night – at first half-heartedly out of curiosity – but the more I listened the more I got into it. When I closed my eyes it felt like I was spinning with the voices coming to me from all directions. When I opened my eyes I was transported to another dimension with all the swirling colours and patterns that appeared on my computer screen and all the while the gentle, easy to listen to voices caressing my brain. I felt good afterwards but didn’t think too much of it but then this morning I woke up with a new zest and started tackling things that I had been putting off for months – things that really needed doing to get rid of a backlog and release a stalemate that I had reached. What happened?!! It was like magic! More Magic please!!

-Patricia Brown

I am so excited, I came home today and I got a bonus cheque of $83 and three positive response to my service that I am advertising. I have only started listening to the Prosperity Quantum Triliminals yesterday. I did so for 3 or 4 different times during the day and today at work twice and I am seeing results already. Thanks again for your gift.

-Roxanne Greenidge










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Triliminal Transformational System



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