Everything is magic. Every thought you have, every feeling you hold, every vibration you activate begins to take shape and form in physical density and these shapes and your reactions to these shapes and forms create new spells. Again and again, you use your magic to create your individual experience as you use your magic in collaboration with those around you to facilitate the collective experience. This is the nature and foundation of this Universe.


Contained within this package The Pleiadians, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on and offer processes for accessing your magic, creating and casting your own very specific and simple spells, connecting more deeply with your guides, connecting with the faeries, healing, love, prosperity, well being, the deactivation of implants and distortions of fear, processes for experiencing and releasing stored grief, clearing past life bleed-throughs, the activation of new technologies, working with your ancestors, accessing your telepathic abilities, accessing your healer identity, accessing your guide identity, using joy as the foundation for your creations, galactic history, Atlantean and Lemurian history, and much, much more.


Special attention is given throughout to the events of the past year and how to best heal, evolve, commune with others, move forward into the post-pandemic timelines, and as always operate from joy.


Practical Magic, Healing
and Love in the Age of Aquarius


Valued at $500


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Live Event


Lecture and Group Session with
The Pleiadians and Ursula

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
5:00pm – 6:30pm pacific time


The Pleiadians, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, & a variety of Extradimensionals will offer information, love, and energetic downloads relating to the current moment.

They will facilitate your journey in operating as a whole being who knows yourself to be love incarnate.

New information
New activations
New downloads
New processes


Join us for a gathering of love, fun, and transformation. We will offer a transmission at the top of the program lasting for approximately 30 minutes and then will proceed to take your questions for the next hour. We will get to as many of you as we can in the time allowed. You can access the program by either calling in via your phone or computer, or you can choose to just listen to the live broadcast via the web.


Please note: If you wish to ask a question you will need to call in.


WTF????!!!! Experiencing
this Now Moment


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on this major WTF now moment in our reality and how to best operate at this time, the use of WTF to open you up to expanded information, the many theories and conspiracy theories about the origins of this virus and pandemic, the new normal of this now moment, the dissolving of our past timelines, moving forward into our next now moments, a look ahead at how our current frequencies and vibrations are altering our future timelines, survivor’s guilt, feelings of unworthiness, prosperity and abundance, thriving during this period of time, accessing the field of love, the reunification of humanity via this timeline, The Return of the Faeries in conjunction with COVID19 (Ursula shared some big Earthly and galactic history on this one), accessing your creator operating systems to alter your personal experience of this now moment, freedom and enslavement, spiritual superiority, separation, disconnecting from this now moment, recognizing what serves your individual experience and what does not, automatic writing and connecting with your guides via this method, safety and keeping yourself safe, the stories we tell ourselves, taking divine right action, being separated from family and other beings you love, contracting as a response to fear as opposed to surrendering into being open to receive help, serving the collective at this time, spellcasting and magic, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered many tools and processes throughout including one that facilitates the accessing of the field of love and one that facilitates the activation of freedom in the body.


2 Mp3’s


Spells for the New World -
A Post WTF????!!!! Event


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on the current events playing out with relationship to COVID-19 and how this gateway is facilitating all of the behaviors that we need to facilitate us in being more effective spellcasters, the acceleration of our current shift and the acceleration of integration and re-ascension, attachments and how this period of time has facilitated our awareness of our attachments along with facilitating our release of attachments, slowing down and the need to slow down to operate as an effective spellcaster, the experience of timelessness, being present and the importance of operating in the moment as much as possible, centering in the body, the many planets retrograde at this time along with the upcoming eclipses, the collective timeline jump that will be happening on the June Solstice and our individual experience of this, relationships at this time, how the individual affects the collective and how the collective affects the individual, the return of the faeries and what this means at this time, using the process of FOAL within the context of spellcasting, the syncing up of the 3d and 5d selves happening within the body that is occurring right now, the inner work, how the governmental bodies truly represent and reflect all that is held within the individuals, finding home within the body and on planet Earth, expansion, release of duality and operating within the singularity, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered many tools and processes throughout including the workshopping of “spells for the new world”, centering in the body, transmutation of unhealed trauma, and a deepening of the integration of the 5d consciousness into the container of the third.


2 Mp3’s


Some Galactic History on Racism
and Other Distortions of Fear


Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the galactic and Earthly origins of racism and white supremacy, racism and white supremacy along with addiction and cult mentality as spells, the entities who are created as a result of these spells and how these entities interact with human beings, how to deactivate these spells, the US as an epicenter of certain aspects of the current shift in consciousness, “being spiritual” while dealing with racism and other thoughtforms, responding to racism and white supremacy in others, COVID and racism and how the two viruses/spells are interacting, segmenting the acceleration of the shift into individualized new now moments – each offering an opportunity to transcend that which has been unable to be transcended before, the three upcoming eclipses and Solstice gateway, prosperity in this time, literally everything being a spell, spells for healing, how this new now moment indicates what the next new now moment may bring, altering timelines, dealing with depression, actualizing as a healer, 5D laughter, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered several processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the deactivation of racist & white supremacy programs and spells along with transmutation of currently activated traumas.




Summer Solstice 2020


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, Calliandra, Metatron, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on the 2020 Summer Solstice and what will be activating and integrating via this gateway, the concurrent deconstruction of our dense reality and the emergence of a higher vibrational reality happening at this time, the solar eclipse occurring just after the solstice and how this eclipse will activate power issues, reunification and what that means at this time on our world, taking empowered action as a result of our inner work, unity, the deactivation of racism and racist programs, the patriarchal programs and repression and abuse of the beings who are gendered as female and the potential for this issue to be highlighted moving forward, receiving from an empowered perspective, power, empowerment, and powerlessness, spellcasting work for the Solstice, giving yourself permission to lighten up within the moments of density, releasing attachments to being “spiritual” which cause spiritual bypassing, accepting what is currently possible in 3d density, bringing your 5d consciousness to your humanity, the imbalances at this time, having a party with the faeries on the Solstice, prosperity, dreamtime experiences, operating as a creator being, the projection technology of the third eye, some astrological information, the final eclipse happening on July 4/5th, energetic work and the body, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Calliandra offered many tools and processes throughout including one that clears the field for receipt of the Solstice energy and another that facilitates the empowered state of being in the body, along with a spell for reunification.


2 Mp3’s


Spiritual Activism as a Path for
Integration and Re-Ascension


Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the closing out of the eclipse and solstice gateways, the current deconstruction of our reality and simultaneous building of our new reality, COVID, mask wearing, the deconstruction of identity, operating as a spiritual activist and what that means, the current distorted programs existing outside of Oneness running on our world- racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, islamophobia, patriarchy, and the like – and how to recognize when these programs are running and deactivate them, incarnating with the intention of clearing these programs as a piece of integration and re-ascension, the integration of the 5d consciousness, generosity as one key for healthier collaboration, fear and staying in the body while feeling fear to be as empowered as one can be in the moment, pathways up and out of the body and the manipulation that can occur when one vacates the body, landing back in the body and being unaware of installed distorted programs, the power in being in alignment, accessing your magic, accessing your anger, working within western medicine, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates aligning the self to be even more effective as a spellcaster and one that facilitates the deactivation of distorted programs.




Release Reset Renew


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians,Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on the Mayan Day Out of Time on July 25th and how to best experience the magic of this annual adventure, the massive amount of loss we are all experiencing on Earth at this time and the importance of taking time to feel the losses, releasing stored trauma and loss, operating as One in a visceral way as opposed to a theoretical way, how the return of the faeries is facilitating the integration of oneness, resetting the system, aligning the system, how to notice when we are out of alignment, fear as an actual part of our guidance system as opposed to fear as a result of unhealed trauma, shame as a facilitator of deactivation of distortions as opposed to shame as a paralytic, empowerment, moving on from the white heterosexual being the normative on this world, deactivating distortions – white supremacy, racism, antisemitism, patriarchy, homophobia, etc – spells for renewal, simple spellcasting techniques and technology, collaboration and co-operation as key facilitators in the ease of the shift, the deconstruction of capitalism, picturing the new reality, experiencing our value, validating channeling and other metaphysical experiences, inviting the faeries in, COVID and our current experience of COVID, germ theory, science, and mask wearing, consciously creating during this period of COVID, physically actualizing as an activist, demonstrating vs protesting, reunification and renewal, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Yeshua, and Ursula offered many tools and processes throughout including a very powerful process for accessing and releasing of the stored feelings as a result of the massive losses that have occurred and continue to occur, a full system reset, and spellcasting for renewal galore.




Equinox 2020


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on the Equinox happening at 6:30am pacific time on September 22 and how to best integrate and use the energies coming in via this annual portal when the center of the sun aligns with Earth’s equator, toning and the throat chakra, using tones to magnify specific vibrations as you activate the receptors and transmitters in your 5d energetic body, balance and how to achieve balance, observing yourself when you are out of balance and how to pull yourself present, the divine masculine and divine feminine energies and the need to balance them out, the potential in an overcorrection for a time giving the divine feminine energy more power here, the new blueprints and templates for incarnations that no longer include abuse scenarios or other distortions of fear, how to deal with the current political climate and beings who are operating via magnified distortions of fear and hatred, operating as a healer and a guide, the chakras in the palms of the hand and how to use them, operating from joy within the midst of all of this pain and fear, having a genuine experience of joy vs trying to be joyful or spiritually bypassing, communicating your highest truths, running the illusion of separation, being “above it”, the projection technology of the third eye, the collective grief and trauma, finding your footing and balance during this extremely disorienting timeline, clearing energetic entanglements with others, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, and Ursula offered many tools and processes throughout including a very powerful toning exercise to facilitate your ability in expressing your highest truth, an energetic process for balance, and a spell for balance.


2 Mp3’s


Connect, Commune,
and Collaborate


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on connection, communion, and collaboration and how all three actions are both individual actions and then also build upon one another facilitating ease and joy in our individual and collective manifestation, the recent timeline jump and the disorientation this may still be creating in your experience as you navigate this big shift, some of the probable outcomes as a result of this timeline jump along with the eclipses and astrological events that will continue to play out through the rest of 2020, experiences with other humans that share a differing point of view at this time, experiences with guides and other non-physical helpers, experiences with the self and the foundational importance of the inner work, the desire to transmute untransmuted trauma as taking precedence in this incarnation, boundaries and establishing healthy boundaries while at the same time being energetically available, the mass delusion of qanon and some of the elements contributing to this delusion as well as how to deal with someone running these distortions in their field, dealing with blocks in the creative energy or any other kinds of blocks with regards to the desire to create anything at this time, being hopeful and optimistic vs being joyfully grounded in the body, the many timelines that are contributing to this current moment, deactivation of religious programs and other fear-based programs, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Yeshua, and Ursula offered many tools and processes throughout including multiple experiences of communion with the self, other humans, and your guides. This transmission will facilitate your ability to connect, commune, and collaborate with all beings at this time and moving forward into the post-pandemic timelines.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 10:
Joy as the Growth Motivator


Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the past life and ancestral trauma that has been activated by this timeline with specific regards to trump as president and COVID, accessing the state of being that all is well and having faith in your ability to access your own wellness. the immense love available to you at all times due to the fact that you are love incarnate, reunification as one of the things we incarnated to do, this moment as the bookend timeline to the fall of Atlantis, unconditional giving and receiving of energy and systems and futures that are created using that dynamic as a blueprint, the differentiation between the humans who are holding on with all of their might to their stuff from a space of fear vs. the humans who recognize we are all a piece of the collective, forging a connection with your guides, past-life bleedthroughs and how to clear past-life bleedthroughs, magic and fears of magic, suffering and the need to deactivate any and all programs that tell you suffering is the necessary pathway for evolution, choosing to evolve from a place of joy, managing the next couple of months, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the December 21st Solstice, past life trauma manifesting as issues in the body, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Yeshua, and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the clearing of past-life and ancestral traumas and bleedthroughs, as well as one that facilitates accessing a state of wellness/certainty that all is well.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 11:
Leaving it All on the Mat


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on healing, healing, and more healing, the intensity of this period of time, the need for a daily healing practice to facilitate navigating through this time, healing vs soothing and how to notice if you are bypassing as opposed to having an embodied experience of healing, grounding your energy in the body, feeling all feelings fully and without judgment, clearing the sensation of overwhelm due to ancestral or past life trauma, being present and what that means from an embodied perspective, the current conversation happening regarding healing and healers in the new age/spiritual/wellness communities, collaboration and cooperation vs separation and the need to identify as individual, laughter and comedy as healing vs soothing and how to discern between the two, unconditional giving and receiving as our new template, deactivating patterns of abuse and suffering as tools for evolution, natural magic and the facilitation of the uses of natural magic as a grounding tool, the blending of the third and fifth dimensional consciousnesses, healing trauma while experiencing ongoing trauma, prosperity and stability at this time of uncertainty, how untransmuted trauma manifests as patterns of behavior, showing up fully with the self to enable showing up fully with a partner, connection with other beings in an auditory manner, accessing the gifts and help that your ancestors (both Earthly and celestial) have for you, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua offered a number of processes throughout including one designed to facilitate healing the enormity of this year’s experience with COVID and everything else that has played out along with a process for calling on your ancestors for assistance.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 12:
Winter Solstice 2020


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua shared their perspectives on this year’s Winter Solstice and what will be activating in your bodies and operating systems, Saturn moving into Aquarius and how this will be of benefit to all of humanity, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will happen on the Solstice, magic and casting spells, accessing our centers, being embodied, operating as a piece of the collective while accessing the self as an individual at the same time, how trying to be separate isolates us and makes it challenging to operate effectively as a creator being, putting the needs of the collective on par with the needs of the self, operating from joy as the foundation of all things, boundaries and how to employ healthy boundaries, allowing the self to receive help from lawyers and/or Western medicine, how the evolution of humanity is unfolding, deactivating stories that foster separation specifically when it comes to stories regarding ascension and 5D, the balance of the third and fifth dimensional consciousnesses from within, how our physical bodies may be storing trauma at this time, the awfulness of this year, the need for genuine joy and celebration, healing, the mental body and deactivating implants in the mental body that disallow the integration of the higher self, the availability of the Yeshua Collective to us all, doing things for the fun of it, increase of telepathy and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua offered a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the integration of the Solstice energies. Ursula also offers instructions and a process for a big Solstice spell.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 13:
Practical Magic -
Spells for Everyday Life


This is a workshop on magic, how to access your own personal magic, and cast spells in everyday life; as well as a full-on transmission from Ursula and The Pleiadians.

Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, and Ursula shared their perspectives on the differences between magic, magical thinking, rituals, and delusions, how to access and use your magic, the truth that everything is magic, how to notice when you’re running your magic or when you’ve slipped into magical thinking, how to tend to your underlying fears that trigger magical thinking potentially leading to delusions, how to cast a simple spell, how to work with magical tools, how to make anything in your environment a tool for spellcasting, being imaginative and spontaneous in your spellwork, the importance of flexibility, the elementals and their presence in our spell work, calling in the four corners, working with your ancestors in spellcasting, receiving and surrendering as key elements in the magical process and much more.
Multiple processes were offered throughout the workshop including one to facilitate the reset that just occurred on our world along with one that clears and deactivates any implants and beliefs related to fears around using magic, with some specific attention given to clearing due to religious programming and past life experiences with sex magic.

Nora offered many specific spells of her own as well as many tips and techniques and much guidance for spellcasting coupled with connection with the guides offering a very grounded and yet expansive and fun experience of magic. She also gave info pertaining to how to call in the four corners (elements) and how to use the tarot in relation to the elements for guidance, spellcasting, and manifestation.

Much encouragement and guidance were given on how you can take this simple spellwork and weave it into your life in very playful and joyful ways.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 14:
An Aquarius Stellium
and The Collective Experience


Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current astrology and how these celestial events are affecting us, Mercury in retrograde, the Aquarius stellium, the 3 Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus squares happening this year, the mental space and manifestation during this period of time, operating as a being of service from a desire to help others, the shift from the dynamic of “every being for themselves” to a reality that focuses on the needs of the collective, the push and pull sensation of this year ahead, boundaries, dealing with energy vampires, recognizing one’s own energy vampire tendencies, healing in the moment by disrupting a pattern of behavior, choosing to consciously disrupt our rituals and routines, collective disruptions, resistance to healing, following traditional methods of healing, the need for flexibility at this time, moving into the unconditional flow of energy re: giving and receiving, power and your willingness to shine, the COVID vaccination and the fears triggered by vaccines in general, the difference between misinformation and disinformation, those making money off of disinformation, the Atlantean and off world connections to the vaccination fears, the human design, the goddess realm, potential initiations for professional healers/readers/etc, addiction, bloodlines, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Ursula, and Yeshua offer a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the shift from the old paradigm to the new.




ITEM 15:
Love in the Age of Aquarius


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, and Ursula shared their perspectives on love as a state of being, love as an experience, the emotion of love, self-love, the experience of love in relationships, negotiating within the construct of a relationship, the container of love, creating a larger container of love by including more beings, the age of Aquarius and the shifts in the experience of love as a result of entering this age, power and love and a dynamic shift and redistribution in the way love expresses itself via the power structures on Earth at this time, embracing and loving both your humanness and your humanity, receiving love, healing trauma and fears that prevent an easy receipt of love, the love receptors and transmitters in the energetic field, integration of the higher self and the inner experience of love from within, the higher self as the constant and gentle observer of the ego self, animals and their ease in channeling unconditional love, the experience of love as a parent, the experience of love as a child, love run through trauma that manifests as distortions, problematic blueprints for love created from a foundation of distorted love, psychological factors impacting love, energetic processes for clearing trauma that allow for more love, the expiration of all contracts at the end of 2012 paving the way for an equitable distribution of love, the unconditional love from your primary guide and other higher beings operating in service to you, the infinite stream of love, and much, much more.

Multiple processes were offered throughout including one that facilitates direct and conscious contact and connection with your primary guide and the unconditional love they are constantly holding for you and one that facilitates the clearing of fears around receiving love. There was also a tremendous amount of self-love and self-acceptance work offering in this transmission along with a special offer of help from Ursula and The Faerie Collective in all areas of love.


2 Mp3’s


ITEM 16:
The Prioritization of Healing


Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current energies and the depression many are feeling at this time, Venus entering Pisces and how that is contributing to the extreme emotions, healing in all of its forms, connecting with an animal or multiple animal totems for assistance in the healing process, discerning which of the four elements would be best for you to be working with at this time and incorporating these elements into your spellwork, the container of love and expanding the container of love, holding space for a group as they process extreme emotions, feeling held while processing emotions, healing as unconditional acceptance of the self, receiving love simply because you exist, assistance from the faeries, how to deal with feeling physically unwell, how to access and decipher memories, accepting help in the healing process, the truth that none of us can do anything alone, working as a professional healer/guide/astrologer, differentiating between coming up to the line of putting yourself in jeopardy and crossing that line, unconditional love for others while maintaining boundaries, calling for help in the dream state, sending healing to another, flipping between the 5d and the 3d consciousnesses, Sairie the Faery Godmother, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offer a number of processes and tools including a lengthy healing transmission to facilitate the release of the density of stored emotions and a process to help you identify what animal totems and elements are of best assistance to you in the moment.

Sairie makes her first appearance through Nora.




ITEM 17:
Spring Equinox


March 18, 2021


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Ursula, and the entirety of the Faerie Collective shared their perspectives on the Equinox gateway/portal/vortex and what it will be facilitating for all of us at this time, the period of time between the September Equinox of 2019 and this moment, the return of the faeries and some of the events as a result of this energy returning, spells and magic specific to this Equinox gateway which runs through the full moon on March 28th, the astrological new year, the collective grief and loss and processing this collective loss, the experience of COVID, the healing timelines, the post-pandemic timelines, the glimmers of the post-pandemic timelines beginning to assert themselves around the Solstice in June, the incredible opportunities for healing and advancement at this time, five years into the future, embracing of your humanity and your humanness as the highest form of your light, working with your ancestors, an increase of connection with your guides, how to expand your clairvoyant abilities or any other abilities for connection, the identity of the Yeshua Collective, healing timelines related to the destruction of the first Earth and Lemuria and Atlantis, healing the remaining trauma from when Christianity became the dominant energy on this world, the massive identity shifts underway, the transitional timelines, loss of community, calling in the faeries, and much, much more.

Multiple processes were offered throughout including a beautiful candle lighting spell for processing deeply held grief, lighting the path for those who have left us, and opening us up to healing timelines.

Ursula shares some spells, magic, and suggestions specific to this Equinox that are not to be missed.

This was a very powerful, loving, healing, and joyful transmission.


2 Mp3’s


Practical Magic, Healing
and Love in the Age of Aquarius


Valued at $500


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Nora Herold

Healer and Channel of
the Pleiadian Collective


Nora Herold has been has been channeling, lecturing, and doing healing work for over 20 years.

In 1990 Nora picked up her first deck of tarot cards after a reader suggested to her that she might benefit from them. This had only confirmed a desire that she had felt since childhood, a desire to reach beyond the physical, to reach into other realms, to experience a connection. She began working with her deck on a daily basis, diving into the tarot, the imagery, and the feelings provoked by those images. Soon she began reading friends and relatives, as she deepened her connections and divination abilities.

In 1996 she established conscious contact with The Pleiadians and her spirit guides which triggered an awakening of her abilities and gave her access to her own records. She now channels a multitude of high vibrational beings, including The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, and The Lyrans/Lemurians. In 2007 she began receiving information sharing specific techniques and technology to facilitate the integration of the fifth dimensional identity and the re-ascension process and that has become the foundation of her work. The Pleiadians offer energetic transmissions and unconditional love, along with the information that they share, that facilitates the deactivation of implants, transmutation of trauma, the activation of the sovereign self, and the ability to operate from joy. Nora offers private sessions, teaches, lectures, is a reiki master, has appeared on film, radio & TV, and has channeled for people all over the world. Nora lives in Ojai, CA with her partner Jonathan Wilk, and benefits from the many vortices, gateways, and portals in the beautiful Ojai Valley.


What People Are Saying About Nora


“Dear Nora and Jon, I wanted you both to know how grateful I am to have access to your “Transformation of Pain” meditation. What a wonderful and powerful healing resource it has been as I move through an intense transitional period in my life. I have listened to the meditation countless times and each time I feel another layer of healing occur. It has assisted me greatly in deepening my connection to the darkest and most painful aspects of myself, aspects I had previously denied. The healing frequencies encoded within the music have activated deep cellular shifts, and at times, it’s as though the harmonics are literally shaking my body and soul awake. The compassion and devotion you have poured into this co-creation has provided so much comfort and relief especially in the moments when I have felt so profoundly alone in my pain. Sending you both much love and gratitude. I look forward to your next healing creation! Love,”



“I love participating in Nora’s monthly teleconferences because it is a great way to connect with like-minded friends from around the world, and to receive a monthly dose of new information, guidance and healing. Nora’s group sessions and lectures are full of leading edge channeled material that has helped catapult my spiritual transformation and opened my galactic awareness. I highly recommend Nora’s series of workshops entitled ‘Integration and Quantum Acceleration’, as they were some of the most amazing and inspiring channeled work I have listened too. Nora is not only an exceptionally gifted channel, but a loving teacher, guide, and friend.”

Holly, Perth – Western Australia


“I feel so much gratitude every time I hear the October 2014 transmission. To line up the aspects of myself in the loving and compassionate ways that you, the Pleiadians, and the fairies playfully suggest is one of the most creative and enriching experiences of my current state of aliveness. In our cultural chicken soup, It’s so rare to experience emotional creativity, on purpose and grounded in love. What great fun! What great health, and what great love! Infinite thank yous, from my many aspects, here & now. Phenomenal!!!! This transmission is fantastic! THANK YOU”

Sergi – New York, NY


“I attended the monthly teleconference with P’s earlier this week and it was such an intense and healing transmission for me. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work and for bringing Pleiadian wisdom in my life. Thank you so very much. I am already feeling light as a bird feather. Something shifted profoundly for me after the session. For the first time in 3 years – I feel like myself again. I feel I was lost and am found again”

Kiran – Washington


“I am so grateful that I found Nora! A client of mine referred me to her work and from the first download I listened to I was hooked. All the information and meditations Nora and the guides offer ring true to me and I have implemented much of what I have learned through the recordings into my life with wonderful results. After listening to pretty much all of the downloads she offers I decided to get a private session. I had been having vertigo spells for almost a year. I had been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and also had other psychic readings and energy work of various kinds. While much of it worked temporarily the dizziness would always come back and it was really affecting my quality of life. In my session I received guidance about the vertigo – what was causing it and how to handle it when it happens. It worked! I am so grateful! The advice and insights Nora and the guides give is clear, concise, and positive. Even when telling you something difficult it is put in a way that is uplifting and seems easy to handle. I have since called in with other questions and have booked another session. I have also recommended Nora to many of my friends and clients.”

Jamie – Los Angeles, CA










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Practical Magic, Healing
and Love in the Age of Aquarius


Valued at $500


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option