Be part of the new creation, the new energetic being introduced to your world.

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway, entrusted to and created by Prageet in 1989.

It is a conscious geometric form containing several layers of sacred geometry, which creates a strong, multi-dimensional energy field. This benevolent energy field works in a very unique way. Each individual in the Stargate’s presence is recognized and assisted in the most appropriate way for them in the moment.


This can include healing and balance for the physical body; clarity of understanding and major insight for the mental body; and deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body.

Personal karma can be removed, psychic and healing abilities can be activated, and past life recall can be triggered.


Many people experience their guides in a very tangible way, often for the first time, feeling, hearing or seeing them.

What is amazing for most participants is that these changes can occur simply by being in the Stargate’s energy field.



Stargate Blueprint



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The Blueprint For A New Humanity


“Blueprint For A New Humanity”
A Global Stargate Gathering!
Supported by three large Stargate structures


“The blueprint will enable you to access abilities that you have not had here, that have not been possible here up until this moment, up until this vibratory level of humanity.” – Alcazar


Anchoring ‘The Blueprint For A New Humanity’ Around The World
As It Anchors Within You!


These livestream recordings have already supported major changes for people around the world. Changes in health, abundance, intuition, well-being, and general feeling of more clarity in participants’ lives have all been reported. The livestream recordings are from the four day Stargate Global Gathering in Slovenia.

The energetic meditations anchored in the energy field of the participants that which Alcazar refers to as The Blueprint For A New Humanity. If you choose to meditate along with these guided meditations, you will not only feel the energies coming to you, but will receive the Blueprint and like so many others, notice an immediate difference in your life – and your consciousness.


Program Includes:

  • Video replays of the entire 4 day livestreamed event, ‘Blueprint For A New Humanity’, which took place in Slovenia in 2019
  • Each day of the event includes four two-hour sessions
  • Downloadable or streamable mp3 audios of each session
  • Lifetime access to the program


Growing Into The New Blueprint


This series will be assisting you in understanding and experiencing in your daily life how this Blueprint can evolve for you individually.

Accelerate The Blueprint Energies Within Yourself And Within Your World!


This is a 6 week online live and pre-recorded series that we are in the midst of. People who sign up will receive access to the prior sessions replay videos, meditations, etc. and live access to the sessions that are yet to come.


Once you have anchored the New Blueprint within your energy field, then it is time to ‘grow into’ the potential that this new Blueprint holds.


In this series Alcazar guides specific meditation and energy experiences designed to focus on:

  • Healing The Past And The Future
  • New Levels Of The Essence Of Life – Your Source Energy Of Self-Healing and Self Love
  • New Ways To Youth The Body – A ‘Taste’ Of Alcazar’s Rejuvenation Program
  • Abundance On All Levels – A New Perspective On Creating From The Quantum Field
  • Accessing New Levels Of Consciousness

Program Includes:

  • Video replays of six, two-hour webinars
  • Downloadable or streamable meditation and full webinar audios
  • Lifetime access to the program





Session One:

Healing the Past and the Future

– Prerecorded on May 19th









Session Two:

New levels o the Essence of Life

– Prerecorded on May 29th









Session Three:

New Ways to Youth the Body

– Prerecorded on June 2nd









Session Four:

Abundance on All Levels

– LIVE on June 9th









Session Five:

Accessing New Levels of Consciousness

– LIVE on June 16th









Session Six:

Conclusion to be Revealed by Spirit

– LIVE on June 26th






Stargate Blueprint



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ABOUT Prageet & Julieanne

Quantum Activators


Prageet, an internationally known channel, has for 27 years worked with his guide Alcazar and their creation, the Stargate – an interdimensional doorway facilitating healing on all levels, DNA reactivation, and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self.

Julieanne joined the Stargate project in 2012, and became a partner in the Stargate work after discovering a profound connection with the Stargate’s guide Alcazar, who has assisted her in accessing and teaching a source energy of self-healing and self-love known as The Essence of Life.

Together Prageet and Julieanne have shared The Stargate Experience with thousands of people in many different countries around the world. The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness. It is a brilliant delivery system for our evolution, effective by simply creating multiple levels of vibrations and frequencies.


What People Are Saying About
Prageet & Julieanne


“My personal journey with the Stargate has meant much more to me than mere words are able to express. The transmissions and meditations have brought me so much peace and joy.”



“I just experienced a manifestation of forgiveness and love in a powerful way thanks to the Stargate global event. In my meditations, I sent love and forgiveness to myself and others throughout my timelines. One point in my professional life 4 years ago was particularly painful. I had earned a coveted promotion and my co-workers who had been good friends became jealous and I was defensive … all because egos took control. I was mindful of that work family during meditations and sent them love. Today, I received a group text from each of them (all 6), asking for a reunion to celebrate the summer. Many of us haven’t spoken to each other in years. And now we’re planning a camping trip together. It’s like the conflict never happened. Thank you bring me MORE,”

-Tani, USA


“Already the first day a lot started to happen. My body relaxed deeply as never before. I thought I had dealt with many things within myself but it wasn’t the case. I felt something was happening with the right side of my body. Each day my feelings deepened with tears, I started to see colors, guides, I felt extremely loving energies.
On the third day a deep memory of my relationship with my father started to untangle (he is on the other side already). I never felt any support or warmth from him. But this time something let go of my right hand and my dad’s energy on the other side embraced me. I cried like a baby. I was embraced by everlasting love. After that I clearly saw and felt all the guides that Prageet was mentioning. Now I know who I am. I am truly grateful for such a deep and endless experience of consciousness.
I have no words to describe this newly awakened energy in me. I feel better and better day after day, I am full of ideas and creative thoughts. I wish to thank all of you, ALCAZAR and everyone we are connected with in the embrace of New Humanity. I will definitely keep coming back as the experience in meditations is amazing.”

-Gordana, Slovenija










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Stargate Blueprint



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