2021 will be the year that will go down in history. The changes that are coming forward are all happening to build a world that is stronger and better for the people, not just a select few as we have lived for thousands of years. The old paradigms of control and slavery are ending.

However, it can be hard to navigate as you are releasing the old cell memories of all the other lifetimes you have lived in these structures! As your body purges the old memories and belief systems it can feel like it is on a roller coaster.


My new package Building A New You will help you to let go of old physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and psychic issues as they always take hold in the body.

It will help you to rebuild a solid foundation by releasing old toxins and toxic belief patterns.

It will help you align your entire being to a higher frequency so you can adjust with more ease and grace during this major earth transition.

Most of all, this new package will help you rise up higher and embrace the 5D energy as you release the old 3D energy.


No matter what your life challenge is having a strong connection to the God, Universe, Divine Energy is, and will be, the key to unlocking your blocks, resistances, and hesitations that are blocking up your frequency to creating!


Building a New You
for the New World



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Body Restoration,
Regeneration and Repair


In this powerful activation and clearing, you will reconnect back to your body. Your organs will start to release density and heavy vibrations put there by yourself or others. Letting go of old memories that keep the body stuck like, aging, sickness, illness, and disease. It will increase the awareness to let go of imprints that are stuck in the body.


Imprints are information you took on from someone else. Often when you hear people say as you age you must live a certain way or act a certain way. The body hears everything that is said in your environment and from your own mind.


This activation will start to unlock the belief systems that no longer serve you. It will start to awaken the body back to its strong state of being.

Did you know if you say you have an illness over and over the body locks it in?

Did you know if you say your body is slow to heal or repair it will believe that? Start to unlock the lifetimes of programming that you heard from many authority figures.

Are you ready to form new habits?


This audio is spoken in a way that your body will learn to let go of old patterns. The words used are spoken in a specific and powerful way to unlock old programming. Let’s enter a world of letting go together!


Blessings to the
Earth World prayer


During this time it is important that we come together to help raise all of humanities vibration. We cannot do this alone.


This prayer/guided meditation will take you outside of yourself and come together with all the other aware souls to impart more love and more truth into the planet.


You will see your guides, angels and all other holy beings here to help!

You will become filled with light energy and adjust your own frequency as you are helping to adjust the souls living on the earth!


It is truly time to step into a new level of connection that you never thought possible as you break out of fear and enter into love!


Clearing and Activation
Prayer for The Alignment of Health


When you speak to your body and command new energies into your body the system starts to download a new blueprint.

So often you may speak ill will or bad words into your body. When you say words like I have this or I have that it creates a bond with that energy.


This Prayer audio is designed to shake the system up to release the imprints that it has picked up on!

Stay open and allow the activation to run through the body from the top of the souls to the bottom of your feet!


Together let’s command the body to awaken to a new level of awareness. During this time of great change, it is important to unlock the body so you can have an increase in your awareness and your creation and manifestation energy.


Healing Hands Meditation


The Healing Hands Meditation is a very powerful clearing and activation! You must not listen to it unless you are sitting or lying down.


The Christ Consciousness, all your angels and guides will be brought it to help you release trauma, pain, and suffering out of the body. The emotions get stuck in the body from years of programming.


The fear you have encountered has locked it into various places you may not even be aware of!

Fear is the root of all energy stuck in the system!


This powerful clearing will allow you to engage with your amazing spirit team while repairing and restoring many aspects of your being!

Enjoy the shifts and embrace the miracles!


Heart Expansion
Clearing and Activation


Your heart-drive is the most powerful part of the body. The heart is the very first part of a soul to be form when conception takes place. Yet so often this is forgotten and you will move into the mind and stay strong in what you are thinking not what you are feeling.


It is important that the heart is set back to be in charge of the brain as it is this frequency that determines your healing, restoration, and regeneration of all areas of your life. Your heart is the area that allows the frequency to shift at light speed.


When the heart gets clogged or disconnected it can create many issues in the body from illness, to blocks when it comes to manifesting. So often you are trained to think not feel.


This audio will help you connect to feeling again. It will allow you to connect back to the God Consciousness and create at a much faster rate.


When the heart has experienced pain, suffering and loss it can be stored the energy body of the heart. Imagine releasing heartbreak and heartache. These energies come from a variation of people, places and things. When you start to command the heart to wake up it is like upgrading your computer.


This powerful activation will allow you to literally get an upgrade just like when you upgrade your cell phone. You will see more, feel more and start to experience the gratitude and joy in your life. When the heart drive is in charge of the brain you can start to create at a much faster rate and allow the body to repair and restore as you desire. As the heart-driven awakens you can experience frustration or triggers in the body and around you because the system will want to revert back to the hold patterns.

Unlock the heart drive and start to feel like you have never felt before.


Are you ready to lead from your heart not your head?

Are you ready to embrace spirit on every level and layer of your being?


Prepare to go on a journey back to the realms of unlimited possibilities. All Tracy’s Audios are spoken in a certain way to activate the body and release hidden energies keeping old programs in place.


Limited to Limitless


This is a very powerful lecture and clearing audio to move you away from your limited thoughts and belief systems.


Imagine being able to start being free from old thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck in life.


This clearing will not only explain why and how the belief systems are created but also start to expand your field so you can create a much greater awareness of who you are, why you are here and how you can contribute to the world!


When you command the body to shift and use the right words the body will respond. The key is to get out of your head and out of your own way. Removing the thought process that keeps you in fear, or lack or pain. The thoughts that others have told you or yourself will start to lift off. Then you will notice people in your field who want to hold you back will start to frustrate you more. You will find you will become stronger in your decisions and boundaries!


The world is waiting for you to step into a greater sense of who you are. Miracles start to come forward when you find more joy, peace, love and knowing you have an unstoppable force behind you. Sitting waiting for a miracle does not work. Engaging in life to bring the miracle to you is what it is all about. Connection, dedication and commitment are what it is all about.


Are you ready to step into more of who you are and be brave to step into the fullness of you!!!

I cannot wait to meet you and hear how the blessings start to unfold in your life!


Mind Clearing Meditation


With all of the manipulation energy on the planet right now it is easy to let the mind wander. It is easy to believe what you see vs what you feel.


This clearing and activation will start to disconnect the thoughts of the day that are not serving you and allow you to drop deeper into your heart space.


It will help to lift up overthinking and over worrying. However, the biggest gift is it will help to remove the energy of mental manipulation you receive through all forms of communication and media!


It is time to get out of the head and into the heart drive as you have never thought possible!


Negative Energies
Removal and Activation


Every one of us has felt that overwhelming pull of negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that keep us feeling stuck, angry, frustrated, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. Many have tried to ‘think positive’ hoping that they will be able to ‘fake it until you make it’.

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to shake this feeling, unable to release and move past the uneasiness that breeds doubt, fear, and disconnection from the life that you know you were meant to live.

You are not alone, we have walked this same path. The good news is that there is a way to release and let go of these negative thoughts, limitations, and to free yourself from these bonds so that you can begin to unleash the Superhuman within you!

In this powerful clearing and activation, Tracy L will release the negative energies that have been stuck deep inside on levels and layers that you never knew existed.

This incredible clearing begins to remove the deep-rooted emotions, blocks, resistance, hesitations, curses, spells, ill words, and intentions of other people.


This activation and impartation will quickly release these negative energies as Tracy targets the layers of stuck physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and psychic energies. As your body starts to release these negative entities and emotions you will feel less anxious and stressed.


You will feel more motivated and inspired. The chemical frequencies of your body will begin to balance and your day to day life will become easier. As the frequency of your body raises higher you will allow for a new level of restoration, regeneration, and rejuvenation. You will become deeply connected to your intuition and what your body is telling you.

Are you ready to let go and release the negative entities within you, to live a life full of happiness, joy, and prosperity?

This incredible clearing and activation will help guide you on your path to living the life that you always dreamed of.


TLC Book Club


This is a bonus of 4 plus hours of shifting and clearing.

IF you have not read Rev. Tracy L Clark’s book God Where Are You! It’s Me that is still ok. You can follow along and shift. IF you have a copy then read it and pull it out and enjoy the journey.


Together we celebrate you and your ability to let go and reclaim your birthright and your sovereign being! It never left you, it only got buried. Tracy shares her personal journey to help you see how she overcame her hurdles, teaches you tools you can use to unlock your own blocks! Many people who read this book said they received immediate shifts just by opening it to a page. Use this book as a tool to help you shift what you require in the day!

No need to feel lost anymore. It is time to become more empowered than you ever thought possible! 2021 is the year of great change. It is the year there will be many ups and downs so it is important that you stay on your path and in the middle! Do not get distracted. This book club will do just that for you! So much love and keep on expanding!


Building a New You
for the New World



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Tracy L. Clark

Intuitive Life Coach


Tracy has always been an empath. She would feel everything in the room even before someone walked in. She goes out of her sensory systems of feeling, seeing and hearing when working with clients. Her incredible ability to quickly zone into the root cause, start to remove it without having to have the enter story is what makes her systems work so quickly. Tracy connects directly to God Consciousness and always makes sure you are empowered by doing the same. She says thank you God/ Divine a lot while she works in order to ensure that there is no interference energy and that the body clearly understands it is working directly with spirit.
She will go quite deeply into the body which can trigger people while she works, as the old systems can become resistant to wanting to leave. The body can also feel very tired after working with Tracy and often will fall asleep as she works quickly to remove old systems and replace them with a new way of being. Chakras, meridians, electrical grids toxins, parasites are just some of the areas that will be released from the body. People report sometimes smelling quite badly after working with Tracy.

Tracy has helped all sorts of people release issues out of the body while working with the God Consciousness. All shifts do affect every area of your life.


Tracy’s Favorite three mantras:

Trust Know Believe –

Trust in What you feel

Know it is on its way without a shadow of a doubt

Believe it is already done!

Believe You Will Receive Doubt You Go Without

Stay open to everything and judge nothing


What People Are Saying
About Rev. Tracy L. Clark


“I started working with Tracy about 6 years ago, at that time in my life I was struggling to accept what had happened to me in my childhood, because of that I couldn’t process my emotions and that created so much anger/rage, anxiety, addiction and stress in my life. Tracy was honest, always available and really helped me understand how to process emotions, releasing negative energies/entities and really aligning myself for the best outcome. Since that time, Tracy has been my anchor and go-to person for all my spiritual guidance.
Not only in last 6 years I have become centered, calmer, relaxed but I really have gotten a new lease of life, with that came the one thing I was never inclined to believe in, GOD. My work with Tracy has opened my eyes to the world that we never see or saw, it’s amazing how loving and joyful this life can be with the right person by your side to help and guide, Tracy has been that for me and my life has never looked or felt better.
I’m 36 years old, lost 70lbs, quit my job, divorced, sold my home…..all of this sounds too much in short period of time but that is exactly the alignment and change one can expect because working with Tracy will definitely show you, what’s working for you in your life and what’s not. I have never been happier, healthier, centered, spiritual, own my own company, love what I do and have learned to be strong in myself that nothing or anyone can take me out of this space.  Thank you Tracy!!!!”

– Rahul R, Toronto, Canada


“I wanted to let you know about the power of these prayer requests that Mama T does for us. About a month ago I put forth a request for my sister, brother and brother-in-law, my greatest fear was that I would walk into their home any day and find lifeless bodies, because that’s the point at which they were all heading.
Long story short, two days after my prayer request my sister and brother in law entered rehab. My brother also stopped taking drugs and went back onto his medication for schizophrenia. My prayer to spend mass with my family was met and they were all drug free. In such a short space of time they have started to gain some weight and they don’t look as though they were ever in that space. Tears fill my eyes as I write this because only God knows what you are truly enduring as you walk this journey of life but NEVER stop believing God for your breakthrough…IT IS COMING…
Thank you all for being such amazing beings. I send you all so much love and so much gratitude. Thank you Mama T for giving us this platform to be able to express ourselves and most importantly to share the energy of joy so that we may all embrace more of it. Super Love Evey Bee”

– Evelyn S, Durban, South Africa


“Tracy, when I look at all the areas of my life that have worked themselves out since working with you for the past 6 years I just can’t believe it. As a family we went from moving money around each month in order to make ends meet and huge debts in collections to a financial space of almost all the debts paid and even having play money to live out our dreams.  My relationships have also changed, having to make hard choices to let some distance go between friends and family, but allowing me to truly cherish those who I still keep close. Through your TLC community I have also gained the support of so many beautiful souls especially within the monthly membership of the Body Regen Miraculous Academy. I like to consider them my extended family.

But what I have to say has been the biggest breakthrough is that your tools, your videos and constant giving to this community have empowered me to realize that I hold the key to my happiness no matter where my finances or relationships are at. If something feels hard/down/off then it’s up to me to release it and take on a different perspective to why this has shown up. What is the purpose of it showing up and why it’s being done “for” me and not “to” me? So many miracles big and small have shown up because I am noticing and stopping to grateful for them all. Each day I focus on whatever I want to manifest then I ask for it and trust, know and believe it to be already on its way to me.  My hope is that anyone considering joining you and this community takes the chance on jumping in and getting the life they really want too. I would tell them that “There is an entire village of people to support you through the journey, so you’re never alone”. Blessed that my path has led me to you and for the evolution of your community. I look forward to seeing what is yet to come from the TLC group – the gift that keeps on giving.”

– Kasia T, Oakville, Canada


Since joining the Evolutionary Academy I have experienced incredible transformational growth in all areas of my life. In less than a month of working with Tracy, I have been able to overcome many of the restrictions, blockages and fears that have prevented me in the past from living the life I’ve always dreamt of. Tracy is by far one of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Within a short period of time working with Tracy and the Evolutionary Academy, I have seen my relationships grow stronger and now overflow with more love than ever before. I have also become more grounded and connected in mind, body and spirit, providing me with an abundance of peace and love in my life that I never thought possible. Prior to joining the Evolutionary Academy I made decision-making harder than it needed to be. I tended to over think everything, become exhausted and overwhelmed. By learning to release fears and trust my heart, I am now able to let go of attachments to outcomes and make decisions with ease and grace. I am forever grateful for the life changing opportunities that are now present in my life thanks to Tracy and the work associated with the Evolutionary Academy.”

– Mike A, France


“When I joined Tracy’s Miraculous Academy around 16 months ago I was at a point in my life where I had been feeling stuck for many years and I was searching for guidance. I instantly knew it was the right space for me to grow and expand on every level and every layer. Tracy is an amazing leader and mentor teaching you how to shift energy fast and how to connect to the God of your understanding and to your heart in a practical and instant way. Her teachings combine spirituality, science and ministry and reveal the impact of words, thoughts and imprints on our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Tracy empowers people to connect, shift and release old programs to be able to improve health, career, finances, intuition and relationships with self and others. Tracy herself lives a divinely guided life dedicated to her community and her desire to help as many as possible. She goes above and beyond and cares deeply for every single soul. During a very challenging period of my life in spring of this year where I was about to suspend my membership due to financial straits, Tracy stepped in and gifted me not only six months of access to her Miraculous Academy (I was given two more months which makes eight in total), she also made sure I was able to join one of her brilliant classes on career and finances. I am forever grateful for her generosity and kindness. Also her community is filled with beautiful, charitable and like-minded souls who give space to share wins and vulnerabilities and help uplift each other every single day. I can honestly say that Tracy and her community have changed my life. I feel blessed and honoured to work with such an amazing soul and to be part of this loving group of people from all over the world.”

– Judith B, Wien, Austria










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Building a New You
for the New World



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option