Join Solara for a Diamond Immersion experience unlike any other!


Enter a novel landscape of thriving paradise design as the Infinite Architect of worlds,
reflecting and receiving love’s fortune
in all forms.  


A kaleidoscope of Self-Invention that culminates in the blueprint of your life’s greatest masterpiece.


See the pathway unfolding before you, experience your iconic Genius being unlocked
and turn your visions into a luxurious, living, lasting work of art!


Diamond Immersion


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Diamond Immersion


30 minute one-on-one intimate psychic immersion with Solara. A kaleidoscope of prophetic experience… immerse yourself in what is both a ritual of transcendence and Divine identity, and a celebration of immense clarity and certainty! Be showered in epiphany by Solara’s oracular lens of wisdom and enlightenment.


Diamond clear psychic reflections for your next steps in life, legacy, and dream actualization

Multisensory psychic activation; access your greatest levels of intuitive ability and heart navigation

Point bliss precision manifesting and results mastery; learn advanced quantum sciences to crystallize your desires swiftly and reliably

Full spectrum epigenetic and quality of life optimization; design fruitful habits to embody the nectar of Gods and maximize flourishing in all areas

Luxury lifestyle, legacy and entrepreneurial hacks

Unlock your pristine wellspring of flow and exponential wealth, mastering the directional currents of money and prosperity into your life

Embrace your clear truths and deep knowing; map a laser sharp vision for your future

Celebrate and completely own your power, standards, and desires

Ignite rich passion and intimacy in relationships; accelerating harmony and soulful fulfillment

Deepen into your sacred sexuality and dynamic, expressive power

Unleash your exotic soul song and genuine voice

Architect new narratives that open mystical portals in which to explore and expand your creative landscape



Go on a breathtakingly magical and sumptuous journey as Solara guides you into a state of pristine creative power. Every element is art; a manifestation of activated neurons that serves as a tangible trigger for your success.

Master DNA Activation to conduct pristine intercellular energy flow

Cutting-edge somatic elixirs, potions, alchemical technology and tools

Neuroscience of flow and super attraction

Ultimate certainty of soul purpose; creative direction

Supercharge your connection to your I AM Presence, Source Self, cosmic/galactic/celestial councils, federations and emissaries of light, Gaia, ascended masters, ancients, ancestors, immortals, elemental wisdom, supernatural companions and guardians who cherish you unconditionally

Reclaim your invincible core and sovereign agency in a potent, anchored field of tranquility, confidence and courage

Rejuvenate and electrify your energy; root richly into the resonance of home and open to true ecstasy, freedom and wonderment

Inhabit your pinnacle love frequency and rapidly align to optimized Destiny timelines

Awaken your cellular wealth garden within and thrive as the affluent architect of your reality

Experience an immaculate overflow of Divine insight and jewels of revelation that ignite sudden miracles and cosmic energy to propel you light years ahead!


Infinity Collective
Online Flow Temple


Infinity Collective is a Divinely curated online temple for our global community; dripping with world-class tools, transmissions and invitations exclusively for members. We know you’ll gain extraordinary value from being a part of Infinity Collective ― from us, other members AND most importantly, by sharing your experiential wisdom, stories and ideas.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our family of progressive leaders,
artists and sacred revolutionaries in devotion to global flourishing!


Experience the gorgeous benefits of…

  • Soulfully elevating, enriching community that nourishes and accelerates your evolution
  • Sacred online haven to forge alliances, deepen bonds and expand to your full, magnificent potential
  • Tailored membership portal with exclusive, lifetime access to advanced tools, transmissions, eCourses, Divine frequency activations, world-leading, method-proven practices and more!
  • First year of membership ($1,111 Value) FREE. After the first year, you’ll have the option to renew your membership and stay with us
    And state-of-the-art features, including…
  • Energetically pristine online flow temple with intuitive navigation
  • Beautiful activity feed for full media articles, posts, stories, links, imagery, videos, files and embeds
  • Gorgeous member profiles with custom categories, design and follows
  • Private direct messaging between members
  • Support, cheer and engage with members posts
  • Find members near you and build loving, rich, elevating connections locally
  • Community inquiry, polls and questionnaires to receive feedback and share your insights
  • Member invite referral program with sensational rewards
  • Curate public, private or secret local and virtual groups for expanded intimacy
  • Organize events locally or virtually with text chat, Zoom, Facebook Live or Crowdcast
  • Access via your Mac, Pc, iOS and Android apps

Once we complete our one-on-one Diamond Immersion, you’ll receive a link to access your unique, customizable membership portal and login, delivered direct to your inbox.


We’re excited to welcome you to the Infinity Collective family!


Cutting-Edge Brainwave Entrainment
Technology and Diamond DNA


The rhythmic, synchronised flow of diverse brainwave frequencies and sounds is the key to optimizing our mind, brain and nervous system to their greatest potential.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology establishes an integral foundation and super fertile atmosphere for the nervous system, initiating strikingly positive transformation on all levels.

Through this gorgeous compilation of musical frequencies, many feel a surprisingly powerful and instant expansion in their consciousness, opening to limitless physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits such as…

  • Access to richer meditative states in several minutes than those with decades of meditation experience
  • Synchronization of neuroelectric signals in the brain, allowing for perfect equilibrium
  • Gracefully melt away resistance and stress, shifting into a space of clarity, still serenity and knowing
  • Precisely orchestrated brainwave frequencies that guide you into a powerfully deep state of consciousness; opening you to mystically transcendent experiences
  • Neurostimulation and the construction of new neural pathways so your whole brain and nervous system are operating in seamless coherency

Numerous studies have shown that humanity’s greatest philosophers, inventors, thinkers and artists harnessed the power of both brain hemispheres working together in perfect unison. Brainwave Entrainment Technology Introduces specific tones and frequencies to each ear, entraining the electrical patterns in the brain to resonate in précising patterns and brainwave states for maximal creative flow.

These melodic oscillations strengthen the bridge between brain hemispheres allowing right (non-linear, intuitive, abstract, vast picture macro focused, creative, space oriented) and left brain (sequential, linear, logical, practical, mathematical, time oriented) communication of thoughts, ideas and responses to be exquisitely efficient, effortless and profound.

  • Perfectly balances and synergizes both hemispheres of your brain for “whole brain” activation and functionality
  • Catalyzes remarkable improvements in hemispheric blood flow and chemistry
  • Experience your mind flowing like a river with revelatory insights and realizations
  • Unlock your Divine potential and tap into a dynamic range of superpowers
  • Take extraordinary quantum leaps in personal growth


13-Vortice diamond DNA biocircuitry activation to conduct pristine intercellular Energy flow and align your I AM will to exponentially manifest your dreams.


The Nirvana Synthesis


A Dynamic guide to Flow Neuroscience
and Superattraction

The ultimate blend of thoroughly researched and curated universal principles, practices and sciences that maximize cognitive and emotional flourishing while promoting progressive and sustainable personal growth.

Discover the peak performance brainwaves and euphoria encouraging neurochemicals of flow and leading tools to activate them psychosomatically

Master the neuroscience of flow and superattraction: method-proven practices that blend our world’s foremost neuroscience and quantum physics into one potent, practical elixir for manifesting

Embody miracle mindedness, mastering advanced energetic pivots and frames to unlock momentum and live in Diamond alignment with your eternal wellspring

Engage a powerful sequence of self-exploration and discovery questions; deepening into Divinely lush self-intimacy and identifying your unique, exacting catalysts for flow

Expand into the fullness of your sacred identity, Soul, Source Self, Genius

Science has discovered that in flow, we benefit greatly from…

Augmented energy levels, frequency elevation and boundless momentum compelled from within

Radical boost in immuno vibrancy

Experiential awareness and embodiment of our Divine supernature

Calm, energized presence, clarity and focus

Vast, timeless openings into non-ordinary states of consciousness

Enhanced capacity for empathy and all-inclusive Self Love

Exquisitely rich experience of wellbeing, fulfillment, celebration and meaning in life

Cellular coherency and cognitive/emotional freedom; movement out of fight or flight into synergy with the parasympathetic nervous system for elucidated connection to our pure power and direct knowing

500-700% amplified creativity, confidence and certainty
500% faster learning, motivation and synthesis of intelligence

Ultrasonic magnetism created by strong electric fields

Instant creation and positive feedback. We live in a Quantum, exponential universe where 30 linear steps = 30 steps and 30 exponential steps = 1 billion steps. Flow is 1000% more efficient, effective and powerful for accelerated manifesting and thrival


Interstellar Velvet


A progenerative, neuro linguistic codex for speakers, writers, visionaries and entrepreneurs. Featuring the most prominent and prosperous words in the English language. (A prismatic constellation of delicious, Quantum coded word desert for your soul!)

“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.”

Terence McKenna

Savor your personalized copy of Interstellar Velvet: A-Z Golden Word Oracle and Exotic Dream Journal dripping with light language and cosmic intelligence that wields miracles!

Deactivate cellular resistance and optimize your DNA codex for Infinite possibility, momentum and flow

Enhance neuroplasticity and rapidly wire your mind for miracles

Configure a lavishly vibrant, spectacular narrative and worldview that serves your Soul’s dynamism and spectrum of desire

Synchronize to the language of Genius and unlock your radiant, pristinely charged life force

Maximize your epigenetics, biochemistry and somatic technology for diamond alignment and euphoria

Embody your I AM Presence blueprint, direct knowing and invincible Divine sovereignty

Superpower the attraction of synchronicity, blessings, opportunities and surprises through precision magnetics

Accelerate multidimensional prosperity and success, receiving liquid gold fortune through all portals of your reality

Access novel, exotic visions and expansive realms of possibility to speak your dreams into being and orchestrate your most ravishing life masterpiece

Activate harmonious, loving and praise-fueled communication in relationships

Master the art of spell casting incantations, abracadabra (instant manifesting), and enchantment charms to engender your creative landscape and crystallize your grand Destiny timelines




Bespoke Premium Resources for
Radiant Life Force and Vitality

A masterfully tailored compass brimming with Divinely delicious alchemical potions, superfoods, botanical absolute oils, wildcrafted apothecary elixirs, musical soundscapes and more, designed to optimize your cells to their maximal manifesting potential.

Enjoy a tantalizing library of Earth’s peak quality, vibration raising essences to support you with connecting instantly to the quantum field for access to your clear knowing, enhanced psychic abilities and creative powers.

The elemental wisdom woven through this atlas is curated specifically to make it elegant and efficient to shift your life experience into accord with your destiny by elevating your energetic resonance.

Bioluminescence is here to lift you into the embodiment of your sacred supernature where you can crystallize the paradise of your dreams.


Diamond Immersion


Valued at $6061


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Solara Rose

Channel and Catalyst for
High Frequency and Thriving


Solara Rose is a renowned channel and catalyst for high frequency flow mastery, abundant expansion and thriving Divine success. She has been described as the modern Tesla of human energetics and living vortex of Cosmic magic. With a background in intensive personal transformation, integrative sciences, philosophy and psychology, she’s who visionary leaders seek to support accelerated, quantum growth in all areas of their life.

She uses her unique, multisensory abilities to support individuals and organizations with embodying their Infinite Self so they can actualize their Genius, maximize impact and advance their prosperity in service to global flourishing. Her passion is to inspire and unlock the peak power, beauty and creative brilliance in others.

Solara attended Kent State University for her BA in Business Management, Psychology and Philosophy, is licensed in Integrative Holistic Health, Nutritional Sciences and Sports Fitness Training with ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), and is a Capital Ambassador-Leadership Coach for Global Luminaries with One Nation Political Party USA. She hosts live and virtual channeled workshops, group flow activations and has been featured on numerous, international platforms, including: Beyond the Ordinary Show, The Feminine Intelligence, Quantum Conversations, and The Contact Talk Radio Network.

With a combined reach of over 3.2 million listeners and viewers in 190 countries, Solara has created a high, multi six figure love legacy exemplifying and sharing the voice of Truth while guiding others home to their phenomenal powers within.


What People Are Saying About Solara


“Solara is an absolute gem of a human, mentor and spiritual activator! After working with her in a DNA Wealth Activation series, I felt much more clarity in my relationship to money and what I wanted to call in. She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met and has a true, visionary talent for seeing someone at their highest potential and uncovering the resistance holding them back. Solara was able to hold space for me to recognize the places in my business that weren’t 100% in alignment with what I ACTUALLY wanted to create. She was a beautiful mirror and reflector for aligned creation and leadership. She’s a MASTER OF ENERGY (like for realll this woman knows her stuff!) and can guide you to tap into your own, high-frequency energy source in a very practical, powerful and grounded way (something that’s missing from many of the spiritual teachers I’ve experienced in the past). I would totally recommend working with Solara if you’re a visionary leader looking to 10x your impact and income!”



Solara and I were brought together completely by destiny! At the beginning of March, I was planning to attend an in-person retreat in Venice, CA, hosted by Solara and several other spiritual revolutionaries. The pandemic unfurled and we decided to adapt our container to better suit what I desired, rather than waiting until we could meet in-person for me to begin my journey with her. My experience with Liquid Nirvana took place throughout quarantine and for some weeks after, and I could not have asked for more perfect, synchronized timing! Solara was quite literally my Sun during these times, shining her beautiful, golden light onto me so I could reflect my gifts back out into the world. The course curriculum provided to me in Liquid Nirvana was next level supportive and foundational to the growth of my service — I could feel it upleveling my energy field just as I was reading it. Our sessions were bathed in Divine love, celebration, and delicious, luxurious vibrations! The most activating and powerful part of my container with her was being immersed in her presence. It was an amazing opportunity to remember who I am, why I’m here, and my universal connection with the Divine Source. My mentorship with Solara guided me into the embodiment of my highest being and simultaneously, brought me tremendous joy and an unshakeable sisterhood bond. Working with her was the best investment I could’ve made, not only for my personal development and legacy growth, but for my life as a whole. My sincerest thanks and love to her, always!



Solara is a living embodiment of abundance. By this, I mean that she is ALL heart and boundless generosity. To me, Solara has been a loyal, attentive friend, a gracious presence, a bright star in darker moments, an ever-ready smile to invigorate my world. I have worked with Solara, I have collaborated with her, I have celebrated with her, and I have grown with her. She has my whole-hearted support in whatever her enormous, wise and powerful soul gives birth to. If you feel compelled to work with her, I encourage you to TRUST that impulse! You will be blown away by the majesty of her love and devotion to the fulfillment of your dreams.”



Solara is a powerful, high frequency seer and psychic healer. She works with incredibly clear, activated energies that ignite instant upgrades in your life and business. My standards are high around who I allow to touch my energetic field as my abilities and vibration are crucial to my service — Solara is one of the best out there! Her integrity is solid and she brings a strong sense of love and grounded, otherworldly magic into everything she does. She’s a soul sister in wealth consciousness and a pure channel who truly walks her talk!”



From moment one, I knew Solara was someone I’d be connected to for a lifetime as a mentor, teacher and friend. Her presence, wisdom and vulnerability strike me on a daily basis. She’s an extremely powerful channel and I’m deeply thankful we’re on this journey together. Her clear vision and profound insights into my life have provided me with incomparable peace, patience and understanding. She has a remarkable personal story and she’s able to communicate with your soul intuitively as if she’s known you your whole life. Solara builds strong, conscious communities, demands truth, and like a soulmate, helps you tear down your walls. She shows up as a clear mirror, always reflecting back to you the truth of who you are.”












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Diamond Immersion


Valued at $6061


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option