The Angels of Atlantis wish to illuminate your life so that you may create greater peace, living true, joy filled, loving lives. They wish we humans to comprehend that an ancient wisdom stream is opening for us right now, a stream that will bring Mastery within the flow of life.


This wisdom stream will allow us to be soul-surfers of the elements, and reflections of the great Angel Architects of Atlantis.

This stream is opening now, aiding us to become rich in the way the great Sorcerers or Sorceresses were accomplished. These were beings that were and are the true wisdom keepers of Atlantis, and they have much to teach us about the magic that is opening within us at this time. For the Sorcerers were constantly deriving their force from the Source, from the source of all intelligence, from the source of all heart wisdom, from the great Divine Being we know as the Celestial Mother-Father of the Cosmos.


has prepared a series of products that will lift you into a place of bliss,
where you will feel the Angels so close, that abundance will flood your being!


“To see an Angel, you must see another’s Soul.
To feel an Angel, you must feel another’s Heart.
To hear an Angel, you must listen to them both.
To sense an Angel, you must know the perfume of love!”
Stewart Pearce


Here are
for this


The Angelic Sorcery of Human Mastery



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This is a rare opportunity to spend sixty minutes with Radiance Mentor, Master Alchemist and Angelic Emissary STEWART PEARCE, during which you will be tuned to the frequency of your signature note by understanding what your soul’s odyssey is revealing right now.


Feeling is the language of the soul and so this will be a supremely authentic, deeply loving, highly inspirational Destiny Check on your incarnation, and if necessary to find a way of resolving any issues that are not in full coherence with your Soul.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Enhance your connection with your Guardian Angel, Angel Guides & Spirit Mentors
  • Greater clarity about your purpose and who your soul wants you to be
  • A deep Soul Healing of all karmic challenges that beset your life
  • A reconnection with your own Source USB Point and the celestial forces that want for you to experience love, health and abundance through their bountiful gifts
  • A prophecy will be given to you, alongside your own specific mantra for these times
  • Inspirational information will be offered about how to achieve optimum health and miracle mindedness
  • A reconnection will be made with all that is fundamental about your soul, and beyond the challenges of your three-dimensional life
  • And more………….




Stewart’s resonant voice channels a gentle and cascading AUM. This sacred sound is the calling card of God and is known as the ‘primo mobile’.

Stewart’s chanting humbly transmits the bliss of the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis, who expressly come at this time to convey their exquisite love and joy through Divine Sound.


Listening to this meditation of the AUM will bring celestial force as a way to download immunity from the Source, helping us to heal the emotional chaos of our lives, and allowing us to feel a renewed bliss and connection with the Source.


The result is that we find an opening in our hearts, and they are filled with sublime loving nectar from the Source.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Through the repetition of this sacred syllable, harmony, well-being and flow will occur for you, filling your life with peace
  • Listen regularly to this flowing AUM and you will be guided to cultivate true peace and greater joy in all activities and relationships
  • Iyanla Van Zant says: “This is the best recording of the AUM I’ve heard as Stewart’s amazingly resonant voice mesmerizes me into the bliss of Divine calm!”
  • You will feel a greater stillness drawing you to connect with Divine stillness and therefore you will receive such abundance
  • Heaven sent, you will feel the AUM from Stewart’s voice awaken neural pathways within, bringing you to a sense of the Angels around you
  • Be prepared to experience increased synchronicity, spirit manifestation. apportation and enhanced intuitive abilities
  • Feel the whole of your being bathed in a greater stillness, well-being, and cellular lightness




This beautiful meditation created by Stewart specifically for this Summit will take you into the bliss of Source energy, as you breathe your way into an amazing Angelic connection with Source Abundance. Then you will be taken into the I AM PRESENCE as a rich furthering of your own connection with the Divine.


The I AM PRESENCE code was first given to Moses on Mount Hebron thousands of years ago, and has been used by devotees for increased connection with the Divine, who first spoke to Moses through the burning bush – EXODUS 3:14


“I will give you the words all the scriptures glorify, all spiritual disciplines gloriously express, all aspirants attain to through a life of devotion, dedication and disciple-ship………it is quite simply the I AM PRESENCE. This mantra of God is the highest initiation into feeling and then realizing the complete fulfillment of all desires.


It is the greatest support for all seekers, the greatest friend for all disciples, the greatest security for all devotees, for those who chant it say the I AM PRESENCE opened their heart to reverberate with such deep blessings, with such profound love, and with such unity!


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • A direct neural pathway into the mind of God, so as to bring your creative force to the center of your life, rich with manifestation, abundance and success
  • Comprehend more fully the excellence of your creative scope and what your purpose on Earth may be
  • Feel the ENCHANTMENT energies of both the Angelic and Elemental kingdoms supporting you and backing your creative evolution
  • The unique power of the I AM PRESENCE mantra which will allow you direct transmissions of Source Energy to occur through your life
  • Increase your level of devotion to the Divine. For when our love intensifies, we feel the desire to prolong our dedication and discipline, and so reap sacred gifts
  • The Angels will feel close at hand to give you shimmering connections of Divine gifts
  • A greater clarity of how your creative path may open to you to find success after success that creates sustained joy




This time is a time when we all need recovery, recalibration and restoration from the planetary energies that are on one level so vibrant and yet on another so challenging.

This is a Sonic Meditation Stewart and the Angels have created especially for this Summit and it is a genuine SOUL RETRIEVAL PROCESS, so that you will feel caressed by the gratitude of the Source as you give thanks for the energy of your creation, and receive love from the Universe, grounding you as you move through the process.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • A truly unlimited connection with Source Energy and therefore the ability to be a Sorcerer – one who derives force from the source at will, and for great magic
  • Connection with the miracle mindedness of the Cosmos, where there is an unlimited flow and plenty of abundance. Or in other words, where there exists no resistance or scarcity or fear you will receive plenty …………….
  • Feeling the natural elements of our being – earth, water, air, spirit – beginning to activate our favor for the elements, through a pathway of meditation
  • Uplifting energies that will fill your soul and biochemistry with celestial joy and much evolution
  • Expanding your intuition to be accommodated in an increased auric field of light
  • The easy resolution of physical or emotional challenges held in your cells or light body
  • A greater connection with the multifaceted nature of the Cosmos, and all of its spirit intelligence




Angelic Sorcery tunes us into the magic of the Twelve Angels of Atlantis who wish to allow us, to never feel alone, so that they may open for us pathways of Illumination.


Firstly, we need to yield to the measure of that awareness, and then secondly to accept their iridescent love, and when this pledged Source Force appears it will pour straight into your energy field.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Feel an ancient wisdom stream opening for you, arising from deep within the Cosmos
  • Your very own pathway of powerful magical sorcery will be opened whether you be a Sorcerer or Sorceress
  • Experience what it is to be a flow-er of Source energy
  • Teaching about the twelve degrees of light management and how to be connected to the pillars of Illumination that will nourish your soul
  • Live the greatest vision of you as a Master-Mistress Creator within the Universe
  • Full connection with Unity Consciousness and therefore with the ‘All That Is’
  • Developing a much more reliant meditation sequence that’s enlivened by Source Energy




This time is a time for spiritual revolution, and great inspiration is available to us which will move through our hearts, minds and souls. Therefore, this is a time for love to supersede any personal darkness.


This is a time when we need to heal the divisions between head or heart, thought or feeling, love or hate, sacred or secular.

This is a time whereby we must recognize that nothing unreal exists when we are surrounded by love, for love is the only reality!

Miracle Mastery literally means giving up the old stories whilst the Universe writes you a new one. Living thus means you will transcend all challenges by seeing that you are a child of God carrying the eternal perfection of innocence within you.


Being a child of God means you are a recipient of eternal power and infinite possibilities, allowing you to feel that you are within a seam of golden creativity that will help you create your wildest dreams!


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • The ability to connect with the spiritual laws that balance the material reality of our lives with Divine wisdom
  • The experience of filling one’s material consciousness with the miracles of the Cosmos, and so recognizing that miracles are changes in perception
  • Being nourished by the Universe as the course of your life is determined consciously, yet in step with Divine Will
  • Recognizing that each of your excellent creations are expressions of the Mind of God
  • The knowledge that an Atlantean pathway has opened for you which will generate huge force for the revolution of consciousness that your cells will produce and which you will move through
  • Sense that you are truly an enlightened being lighting up each aspect of your life’s creativity and thriving
  • Feel yourself to be a child of God at whatever age, and the more you feel this innocence the more you will connect with the infinite intelligence of the Divine




The Twelve Angels of Atlantis bring us to the pathway of transcendence. This is not an abstract theory but a way of being that transcends the nature of mortal thought and allows human consciousness to join in the play of the incandescence of the eternal mind.


To perceive this, we firstly need to see ourselves as multi-sensory beings that thrive on the purity of God’s grace and live within the essence of Divine love. This is the transcendent love that overcomes physical illness, financial stress or love rejection.


As soon as we plug into this universal socket, Cosmic love fills our being, unleashing your power from the field of Cosmic Abundance.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Comprehend a love which is not dependent on other human beings comforting or validating you, but by your belief that as a child of God your will and destiny are always seen and led by Divine Will
  • The ability to not look away from the darkness or illusions of the world, but to discover the ability to look through the darkness to the light that exists beyond
  • To think with the Divine Mind, so that you aren’t overcome by the challenges, but more you see them as means to reveal even more love and joy
  • Source all your living processes from the love of the Divine rather than from material reality, that that is organized by establishment or social systems
  • Deviate from the conventional state that the majority of people live their lives by, and move into the eternal abundance of the Cosmos
  • Recognizing that any negativity is something you can easily walk away from when the world presents it to you, and then walk into the arms of love
  • Believing in the infinite abundance of the Cosmos by surrendering to the self-organizing, self-correcting nature of the Universe. All you need do is to lean into these beliefs, faiths and trusts and all energy becomes well for you, and this is when Miracles occur


The Angelic Sorcery of Human Mastery



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ABOUT Stewart Pearce

Sound Healer and Angel Medium


STEWART PEARCE is a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach who has spent the last forty years as the go-to Voice Coach & Celebrity Mentor for the great and the good, so his pedigree and reputation precede him wherever he goes. Stewart’s work has inspired change during key moments of history as we may read with the late Diana Princess of Wales. Often Stewart is found standing in the wings, helping thought-leaders and change-makers to achieve a more authentic presence in order to fully achieve their potential broadcast to the world.
In addition, having been awake to the intelligence of the Cosmos since childhood, in 1987 Stewart miraculously met a communion of the Twelve Angels of Atlantis on Glastonbury Tor, and since that time he has shared the intelligence of this communion of advanced Light Beings, with people like yourself.


What People Are Saying About Stewart


Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge are unique and give him a leading-edge position as a Master of Voice & Performance who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!



The melodies created by the Angel’s in Stewart’s work are simply beautiful. Invocation is the prayer of wisdom, and the refuge of the pure. The unique intelligence of this sound healing work opens the scope of the meeting between heaven and earth. Thank heavens for the Angels and Stewart!

LOUISE HAY Author, Entrepreneur, Legendary Hay House Creator


I am so happy to wholeheartedly recommend the work of this extraordinary man to anyone who wants to discover themselves through their most potent art; the sound of their own voice and the Angelic Emissary’s work.

PETER HARRISON – Director of Watkins Books…..the World’s Most Respected Spiritual Bookstore (Established London 1983)









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The Angelic Sorcery of Human Mastery



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