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This package is especially designed to combine elements of self realization regarding definite beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from massive creation.


I have combined the most powerful pieces of information for your transformation, along with private work for your deeper insight. I am excited and proud to offer you this priceless package. – Dee Wallace




The Little Child Experience



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The Little Child Experience


Our “little children” inside of us got very different messages that are not advantageous to what our adult selves want to create now.

These messages are formed through direct teachings, witnessing what is modeled in front of us, and by our own incorrect deductions and connections. In order to truly manifest what we want NOW, we need all of our belief systems to be integrated as One Voice.

In this on camera, four part presentation, you will learn how to access your little child, their fears and their limiting beliefs.

You will learn how to redirect them, and how to integrate them so they are working with you toward your desires.

Please watch the informative video, and join me in this amazing program that will give you insights and freedom!

Ask and You Receive


There is still so much confusion regarding how to ask for what we want: How do I get clear about what I want? What is my responsibility in creating what I want? What is the Universe’s role in the creation of what I want? What does The Ionosphere have to do with getting what I want? And most importantly, WHAT IS MY BIGGEST BLOCK TO GETTING WHAT I WANT?

This webinar will go into detail about all of the above, and practice real tough love in dispensing how to get out of your own way.

Join myself and the channel for the definitive blueprint and specific info re: how to get yourself in harmony and alignment with your desires.

The first step? Open your heart. If your heart isn’t open, creation is an uphill battle.

Being Born


Every moment is a time for rebirth, new beginnings, renewed hope and commitment.

This is a two hour webinar exploring exactly how we create that moment: What it means to “be in harmony” with what we want and how to keep the renewed faith…that it is/will be created for us, by us, and through us.

Let’s discover together the “Song for Creation,” so we can live the frequency of seeing, hearing, speaking and experiencing the rebirth of Us as the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Let’s come together in this powerful community and CREATE 2017!!
Consciously, with intention and knowing.

Energetic Cellular Healing


What it is, How it works, and
How to experience it!

I am excited! I never get the message “you have to do this” from the channel!
When the email came into my computer about Dr. Gloria Kaye, that is the first thing I heard: you have to do this.

Please join me to experience Dr. Kaye’s great gift of love and healing in our next webinar.

Experience the knowledge of cell reorganization and response to the direction of energy. Receive remote work with Dr. Kaye’s healing modality.

Bruce Lipton, in his book, Biology of Belief, addresses cell reorganization and the distinct role that our thoughts, moods, perceptions, and beliefs play in the reorganization of cells, and proves that environment affects their creation more than genetics.

Join Dr. Kaye, myself, and the channel as we explore how to consciously and energetically redirect our cells for healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


For The Love of Your Inner Child


We have studied the philosophical, the spiritual, and the emotional impact of our little children within, and how they are running us today.

Now join Dr. Shannon Wilson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and myself for an amazing look into the research and findings of how our child creates our adult, and how we can work with them (and retrain them) to be in support of our adult direction.

Find out about significant situations from your childhood, their implications in your life now, and tactical ways to deal with them.

Get real life answers to make real shifts, and move back into your empowerment.

Holding The Focus of Self Love


Wow! We are finding that we have been right in our information about the principle of self love.

We just had no idea that THIS is the basis of creation itself: both in dissolving the old and the creation of the new!

Join Dee for glorious exploration into self love and how to use it in the creation of light into manifestation.

Learn the specific steps, techniques and the EXPERIENCE of creating with this powerful tool.

If we are not utilizing self love, creation itself is …….non-existent. Holy Hell! What does THAT mean???

Restructuring Your Childhood Brain


We all know our personalities are in place between 4-7 years of age. We know what the brain perceives and is affected by, creates that personality.

Please join myself and expert Deborah McNelis, M.Ed, to delve into the reprogramming of our childhood brains so we can break free from programmed responses and into unlimited thinking and creation.

The more we understand what formed our early brains, the more knowledge we have to redirect them today.

I truly believe this is an urgently important step in our new freedom.

Personal Channeling with Dee


Dee will channel for you personally the greatest block/fear/belief from your Little Child that is holding you back.  You’ll send Dee your information and she’ll email the channeled message to you!

This includes the age and person who helped create this (along with you) for your further discernment and learning.

The Little Child Experience



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Dee Wallace

Internationally known Channel, Healer, Author and Actress


Dee Wallace is an internationally known healer, author and actress best known for her portrayal of the mother in Steven Spielberg’s academy award winning movie ET. Dee has spent the last 2 decades developing a remarkable healing model designed to work deeply in the core energy systems of the psyche to encourage profound yet instant release. This channeled information has helped heal AIDS, hormonal imbalance, depression, thyroid dysfunction and migraines among other dis-eases. Clients experience profound happiness, awakening and financial expansion.

The I~M system states, “I Am the Creation of Me.” We were given free will to choose the direction of energy in a conscious way: to focus it with thought and emotion into the desires of our heart. We are the powerful Gods we have been waiting for, and we must accept our divine opportunity to create ourselves, and therefore our world, with divine love, promise, and the availability of all possibilities within our creation process. Then all energy rushes in to support us, and partner with us in our creation. The more we love and empower ourselves, the more we create the universes of Us and the world we desire.


What People Are Saying About Dee


“Just sitting here thinking how much change I’ve had and how wonderful my life is…and it’s primarily due to you and your commitment to ‘learning’ energy and teaching others. Just eternally grateful.”



“I am writing to thank you over and over for the work you are doing and the clarity in which you bring forth powerful information.”



“This work has changed my life in every way. I am happier, healthier and creating more everywhere in my life. Thank you for teaching me how to use my power.”

-S.S. Kansas


“I thought I understood me, but I had no idea of what was running me! My marriage is much improved, and I feel happy to get up every morning. That is a lot to say after years of depression. I am so very thankful.”

-T.N. Texas


“I am no longer stuck in my story and am really starting to create from a brand new amazing place! My heart is soo full of gratitude to Dee ..that I feel like shouting it from the rooftops!”





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Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.