Theresa has designed a package specifically for YOU,

through the guidance of the Archangels, because YOU are READY.

You are NEEDED.  Your time to SHINE is NOW.


Theresa’s unique ability to hold you in a field of unconditional Love paves the way for healing and change at an incredibly accelerated rate. Her unique ability to connect to you and to the Archangels creates a loop of energy that rewires your system to the highest level of Joy, health, and openness that you can currently experience.


This package is right for you if you are ready to:

  • feel completely supported and focused at this time where everything feels very up in the air.
  • feel calmer and less overwhelmed.
  • increase your level of clarity around Who You Truly Are and your Purpose.
  • finally let go of comparison—in your own mind or the voices of others that still play in your head—in order to open to the next level of your Gifts.
  • feel more ALIVE (and safe in doing so.)

I mean, face it, we all know you don’t function like most other people. Let’s embrace it fully and start LIVING more!


You already tread softly upon this earth. Let’s increase your ability for feel ALIVE and enjoy the experience more thoroughly! Yes, there is much to do and much to be fixed, AND you do a much better job when you are able to function from an open-hearted and centered place.


Theresa and the Angels will bring you there through this package.  

You are READY. You are NEEDED. Your time to SHINE is NOW.


Angelic Journeys


Valued at $597


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45-minute Angel Reading
and Energy Therapy Session


Theresa will bring forth messages from your Angels and answer some of your deepest, most pressing questions.


Throughout the session, you will be held in a field of unconditional Love that will draw forth the perfection of your Soul. This allows any energy that is in resistance or incongruous with your Higher Purpose to be brought to Light, as it is ready to heal.


Throughout the session, the Angels will be offering a transmission of energy to further activate your soul song, so that it can ring more clearly and be received by those in your soul family who are yearning for and looking for you, as you are looking for them.


Theresa and the Angels then offer you the opportunity to release, transmute, rewire (using epigenetics), rectify, or heal these energies. Connection with your entire team, including your body elemental, guides, personal angels, as well as Archangels ensures the process is filled with ease and grace as incredibly powerful work is performed thoroughly, irreversibly, and efficiently.


Note: Though Theresa works primarily with the Archangels, you never know which beings of the highest Light might show up to assist you in your process.



Angelic Journeys

Archangel Michael Journey 


This journey and activation will prepare you for your session and continue to anchor the energy afterwards. It ensures that you maintain your momentum for as long as you are able.


You can go through this meditation as often as you feel guided, because the work is done with ease and grace. The energy works with your system to weave the shifts seamlessly into your experience.

Your higher self and the Archangels know what you are capable of handling at any time, so the clearing and integration is always the perfect one at the exact right time.


Through this process, Archangel Michael can become as big a part of your everyday life as you choose to invite him to be.


Archangel Gabriel Journey


Ever wonder what to say or how to express it?

Do you feel called to be more creative?

Are you wondering how to speak your Truth in a way it can be received?

Need the proper words to establish a boundary?


Have no fear, Archangel Gabriel—the Archangel of communication—is here. Gabriel will help you open up your throat and creativity, uniting the energies of expression and clearing anything that is ready to be released.


You can use this audio every day to make sure your communication is on point, or at times when you feel there is something specific you want to work on, with, or through.

Great for writer’s block and artistic resistance!


Archangels Raphael
and Ariel Journey


These two Archangels will work with you to heal all that you desire to rectify at the exact right level of your being.


When we see the physical manifestation of an issue, we can be assured that there is energy to clear in the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well.


This audio is designed specifically to laser-focus healing on those areas, so that the physical issues can heal to the greatest extent in less time, with more ease.


Ariel will also help you to integrate more of your own energy so that you can stand more firm in the face of the fluctuations (both personal and universal) that are occurring as we move through this paradigm shift.


Angelic Journeys


Valued at $597


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Theresa Vee

Angelic Channel, Master of Healing Art and Speaker


Theresa Vee is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, mentor, facilitator of healing, and Angelic channel.

She works with the people who feel that they should have attended Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters before being sent out into the “real” world, as she helps them to find the strength in their sensitivity and guides them in the use of these superpowers.

Theresa is a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for Peace who has been helping people expedite their healing and ascension for over 15 years. She empowers Sensitives to stand more fully in Who They Really Are so that they can live their Purpose and feel more alive and fulfilled.


What People Are Saying About Theresa


“Theresa has the energetic capacity of a love surgeon -removing all the debris that are no longer true for you and your highest service. After working with her, I was able to fully release huge stories of the past that were running my system but I could not unwind myself. It was a total body upgrade to allow me to serve at the highest level of living light.”

—Joanna Green


Theresa has a profound ability to hold others in the field of unconditional love. In that field, the shifts we desire are so much more easily within reach, because the resistance has melted away.  This is Theresa’s greatest gift: loving us towards our greatest, most alive, and most aligned lives.”

—Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach


Theresa recently presented “An Afternoon with the Angels” at a program I was hosting. Participants were able to bring their questions for the angels—both personal and universal.  Answers flowed effortlessly through Theresa with ease and grace. Information was delivered in a most loving manner, and there was a certain lighthearted atmosphere that only the Angels can provide. This allowed everyone to feel open and relaxed while deep inner shifts took place.  It was amazing to experience the clarity and accuracy of Theresa’s work. Each participant felt the like they were the only person in the room, the answers were on target, and everyone could feel the presence of their Angels. We all left know that they are always there and willing to assist.”

—Ma Mokshapriya Shakti


Theresa is a modern day goddess…a true visionary and leader for all of us to be inspired by, always giving us something to aspire toward. Her deep levels of presence, love, and compassion are testaments to her own commitment to doing the inner work. She takes big spiritual concepts and brings them alive and makes them tangible to our day to day lives. I am honored to call Theresa a sister, a mentor, and a friend.”

—Audra Baker


Theresa is a wild gem of a human. She brings soul and heartfelt wisdom through her words and guidance. Her manner is fresh and intuitive, lit with truth as she listens to deeper needs you may not yet know exist. She navigates the world with such a lightness that just shines and, brings resolution. She’s courageous and spunky, in a way that is some combination of Rainbow Brite meets Xena, Warrior Princess. Her work and intuition are deeply grounded, and she offers a perspective of clarity that I adore — a spiritual bird’s eye view. She’s concise, linear, methodical, all the while accessing the cosmos with a delightfully charming energy that radiates safety, presence, belonging, and wisdom. She can show up and meet you in all the heartache of life’s messy demolition, because whatever exists out there, she won’t let it phase her. And that resilience takes guts, so I know she’s been around enough to hold herself steady and have faith.”

—Lindsay Mae


Theresa’s deeply connected intuition and inner sight is a powerful force of nature. Holding a loving, warm yet strong presence, she intuitively knew the deeper gifts that I was holding back in expressing and remembering, and helped me to acknowledge the greater purpose I’m here to live. With the grace of a saint, the warmth of a mother and the fierce humor and genuine honesty that only a New Yorker could have—she accurately saw my deeper Soul’s gifts and help me recognize the beauty I’m here to embody in this lifetime. Funny, Warm, Eerily Intuitive, Radiant & Powerful, Theresa is a natural master of feeling your energy, what you need to change, where you can grow, and delivering the messages you need to hear. I cannot recommend Theresa highly enough. If you are ready to live in your vast potential, feel into your future self, and begin living from a place of liberated freedom, you need to work with Theresa.”











If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

*Please note, If the package you purchased includes a 1:1 session with the speaker, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session. You have six months from the date of purchase to schedule your appointment for your one-on-one with the speaker, unless otherwise specified.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.



Angelic Journeys


Valued at $597


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option