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This is not your mother’s Angelic Realm.

This package is a dynamic way to invite the Archangels into your life and have their teachings be relevant. NOW. You will be connected with others in your Angelic lineage and have tools to transmute energies quickly (on personal and global scales). You will connect with the Angels in a much deeper way and recognize the energy of specific Archangels when they show up in your day-to-day life.


Join Theresa and a community of like-hearted people as you begin to bring

the support of the Angelic Realm into your every day.


Be activated to the next level of your potential while transmuting the discordant energy inside and around you, all while being surrounded by and radiating the Infinite Love of the Angels.


All of the content in this package has been created specifically for Beyond the Ordinary listeners—through the guidance of the Archangels. Theresa tuned in to your vibration and this high-level work came through–because you are ready.



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Personal Experience
with an Archangel

3 different and distinctive heart-opening angelic journeys
where you meet one of the Archangels and experience
his or her energy for yourself.


You will learn how you perceive each Angel’s energy and and feel it in your body so that you will become better able to recognize how you connect and perceive when each of these Angels is around.


You will also grow to the next level of your relationship and communication with the Archangels.

  • Archangel Michael Journey
  • Archangel Ariel Journey
  • Archangel Raphael Journey





3 Transmissions
from the Angelic Realm

3 powerful energetic transmissions where the angels “bring it”.

These silent transmissions can be played once, or looped to keep the frequency running.



Archangel Michael Activation:

Get activated to your inner strength and personal power at a deeper level while feeling the Legion of Light standing with you.










Archangel Ariel Activation:

Known as the Lioness, Ariel is a fierce protector of children, animals, and the Earth. Ariel will immerse you in the energy of joy, so that you can reconnect to it whenever you need.










Archangel Raphael Activation:

Raphael is the healer of the Archangel group. His gift in this transmission is the energy of healing—for you personally, for those you Love, and for the Collective.










BTO Exclusive
Live Group Q & A

The Angels will be taking all of your questions ~ 
none too great or too small, and no topic is off limits!

(Theresa will answer any questions you have for her, as well.)


This powerful group call with a community of Highly Sensitive Lightworkers will connect you with your tribe and activate you to the next level of your work and how you show up in the world.


On this live call, Theresa and the Angels will talk about what it means to be a LoveWarrior in our current world. They will powerfully and lovingly guide you to your own personal next steps so that you can show up as the dynamic beacon of light that you feel called to be.

You don’t have to know how this looks, you just have to hear the voice and feel the fire inside that tells you that you are part of the change.




Package A



 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option

Valued at $147


Package B

Includes everything in Package A

(Limited to the first 30 Clients)


Your Own Personal
30-Minute Angel Reading!


Do you ever wish your angelic helpers were right next to you to talk with and to give you advice whenever you needed?


Most people do, and the truth is that they are there, and always waiting for you to call on them for help and assistance. They are sending you signs all the time. Sometimes, though, it is hard to get quiet enough to hear them, or difficult to trust that what you think you are perceiving is real.


That’s where I help!

I communicate with the angels and pass along their messages to you.


Your reading is a conversation and a healing session, where you can:

  • ask your questions (on any topic you choose)
  • seek guidance on your spiritual path or purpose
  • get advice on abundance—financial or otherwise
  • bask in the glow of their Unconditional Love and whatever they want to share with you in any moment
  • anything that you want clarity on—no topic is off-limits.


They will happily give you as much information as possible to help you to see situations from a higher vantage point because when you are feeling balanced and peaceful, you radiate that same feeling out to the world.


Your call will be full of personal messages from your Angels that are relevant to where you are today—in ALL aspects of your life. You will leave your call feeling Loved and Guided, as well as understanding how much the angels are already communicating with you in your everyday life and completely open to deepening that connection.



Package B


Limited to the first 30 Clients

Includes everything in Package A


 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option

Valued at $247


Theresa Vee

Angel Reader and Energy Therapist


Theresa Vee is a Love Warrior and a fierce stand for Peace. Her gift is to empower people to stand in their Truth and the Power of Who They Are by knowing and living their Purpose for being here. She has been facilitating deeply healing Work for over 15 years as a speaker, healing arts practitioner, spiritual teacher, and Angelic channel.

Her background in the creative arts and her scientific mind help her to stay grounded and teach incredibly complex spiritual principles in creative, entertaining, and relevant ways.





Theresa is a natural! As an intuitive healer I knew right away she was the real deal. She is truly gifted and connects with the angels with so much ease, grace, and devotion. Her desire to serve clearly comes from a place of love. I felt so held and taken care of throughout our conversation, even when she was being direct and honest.

Her angel reading was able to affirm in detail so much of what I’ve been feeling, thinking about, and struggling with, in my personal and professional life. The reading left me filled with immense faith and gratitude. It also inspired me to take action on what I need to let go of. It was nothing short of magical and miraculous.

-Paula Orozco, Women’s Healer & Spiritual Teacher


When I started working with Theresa my vision for my business wasn’t very clear, but I’ve gained a lot of clarity and made some necessary changes which allows me to serve from a place of true alignment with my Soul’s Purpose. I’m also really learning to understand and respect what my body needs as a Highly Sensitive Person, and that allows me to show up in a more powerful way for myself and my clients.

Before working with Theresa, people knew I was gay and a healer, but barely. I wasn’t totally hiding out, but I was hiding enough that I felt I was slowly suffocating. Now I freely talk about being psychic and doing energy work with great passion. I’m finding my place in the LGBT community and using my voice to help and educate others as well as talk about what I feel are the issues that need attention.

I’ve made so many great strides since working with Theresa, in part because of all the tools and modalities that she combines especially for me in each session. She is able to draw on her own life experiences, intuitive vision, and her coaching and teaching capabilities—on any topic. Her work with her Guides, the Angels, and Energy Therapy have helped us find and tackle limiting beliefs and energy blocks.

She is an amazing cheerleader and brings clarity so that I am able to see and experience the depth and scope of what I have accomplished.  If you are truly ready to “do the Work,” I highly recommend working with Theresa.

-Julie Fischer, Oswego, NY


Theresa has the energetic capacity of a love surgeon -removing all the debris that are no longer true for you and your highest service. If you are in transition, call her. If you are unable to tap into your own knowing —even if you do that for others for a living and have 10++ years of mastery, there is a point in time where you ‘may’ step back and just let another massage your heart into place.

In those times, call Theresa. Her degree of embodied wisdom will offer you the clarity to take that next leap, or even step, with full joy and confidence.   After working with her, I was able to fully release huge stories of the past that were running my system but I could not unwind myself. It was a total body upgrade to allow me to serve at the highest level of living light.

-Joanna Green, Chief Funologist


Theresa walks her talk by bringing health and vibrancy to her own life and will do the same to inspire that in you. She holds a container full of high integrity, love, wisdom, and commitment to your full potential. She’s also got a fabulous sense of humor that will help to lighten up your journey towards vibrant health.

Most people who are as deeply connected spiritually as Theresa seem to be ungrounded or otherwise not-enough-in-this-world. She, on the other hand, embodies both by being in her humanity and in her light body self at the same time. She has a rare ability to connect with the Spirit world in a deeply grounded and accessible way.

-Kavita Leela Arora


My Angel Reading with Theresa was spot on. There are things she shared that she would have not known beforehand, and I was able to make some connections I didn’t think I would be able to make. She is loving and honest, just like the Angels. She shares exactly what she’s being given, so that you can make the purest connection possible.

I felt so good after our reading—so connected in so many ways. The best part? This experience opened me to connecting more deeply, enabling me to receive and interpret the messages I was already getting on my own!

-Pam Chanfrau





If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!



*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.



Package A



Package B



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option