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including the audio digital recordings of William’s presentations.


This is a unique time, a whole new paradigm, and a whole new level of light-beingness and vibrancy, where physical and material form is constantly metamorphosizing, metastasizing and changing over its own vibratorial levels to work, function and play in a whole different array of unfoldment’s via all the changes happening within and for you, and around you, to let yourself begin to become accessible and the receiver of all of creation and of yourself; the rest of the levels of yourself that are now igniting, becoming unveiled and coming to life.

This package will assist you in constantly being and feeling at home – everywhere in a body on a planet. You will begin to experience and run through an in-depth level of understanding, of why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling for eons; and moving into having all of it physically, mentally and emotionally start to make more sense for you, to where you can absolutely let every facet, on every level, in every direction, be cleared out, resolved and dissolved eminently.

You will see and feel so much more vibrantness, heightenedness and so much more clarity within your life and the outside world.

You will be feeling, receiving and getting so much more from life, due to the lack of an unnecessary battle with oneself for a place to fit and belong within a body on a planet.


Integration and Expression of the Universe Through You



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3 Inner Journey’s with William Linville



Journey 1:
Assisting Children –
Crystals, Rainbows, Indigoes and Stars





A discussion about the wave of divinely unique children coming forth within and for brother humanity, their individually unique qualities and influences as amplifiers of clarity, openness and change.













The second release in a series of Inner Journeys with William Linville, is an in-depth discussion of the many legions of Angelic, Archangelic and Ascended Host Realms that have been and are assisting each and everyone of us, all the way from the Caves of Creation, into the womb and beyond, as we awaken into single-minded-ness; Creator emanating, amplifying and learning through its creation.






Journey 3:
The Planet





A wide open walk through of the multi-dimensional flow of consciousness, beginning with the interplay of the planetary matrix, flowing on into a Universal agreement to accelerate the arisement of consciousness; creator waking up in creation and expanding upon itself.







How To Let You and
The Universe Express


How To Let You and The Universe Express Through You As Well As Receiving In All Areas of Your Life


This program is a beautifully insightful dance of letting go and allowing the whole Universe to flow through you, and all around, as you express your brilliant presence as the giving and receiving in one.


It is a program of you and your life-stream as a whole, opening up as you’re breaking down all of the limiting, conflicting and confining structures that you’ve ever been taught and embodied, breaking down the pain bodies, emotional bodies and the causal levels, allowing yourself to receive all the gifts that Universe has to offer.


Expressing Your
Individual Uniqueness


Using the Strainer of Gold Light is a brief excerpt from an hour and a half program of Expressing Your Individual Uniqueness Beyond Arising Fears and Watching All the Gifts in Your Physical Manifestational World Come Into Form.

This is such a heart-felt program in which William walks with you to see and feel the truly uniqued expression of you beyond lingering perceptional fears, doubts and judgements.


Using the Strainer of Gold Light is just one small example of the program content assisting you to see and step ever further into the uniqued love that you are, opening and expanding to know what you want to know and enjoy what you enjoy beyond all that you’ve been taught to think you enjoy as you give yourself permission to play, express and receive the gifts awaiting you in the physical manifestational world.


Expressing and Receiving
Love In All Ways


This beautiful program of love, lightness and expression begins with a quick paced review of the consciousness of humanity, where it has been and where it is going as it reawakens into its exquisite brilliance to receive and express love without limitations and boundaries.


It is a presentation of how to continuously open expansively within the love that you are, which can be a bit unfamiliar as you’re stepping out of a karmic paradigm and into openness, looking anew at everyone through the eyes of creator in an exercise of opening your eyes to the benevolent Universal view of you, friends, family, children, partners, indeed all of humanity including your adversaries and nemeses.


Enjoy savoring you in an abundance of love.


Becoming the Vortex
and Universal Portal of Light


Becoming the Vortex and Universal Portal of Light That You Are & Watching All that Occurs Around You begins with an overview of the emotional levels of the psyche/sub-psyche; thoughts that have been held in alignment that have been feeding sequence of events (magnetic repeats of identificational realms), their effects on your physical body and life-stream, and unfolds into rising above them into your higher levels – your integrated states of Creator Consciousness Incarnate.


This excerpted preview presents an exercise of embodying you within your physical form as presented during the program.




The Transcendence of Fears
Into Fruition and Lightness





This program is an honestly refreshing perspective of what fears are, how they were created and how to easily transcend them.

Tools for guiding and assisting young ones to live fearlessly, yet guided by wisdom, are included in this program.







Integration and Expression of the
Universe Through You



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ABOUT William Linville

Consciousness Guide


William Linville is a name used to physically recognize this presence of Universal Consciousness of pristine clarity and unbounded love, as the presence that is presenting and fully integrated through this physical form that we recognize as a William Linville. This consciousness we know as William is an instrument of the Universe and holds the innate ability to view Akashic records, the halls of honor and the life-streams of all Humanity and all Kingdoms, and sooo much more, in an unfiltered purity of omnipotent love for all. He is here to assist you as you fully integrate your Unique, Divine Presence as you’re moving into and creating within the new paradigms unfolding within your world and throughout the Universe, seeing the difference you make and the importance you are and always have been. For you are Creator Incarnate, creating the divine, omnipotent change that you’ve been seeking for, as well as of the amazing, divine gifts that come from it.


What People Are Saying About William

Exploring Your True Pathways has been really Incredible! The opportunity of being able to go through the audio and video prior to participating in the teleconference and webcast has facilitated so much understanding and willingness to initiate some profound changes or simply letting go of old, heavy ways of being on the planet! It has helped me so much and answered so much more in so many ways… so much more understanding and expansion which allows for a smoother integration.
Carole – Quebec, Canada

Exploring Your True Pathways is AWESOME! The short entries and clips make the explorations, studies and contemplations of questions and materials so much easier to fit into a workday. I am very grateful to ALL of Universalis as well as those who join together world-wide to bring in the ideas as well as energies and frequencies that attend our explorations!
– A.R. 

William Linville has been a profound teacher and guide for me. I cannot imagine where I would be without his teachings. To this day, William continues to be a transformative presence in my life.
– Christine Marie

In just one session it feels like William cleared lifetimes of debris from my mind, body, and soul. It feels as though someone hit the reset button, and now everything is changing.
– T.K.

I had the most amazing session with William!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this all my life. My whole body principle is changing and now feels “whole”. The void/emptiness has gone. WOW!! – Naomi Lang

Will has been a source of support in my movement through a very deep transformational process, providing clarity and understanding without agendas. I am fortunate to have met him.
– Leah Melamed

William answered my question so powerfully, that I am not and will not be the same. I see things differently. I feel my body differently.
– Jennifer









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Integration and Expression of the
Universe Through You



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