Brand new live 4 week journey for March 1st 2020!


This is an invitation for star seeds, visionaries, grid workers, light workers and the game changers that are consciously co-creating and embodying heaven on Earth!


Are you accessing ALL that wants to come in for you?

What are your multi-dimensional gifts that want to come through?

Starseeds it’s time to awaken, activate and anchor in your codes of light.


No more hanging around in subconscious realities. You know you are awake and you know you came here to be the bridge. You know you came here to anchor in the light and activate those around you simply by shifting your frequency.


“Sey-Ku ta nah pah ku pey phey to ka pah nah tu peu pey neh ky pah nah sey tu nu ku, qeu tu nah pah nu pah ta nah sey pu nah, key sey key sey, nuh puh pah nah ta”

We journey together in a co-creative container with 4 live group calls and Facebook live Q&A’s- where YOU get to set the intention, the experience and witness to what you are ready to receive at this time.

Feel held throughout this entire process, morning, noon & night.

With a Facebook group creating intentional space to inspire, uplift, receive and come together in UNITY.


This is a brand new transmission that wants to be bought through for 2020, as self-expression through activation, sound attunement, galactic journeying, energetic expansion and alignment to ALL of YOU!

The galactic within will be a dimensional road map on how to access parts of yourself that need to be HERE NOW.


What will we be doing during these calls?


Activating the galactic within!


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Week 1:




  • Energetic hygiene to download all that is waiting for you
  • Calling back ALL of your energy
  • Clearing your akashic records that are blocking your downloads
  • Connect to Gaia, your heart, higher self and ALL of your divine light team
  • Learn to seek the guidance of your higher self, connect, play, build intimacy with this special part of you – and allow your higher self to the do the heavy lifting!




Week 2:





  • Activating your light body
  • Practice to clear, cleanse & purify your energy field ready to journey
  • Activation to bring you to a point to know who you truly BE
  • Delivering your being to you!






Week 3:




  • Journey into different potentials, realms & portals to see which one is aligned for your soul’s journey and your galactic truth
  • Journey into the black holes of infinite potential
  • Opening to receive your star seed memories & how to access them
  • Connecting to YOU as a star seed and who you BE






Week 4:




  • Crystal clear vision on how you see the world shifting, how you see yourself shifting and how you see your life/interactions with the world around you shifting!
  • Downloading any multi-dimensional gifts you are ready to receive at this time
    Integration, implementation and co-creating with your new downloads








“Within you lives a dream, a dream of worlds that you haven’t even seen before. These worlds bring treasures that YOU are HERE to embody & live!”


I journey with you in sacred space to a land beyond what you see to create wonderful states of awareness, were you ground & adventure to bring your visions alive!


YOU are the impossible given enough “time” to create, and YOU are a miraculous creation of the divine!


So as you understand the impossible, given enough “time” all is possible – the beauty of quantum creation is there is no time – so any perceived gaps, waiting or putting off to the future can be bought into the HERE & NOW.



Imagine – YOU, in divine alignment, witnessing your holographic Universe through purpose, intention and divine self-expression.

YOU are the divine expressing itself – so what is the divine wanting to express through YOU?

What memories as a star seed are you missing?

What lies dormant waiting to be activated within?

The Galactic awaits your treasures!


Come on a journey with us – your friends of light, come and journey into the expansion of truth, the multi-dimensional realms of YOU, beautiful, expanded you that wants to play, co-create and embody heaven on Earth!”

“I am self-expression of the beyond, beyond boundaries, limitations, fears, thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs. I am the expression of the divine, joyFULL, funFULL, playFULL, loveFULL.”

Anything can be created through divine self-expression so journey with us on this miraculous adventure and see what awaits you, what pieces of self-expression are waiting to be unlocked and what are you needing to know right HERE, right now to do what you came here to do?


Come and journey with your soul, take an adventure with your higher self and meet YOU, remember YOU, beautiful star seed, seeding your intentions, desires and creations into the world.

Sharing your divine magic for all to witness. See yourself as who you BE, right HERE & right NOW!



This is a deeply immersive 4 week experience – Once we open the container with the first call let ALL that wants to flood into your existence activate and open.


What’s the Outcome/Transformation?

  • Clarity on purpose
  • Connection to your higher-self
  • Connection to who you be!
  • Communication to spirit
  • CommUNITY to soul tribe all in support of your greatest transformation




What are the dates? How much time will I need?

We begin March 1st 2020

  • Opening Facebook group & preparation work March 1st
  • Live Call Tuesday 3rd (Leave around 1-2 hours)
  • Facebook Live Thursday 5th (30 minutes)
  • Live Call Tuesday 10th (Leave around 1-2 hours)
  • Facebook Live Thursday 12th (30 minutes)
  • Live Call Tuesday 17th (Leave around 1-2 hours)
  • Facebook Live Thursday 19th (30 minutes)
  • Live Call Tuesday 24th (Leave around 1-2 hours)
  • Facebook Closing Live 26th (30 minutes)


If you cannot make the live calls – you get full access to ALL the replays, you will need around 3 hours commitment for this weekly container.

Recommendations of foods, meditations practices and breath work also included to make the most of this “light work”

In light, play & divine service always!


Bonus 1:
Channeling with
Spirit Masterclass


Over 2 hours of recorded content

This masterclass will help to build confidence with your connection to spirit as you learn to receive the transmission through opening your energetic centers.


We will start off with a guided meditation to calm and ground your being, followed by a sacred frequency sound journey to activate your third eye.


Once your energies are aligned we will then journey through and learn how to create a dimensional space to speak with one of your guides, higher self, heart, angels or any other beings of light that wish to communicate with you at this time.


Learning to channel clearly is a foundational tool of any awakening journey and art that develops and deepens with practice, patience and time.

  • Develop your channeling practice.
  • You already channel but wanting to learn more.
  • You have needed a little energetic confidence boost, re-connecting to your heart, truth and intuitive guidance.


Bonus 2:
The path of the Feminine -
Opening to Receive


Over two hours of recorded content

This recorded ceremony will start off with a guided energy clearing using sound healing and light encoded DNA activation.


Leading through an ancient journey of the heart, into the Earth and connecting with the womb space of Gaia to restore and replenish your electromagnetic energy field.

Flowing through breath work and movement ready to set new inspired intentions ready for the continued joys of your soul’s path.


Learning to pay attention to new messages or ways of “doing” things that may come through from this journey.

Letting go of old limiting beliefs and coming back to the core and truth of who you are, pure divine love.


This journey is about softness, divine flow, opening to receive and setting new abundant intentions for your 2019 desires.

If you have been feeling lack of motivation, overly emotional, still feeling stuck then this ceremony will help to restore, ground and renew your being.


Activating the galactic within!


Valued at $1111


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Zoe Davenport

Multi-Dimensional Channel | Author | Speaker



Today, Zoe uses her multidimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. She seeks to guide them towards self-love, authenticity, creative potential, energetic mastery and the embodiment of their higher selves.

Her ability to hold the multi-dimensional field open accelerates a person’s potential and allows them to make a quantum shift in reality, jump to the highest timeline and ground their creative expression into the human experience. She is here to support those ready to expand upon their leadership roles – using her intuitive gifts of potential outcomes to easily guide a person towards their most aligned journey.

From continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah, Zoe draws upon ancient knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person’s divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and a synergy between divine feminine yin energy of BEing and divine masculine energy of inspired action.
Her work is activating, accelerating, grounded and always calling upon the highest timeline making quantum shifts in a person’s reality.

Zoe speaks internationally, hosts crystalline activation retreats, group programs and virtual/live seminars on the power of self-love as a visionary leader.



What People Are Saying About Zoe


“Zoe is an absolute master and ascension guide! Transmitting the most pure love, light, and divine guidance to support you in awakening to your truth and soul’s intention for this lifetime.”

Christina Cunnison


Zoe showed me how to simplify life allowing me to finally embody and ground! Zoe is a loving powerhouse Ascension guide who goes out of her way to ensure you receive everything that you need for succeeding. I am absolutely grateful for the honor of working with her.”

-Prem Sarit Rose


As a result of this mentorship, I am utterly ecstatic about walking into this new year, and feel ready to create the most amazing and magical reality. Zoe Davenport is a phenomenal ascension guide and a galactic power house!”

-Sierra Morningstar Blue


One of the best things I have done this year! I’m very thankful, to Zoe and our beautiful group and all the beings of light and love for this divine experience”

-Joanna, Australia


If Zoe is in your path, say YES! Trust, and see your life blossom as you dive deep within your own heart.”

-Yolanda Curtis










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Activating the galactic within!


Valued at $1111


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option