Alana Fairchild: Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring

Are you ready to say YES to the Universe?

There is a divine destiny, a sacred mission, meant for you. Your heart yearns for it, your soul knows how to create it.


You are a healer. Whether you provide healing professionally or in more ‘undercover’ ways, your spiritual presence as a healer in this world helps create balance and consciousness, promoting human spiritual evolution. The planet needs you to be brave, to trust yourself and to shine your light without fear.


Alana Fairchild, the best-selling author and singing, dancing oracle goddess and divine alchemist, joins BTO to discuss the soul purpose of healing that exists within you, on the path of consciousness, even if you don’t think of yourself in that way. With her sense of humour, highly sensitive spiritual connection and open heart, she’ll take you into her world of the divine, of creative empowerment, and spiritual inspiration to take the leaps of faith, surrender and boldness that we need to bring our divine light to the world.


As part of a special offer for this BTO broadcast, Alana is offering a 50% discount off Module One of her highly successful year-long online training program for healers. Training commences on 13th February 2017.


The Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring training uses Alana’s stunning Crystal Mandala Oracle deck, as well as music, books, meditation CDs and sacred ritual. The course has been channeled through Alana’s higher guidance to help you attain your divine purpose. For you, that may mean taking your career as a professional healer to the next level (or perhaps beginning your career in the healing arts) or it could mean personal support for evolution and development with an outstanding opportunity to be held in a field of high spiritual consciousness, consistently through the year of training.


Why not open your heart to divine possibilities in 2017 and let Alana’s training program help you make this your most spiritually transformative and powerful year yet … We want to support you in opening your heart to all that is destined for you, so you can embrace your beautiful destiny with joy and courage. There is so much meant for you.


Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring


Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring

Professional Online Training Program for Healers



The Program Mission Statement
We want you to manifest your destiny as a successful, inspired practitioner in the healing arts. We want you to earn an income through meaningful work that empowers you – and your clients – to fulfil your extraordinary divine potential. We believe you have come to this planet with special work to do. We want to help you succeed in your sacred life purpose because when you win, love wins. And when love wins, we all do.


Perhaps you are new to healing, with little or no experience, wondering if maybe you could be a healer. Or you might already be an experienced healer with training in many different modalities, but are ready for that special something to support you as you increase your spiritual empowerment and grow your professional success to a new level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, there is a next step available for you and we want to help you get there.


Alana has created a professional online training program for healers, designed to increase your personal empowerment, ground your divine talents, attract clients and help you to be seen, respected and sought out for the spiritual healing that you can offer as a licensed practitioner.


During the program you will learn how to practice a powerful and unique spiritual healing modality with many practical applications. The program has been designed to also support you through your own personal transformation and empowering spiritual healing process We believe that the field of spiritual guidance holding this training is genuine, loving and effective. Many of our trainees report feeling deeply held, guided, and transformed during the program. We want this same experience for you, and so we invite you to go deep into this sacred journey with us.


We believe that the world needs you to be brave, to believe in yourself and trust in all that you were born to become. Give us a year to nurture you and your spiritual talents, to help you create a practical, successful, inspirational career. We will guide and support you through a transformational program to be ready to take on the world (with love).


You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will just want to do it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, we believe that there is a divine reason for that. We encourage you to trust in that intuition. Your mind may doubt but when your heart speaks, listen. It is your time to shine bright.



Welcome to Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring
Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring is a unique and powerful spiritual healing modality channelled by Alana Fairchild and her higher spiritual guidance. These are the same guides that help Alana create her best-selling oracle decks, books, meditations and music. As you work with the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality, you will be encouraged to empower yourself and your clients with an unconditionally loving spiritual consciousness that we believe evokes deep healing at a soul level.


The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) recognises Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring as an approved modality and the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring program as an approved training provider.


A Professional Online Training Program for Healers
The online training program includes technical training in the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality, materials to support your increased personal empowerment and spiritual development of yourself as a guiding light in the world, as well as a heart-centred approach to practical matters for a successful healing practice including suggestions for marketing and insurance, financial and administrative matters, healthy boundaries, professional ethics and more. It has been designed to help you gain confidence personally whilst supporting you to build a soulful and successful career doing what you love.


Is this training appropriate for beginners?
You can do this training whether you are completely new to spiritual matters and this is your first course, to begin a healing career, or if you are a practitioner already qualified in other modalities and looking to further empower yourself and your sacred work. The training program has been designed to meet you ‘where you are at’ and help you take the next step on your journey, whatever that may be for you.


Our Online Training Program
We are so proud to present a lovingly crafted, divinely channelled online healing program to encourage and help empower you to fulfil your divine destiny as a guiding light on the earth.


The training program is comprised of four modules, run every six weeks with short breaks in between. The training takes one year to complete. The four modules will guide you through a spiritual empowerment process, building on each other and growing your energy field as you work through the course materials. Each module takes you deeper into the techniques of the modality, whilst supporting your spiritual development at the same time.


During what we believe will be a transformational year with us, you will have the opportunity to experience the loving energy of the spiritual guidance that created this program with Alana. It’s a bit like having a year-long spiritual healing session with loving higher guidance. Many of our trainees have shared with us that they grow personally, spiritually and professionally during the program.


You will be encouraged through the program to trust yourself and your divine connection unconditionally, discover and express your authentic soul voice, learn how to deal with the challenges of being a guiding light on the planet at this time, whilst opening up to the great joy of your true spiritual path and sacred life purpose.

Module 1: Heart Awakening

In the first module you will be supported to connect with the angelic realms for divine healing. You will explore the evolution of the soul, the divine feminine wisdom as it applies to spiritual growth and Alana will share experiences from her own personal and professional journey to help you on yours. You will learn about unplugging from mass consciousness, overcoming negative belief systems in a peaceful and powerful way, how you might best manage the impact of mass media and how you can deal with procrastination or feeling overwhelmed on your path. You will be encouraged to become a creative rather than reactive presence in the world. Alana will also share some personal experiences of what it is like to translate an ideal fantasy of sacred work as a healer into real life experience, and how to handle the highs and lows of that process. She will give you helpful guidance on dealing with spiritual crisis as you grow and take steps forward on your divine life path.


You’ll also hear Alana and Dr Jo Boney, the course assessment supervisor whom Alana has mentored for over a decade, laughing as they share some of their personal stories about their spiritual journey, to help you deal with the challenges of spiritual growth.


In this module you will also learn how to work the first healing energy template in the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring method which is the Crystal Angels 444 template, using Alana’s Crystal Mandala Oracle (shown above) along with powerful words and sacred actions, with an intention to create an angelic healing energy field. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Angels 444 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 444 vibration) and be guided by Alana’s Radiance meditations.


Working with angelic energy can be such a special experience, unconditionally loving and nurturing. It is a safe yet powerful place to begin our training together.

Moduel 2: Soul Connection

In this module you are supported to connect with the Ascended Masters for divine healing. You will be guided to explore your divine purpose, to stand strong in your own truth, and to trust in your intuition and discernment, to be authentically connected to your inner wisdom.

Module 3: Empowered Voice

In this module you are supported to connect with the wild feminine goddesses for divine healing. We believe you will be ready for more advanced material by this stage, including dealing with negativity and lower vibrational consciousness in a more loving and empowered way.

Module 4: Inspired Presence

The emphasis in the final module is you. It encourages you to discover and develop your own unique soul presence and divine purpose, through working with the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality, and beyond. You will be supported to trust and express your unique divine energy and sacred life purpose. You will be encouraged to step into a position of increasing professional success as a guiding light on the earth at this time.

Successful completion of the training

At the end of each module is an assessment, which supports you in integrating the wisdom of that module and helping us ensure that you are learning and growing, becoming ready for the next module to follow. We respond to your assessment personally, staying in tune with you and encouraging your progress to get the most out of the training.


A beautiful certificate of completion is granted as you pass through each module and upon successful completion of the fourth module, we also honour your achievement with a joyful “graduation” celebration, likely to be an online event so that all trainees have an increased chance to attend. Upon successful completion of the training program, you then become eligible for a license as a Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring practitioner.


Benefits for Licensed Practitioners
We are genuinely encouraging of your success, so our support of you and your sacred work as a Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring practitioner can continue if you so choose. As a licensed practitioner, you will receive a hard copy of our Practitioner License to display, and a range of additional benefits including a website listing on our website.


Licensed practitioners also receive access to an optional marketing kit with suggestions and supportive content for press releases, email campaigns, graphic design logos and guidance for doing public appearances, interviews and writing articles and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to be a part of our online practitioner group, which is a way to build friendships and network to grow your business and gain helpful support from our loving community. We also think you’ll enjoy your 20% practitioner discount in Alana’s website store on books, CDs, DVDs and of course, her best-selling oracle decks.


Licensed SGSM practitioners are eligible for special practitioner-only events and shorter self-paced training courses only available to our practitioner community. These added extras are entirely optional for licensed practitioners, designed to increase the energy of your healing practice and support your personal spiritual journey, and in doing so, to attract new clients, enhancing your professional success. These programs are available on an ad hoc basis, as dictated by Alana’s guidance.


First Module ‘Try It Out’ Option
Many of you will simply feel that this is right for you and enrol in the full program with trust. We also know that some of you will need a chance to ‘try it out’. If you want to do this you can enrol in module one, Heart Awakening, as a stand-alone option. This will give you a taste of the program and then if you choose to continue with us, you can commit to the rest of the training. We typically find that the benefits of the training are swiftly experienced and our continuation rate from Module One into the full course is exceptionally high.


Next Intake
Training for 2017 begins on 13th February 2017, graduation is on 25th November 2017.
If you have found us after the start date and feel very strongly that you want to join us this year, rather than wait for the following year intake, then email the admin angel as soon as possible at with your request and we will tune into the situation and see what we can suggest.


One-on-one support
Alana and Jo Boney are available for additional mentoring at a special student discount rate. Their time is limited but time for you will be made a priority. Details for booking and the discounted rate for mentoring when you are enrolled in this training program are included in the Student Guide.


As a student, you will also have access to our online Facebook group to discuss your studies and relate to the other members of the soul group moving through the training along with you. This is not a substitute for professional mentoring but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love. Some beautiful connections and powerful learning experiences happen through the energy that is shared with the Facebook group. Alana also provides regular updates and additional guidance when needed. Details for joining this group will be given in the welcome email you receive upon your enrolment. You are encouraged to join it to receive the benefits, even if it means learning how to use Facebook to do it (it’s not very difficult and our admin angel can be so helpful with such matters).


Your Weekly Commitment
Approximately 4 – 6 hours each week will be required for you to maintain your studies. Our Student Guide contains guidance for taking care of yourself during the training and a detailed week-to-week suggested study guide which will help you stay on top of your studies and get the most out of your very special year with us.


Further Information
Further information about the training program and your sacred work as a Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor is available on the website. You’ll find our detailed Student Guide, Terms and Conditions, and Practitioner Code of Conduct in easy-to-read downloadable PDF.

How the program began

Alana was driving home one late summer afternoon, after having had a relaxing hot-stone massage. The sun was setting, casting a beautiful golden-pink glow in the sky. Alana felt an unexpected and overwhelming feeling of love wash through her. Then a message came from her higher guidance. She was told that she was to start a school. She didn’t understand the guidance at the time but accepted it would make sense in the future.


Several years later, she began writing for Blue Angel, including the crystal book series of Crystal Masters 333, Crystal Angels 444 and Crystal Goddesses 888. At the publisher’s request she wrote healing exercises in the books and they both agreed to include the crystal mandala artwork. As the information poured through her, Alana was amazed at how vast the content was, and how in the midst of writing the first book, an entire series came into view to be written. Her publisher remarked that they were like textbooks for the future, a sense that Alana had too.


Once the first three books were written, Alana’s guidance began to nudge her towards the development of an online training program. She realised that the books were spiritual textbooks for a particular soul group that were here to help humanity awaken from fear into love. The training program was to help that soul group fulfil their divine mission.


Alana realised that higher guidance had been preparing this program long before she really knew much about it! She understood that the program was the work of the loving spiritual guidance that had been with her since birth (and even before that) and was going to help many healers fulfil their sacred life’s work of helping others by awakening and expressing their spiritual gifts.


Once Alana started developing the training program content, it poured through yet again. Sometimes in the middle of the night she would wake up with large ‘chunks’ of the training program being explained to her. She would ‘get it’ then fall back asleep, awaken the next day and get to writing, recording and developing the content given.


One evening, higher guidance woke her up and said that the Crystal Mandala Oracle that Alana was planning on writing was going to be used in the training program. The only problem was that Alana had it scheduled to write in about two years’ time!


Half asleep, Alana said, “OK, I understand, I’ll do it,” and fell asleep again. When she woke up the next morning and realised that she only had two weeks to write a deck that would usually take her two months to complete, she realised why guidance chose the middle of the night to tell her! She could just sleepily agree and not realise the implications. Then the Universe would be empowered to sort out the details for her before she could worry about how it could be done.


Within a very short time the following morning, a new agreement was organised with her publisher, and with a lot of discipline and divine assistance, and help from her amazing publishing team at Blue Angel, the new deck was completed on schedule.


Alana came to recognise when the guidance directing the program were going to give her some important piece of information or assistance, because she would get a feeling of great happiness and excitement welling up in her heart without any particular reason for it. Often a gift of roses would be given to her in unusual ways too.


She began to recognise that these were the ‘spiritual signatures’ of the guides creating the program through her, to help the special soul group of healers that are divinely destined to do sacred work on this planet at this time.


Sometimes Alana would receive a vision, where she was shown how the program was going to help people. Tears would just roll down her face at the beauty, the joy and the loving encouragement that the guides were bringing through this training program to help some very special souls to fulfil their divine mission on earth.

Whats Other Are Saying About Alana

“I thought I knew what I was in for. It’s been more powerful than I expected it to be, especially so soon. I did a distance healing and got feedback on a profound shift from the person. I never imagined that could have happened, it was amazing! This work is powerful. All this beautiful stuff pours out. Wow, where did that come from? I feel held by the divine, so loved and supported, even when issues come up. It’s a beautiful place to live from, it’s quite incredible. I wish everyone could experience this!”
Monique from Australia


“I just wanted to share the most incredible meditation … it literally felt like my heart was cracking open, clearing away multiple layers and I began to cry. What a blessing and a gift, I am feeling very grateful, humble and thankful for this course. Talk about awakening the heart!”

Nicki from New Zealand


“I no longer run and hide and feel afraid of the dark. This work is truly miraculous! I am so honoured and my heart is filled with gratitude and love as I learn and grow and uncover the light of my soul and share with all of you. Thank you! Bless you!”

Connie from the USA


“Absolutely everything you said on your video to us resonated profoundly. I love “we must be what we are and that is what brings us joy.” My gratitude to you for being all of who you are, as my spiritual teacher, is actually beyond words. The journey of all this is exquisite, deepening and expanding to assist me in fulfilling what I am here to do, my soul mission.”

Holliebeth from Australia


“How wonderful this course is. I honestly didn’t think learning to laugh and have spontaneous fun would be an important part of growing. So many beautiful surprises, words cannot express the love and gratitude for this incredible course.”

Lea from Australia


“I already imagined feeling homesick when this course would be over and thought I’d have to send Alana an email asking for a continuing program because it isn’t possible that it ends here.”
Marielle from The Netherlands


“Thank you so much Alana because after watching the video I had an emotional release, I could feel the support and love so strongly that is there for me and all of us to do this work. Your voice is one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, when you speak and when you sing. Everything you said helped me to trust and feel the support I was needing for this next step. So thank you! I adore you! Diving in …” Jessilynn from the USA

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30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.


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