Alejandro Lazaro

Healer, astrologer and yogi offering astro-cartography readings with the intention of expanding love-consciousness.

Astro-Cartography is an exploration into the potential effect of planetary meridians on cities around the world with regard to your birth-time. Diagrams and maps will show both opposing harmonious and harsh aspects, over the cities of your choosing to explore their respective benefits and hindrances. Planet meridians have en effect of +250 miles and are interpreted relative to distance. Exploring the city you live and researching for travel are examples of the countless meditations that are available.

As we continue to unpack the layers of soul and self, choice sets the foundation for reality. What is the degree of separation between right and wrong? What happens when I choose awareness and presence?

We continue to call in the necessary space to allow things to reveal, unfold and once again be decided anew. Fear is a choice, as are doubt and faith. The intention of teacher as expander, of knowledge as freedom, and of life as infinite.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • August 6 at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET