Alicia Power: Ultimate Empowerment

The spirit world knows your deepest soul. It knows where your soul has been.


In this ‘Ultimate Empowerment’ series Alicia Power reveals revolutionary information and real skills that could accelerate your life – into your deepest dreams.


What is creating the drag in your life?


Have you wondered why you haven’t managed to achieve your soul dreams?


Ultimate Empowerment


Ultimate Empowerment



ULTIMATE EMPOWERMENT – Through Partnering With The Spirit World

  • Learn to steer your movie clearly,
  • attract correct realities,
  • open to higher intelligence,
  • lightning fast release of blocks,
  • manage relationships without psychic naïveté,
  • accelerate your personal and global leadership,
  • know your partner’s or friend’s true soul resonance.


Partnering with the spirit world CAN and DOES make all the difference. Levels of authority in the spirit world have the power to cut through dragging realities – to partner with you to create exactly what you want.

Item 1: Module 1- Real Empowerment

This lecture series and training will awaken you to a higher playing field of life.


“We interact with the quantum field with zero awareness of what is connecting with us from that field. We are not sovereign in our own energy field!”Alicia Power


Alicia and her Senior Spirit Tutors compassionately map out WHAT is taking place everyday in our lives, behind the veil of physicality.


This lecture from Alicia’s Spirit Tutors carefully outlines the REAL situation of living a life as a human, while lifting one’s resonance into the divine.

  • How our quantum reality works in connection with our human consciousness.
  • Process: Meet a beautiful being of light, and explore ‘being’ Light.
  • Learn to heal your aura.
  • THE CONCEPT OF BEING A HUMAN: Being a spirit inside a human body.
  • What is the soul constantly searching for during our human existence.
  • What is Psychic Pain?
  • How to navigate our internal dichotomies, plus our outside world.
  • How to get smart – how to work energy so you can form the right reality on your movie screen.

Item 2: Module 2- Psychic Hygiene



“If you don’t clean up what transmitted itself into your aura – it will burrow its way into an archive or a chakra – it will implant itself, and begin to send out a signal to your auric field and thus directly affect your thinking and feeling.”

  • Start now – to regularly Xray your auric field – your frequency depends on it.
  • How The Auric Field Interacts With The Quantum Soup
  • How We Become Affected By Other People’s Lower Resonance
  • What Actually Happens In Our Aura When Lower Energy Connects To Us
  • Why Partnering With Spirit Experts Creates Exponential Results
  • Specific Spirit Beings Who Expertly Clear Our Fields
  • Introduction To Powerful Auric Clearing Techniques
  • Clearing Other People’s Auras
  • How These Techniques Immediately Change Our Thinking
  • The Unique Value of Alicia’s Training In Psychic Hygiene
  • More ways to work with the Auric Field

Item 3: Module 3- Psychic Profiling

Now you can understand ‘who’ you are dealing with…




“Using these techniques saves your emotional life – It empowers you.”


“It’s not the person – it’s the psychic beings that are associated with that person that you need to know about.”

  • How most of our disempowerment comes from the psychic worlds
  • Become super clear WHY someone annoys or terrifies you
  • Know EXACTLY the true nature of their soul
  • No more naïveté
  • What are entities attracted to?
  • How darkness tricks you
  • How do entities amplify psychic pain?
  • Can we ourselves become ‘infected’ by entities?
  • Now stay safe no matter who you are dealing with the tools I reveal.

Item 4: Module 4 - Quantum Manifestation

Super powerful techniques, combined with an initiation to partner directly with the owners of this quantum matrix – gives you keys and power you can and do dream of.


Out of this world powerful.


Be ready to receive your keys to a fulfilled fully-empowered life.


This final module will open your heart, it will awaken your soul.


You will be given the keys to heaven…
With the keys revealed in this module Quantum Manifestation – you will learn to fly – beyond fear and shadow.


“We are 100% energy beings – and we’re working within a quantum field that responds to us every second instantaneously.”

  • Alicia initiates you into partnership with Creator Levels
  • Receive keys to using your God-given abilities, anyone can do this
  • Learn about acceleration in manifestation
  • Discover the simplicity and magical connection between your heart and the matrix
  • Learn how to change realities in your own life – and globally
  • Discover a rocket booster element reserved only for students of Alicia
  • Be initiated into your soul leadership.


This module has the ability to develop your soul into its full power.


Be ready and aware that you are entering sacred territory as you listen!


Namaste everyone! Wow – I’m kind of amazed I’ve been allowed to hand this to you….


(Remember there is a Creator Frequency impregnated in all my words, and the tone of my voice. This is what is shifting you as you listen.)


Item 5: Healing 1 - Change Your Life By Instructing A Spirit Helper

Powerful 36 mins – where you’ll INSTRUCT your Guide to change the SMALL things in your life….. (like money)!


Alicia mentors you into a key moment of instructing spirit – correctly.


Alicia’s 23 years of partnering with Senior Spirit Tutors instantly opens this relationship for you in this portal moment – beyond time and space. Where your heart can feel, and send it’s true longing to the correct level of support for your life.

  • Feel YOUR connection more clearly so that your confidence grows.
  • Alicia will support you to clearly ask for two essential changes to your life.
  • Each of these two prayers will take a LOT of careful concentration from you
  • Alicia will guide you into a simple open-hearted moment with your spirit helpers so that your directive to them is received by them more strongly.
  • Alicia will create a vortex of high energy of light and love – which helps your Spirit Guides connect with YOU.

Item 6: Healing 2 - Heal A Big Confusion Using Your Spirit Guide

Powerful Healing… 37 mins of WATCHING your Guide REACH IN to your being and FIND & REWIRE YOUR CONFUSION… (maybe about an opportunity, a person you know, about yourself!…) so you FEEL CLEAR and not held back…


This confusion could be about your own abilities, about a circumstance, about options you have to choose between, or about someone else impacting on your self-esteem. CONFUSION generally comes from fear – fear of simply stepping past that PERCEIVED dynamic or situation.


If you sense into your quiet moments with these healer guides – you will notice how amazingly FAST they RE-WIRE your subliminal fear or confusion. Incredible.

  • Gain a real sense of inner peace and ‘can-do’ attitude – on an issue that right now is holding you back. One minute you can’t move forward when you think about this situation – the next moment it seems like ‘not a big deal’.
  • This certainly won’t be a ‘Heal-All’ situation. Rather we will zero in on one or two areas of real confusion in you where you may feel kinda stuck … whatever it is for you.
  • I’ll keep your attention on the playground inside. (This is SO much fun for me – I’m an expert in playing in the deep end of human consciousness.) My voice will keep you engaged so you don’t fall asleep. Reason I’m saying this? The healing light vortex will become quite powerful – and you may feel sleepy as a result.

Item 7: Healing 3 - Painful Beliefs From Past Lives


Surgical Transmutation of Past Life Trauma


Many of us have been in roles of power in past lives – and even today we can feel the devastating legacy of failure in these roles. Or, debilitating on-going pain-filled themes that repeat over many human lifetimes – can still be part of our psychology today.


After 25 years of partnering with Senior Spirit Tutors, this healing session will be deep and exponential in the speed of YOUR consciousness re-patterning.


If you are longing to step past some BIG soul-ancient fears, like ‘being seen’ (some of you know EXACTLY how that feels) – in this etheric surgery session my CEO-level Spirit Technicians will be present with you. And, they have THE AUTHORITY to CHANGE soul contracts, and repattern trauma comprehensively.
Old wounds DO heal – especially if you REPEAT this healing often.


And the FREEDOM TO EXPRESS your essence builds quickly from this frequent exposure to these high authority spirit technicians.

What Others Are Saying About Alicia

“Alicia, Thank you so much for this. I was touched to tears. Love”



“Thank you Alicia! I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered you…no accident. My soul loves this work.”



“Thank you dearest Alicia….. Your recordings clarify a lot of information that is not readily available. And your sincerity to help and integrity shines through!”



“This is beautiful, powerful and so very practical all presented with grace, joy and love! Thank you, Alicia, for your loving soul!”



“Thank you Alicia, I am sad to be at the end of this audio course with you. You have been in my pocket every day. It has been amazing in so many ways! I have been able to access deep inside of me. I am so grateful for all your teachings – and now onto the next course! So GREAT and excited !! Thank you for sharing all of you with us. You have a huge purpose and are doing it so well. I am blessed to have you in my life and trust someday we will meet in person 🙂 Love always xo”



“Alicia, I’m in love with you and your Spirit Tutor’s work. Magical things have happened, since I began listening to your mp3’s. Very exciting!”



30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.