Anamika: Flourishing in These Times of Uncertainty and Chaos

As we enter this new year, it’s rich with opportunity for magical new creation as never before.

In the face of so many surprises and so much uncertainty, these times can be extraordinarily challenging.

Yet, they can also be extraordinarily up-lifting. As our old reality is unraveling, we are reweaving and birthing anew at the same time.

This is a pivotal moment in the evolution of human consciousness.

Everything that is going on in you and in the world, no matter how it appears on the surface, is part of this grand evolution.

The potential of these times is not just to grow more in the same old direction, but to leap the bounds of everything we’ve ever known into an entirely new way of being.

From there, nothing will turn out the way we most fear or even most hope. It can be far better than that!

Especially for you who have done profound spiritual work, this moment is ripe for experiencing these new realms of who you are, and your power to create and co-create. This package has been designed to optimize your conscious evolution.



Package A


Package A

Item 1: Discovering and Creating from New Resonances

We are changing more intensely than ever before. Our very nature is changing, as is the nature of what we experience as reality.

We’ve never been here before!


The current turbulence and ambiguity is because we are not simply further awakening within an old operating system, paradigm or reality. It’s that who we and our world have been are unraveling and reweaving anew.


In this process, everything about how we work, relate, and express ourselves is becoming different.

We can easily wonder: Am I losing myself, going crazy, or doing something wrong? How am I supposed to function and have a life? How am I supposed to work, relate to others and build a new world from this unknown place?


There is much to understand and experience in this time of change that’s different than ever before.

I will be describing the uniqueness of the process we are amidst. I will also be providing an energy transmission and journey so that you can experience the new resonances that are available. In touching and embodying new octaves, every area of your life can more effortlessly unfold in an elegantly creative and magical way.


In this workshop you’ll:

  • Feel the new resonances inside and outside of your body
  • Distinguish more clearly between your old and new self
  • Make deeper contact with a new sense of self
  • Let go of who you are no longer
  • Learn how to effortlessly create from your new resonances

Item 2: Finding New Hope in These Challenging Times

Turning on the news can be a depressing experience these days. It seems like there’s always more bad news than good. Our favorite politician may be down in the polls, a natural disaster strikes somewhere, and an act of terrorism takes lives. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! We feel scared, angry, helpless and powerless.


Sometimes even being on the spiritual path feels like it doesn’t help.

It can bring up very intense feelings which can feel worse temporarily. The intensity of change in 2016 can be difficult for even the most experienced of journeyers yet it’s also full of hope, lightness and freedom.

How do we find this hope in the midst of such challenging times?



Join Anamika to discover:

  • How things are actually going right in the world despite appearances to the contrary
  • What false hope is and why it and hopelessness are actually two sides of the same coin
  • What the true energy of hope is and how to access it as a felt experience versus an intellectual concept
  • The empowering perspective of working with dark and light energies within ourselves instead of fearing/fighting them out in the world
  • How bringing compassion to our own darkness as well as our light changes us and changes the world
  • An experience of this new octave of hope which gives birth to a new you and a new life

Item 3: Integration and expansion - Special Access to Anamika's community

This 2 Month Community Membership Program includes great benefits that include:



  • Anamika’s Online Workshop in English: Every Saturday, @ 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET.
  • Anamika’s Online Workshop in French: Every Wednesday, @ 11 am PT / 8 pm France.





  • Access the LIVE weekly online workshop via phone, computer and handheld device. (Normally $25 per workshop.)



  • Enjoy all the previous online workshops and bonus audios & videos on a variety of topics.



  • Ask questions and share with Anamika and each other outside of the online workshops.



  • Enjoy updates from Anamika in between the online classes to support you in being aware of the current growth opportunities and how to best utilize them.



  • Submit and vote on the topics you’d like Anamika to include in the online workshops. One workshop per month will be created from the topic with the most votes!



  • Members receive 20% off select products.

What Others Are Saying About Anamika

“Anamika, your words are like liquid flowing into me. I am beginning to understand the word ‘awakening’ as though I had been in a long deep sleep. I no longer feel isolated or separated. I feel the LOVE everywhere.”

Roma Downey / Actress


“Anamika transmits a standing wave of love and effortlessly draws us into its embrace so that the experience becomes our own. It’s simply uncanny….”

Norman Seeff / Film Director



“I immediately recognized Anamika’s words and energy as profund truth. Her work has allowed me to open more fully to my own truth and divinity.”

Marci Shimoff / Author


“Anamika is special to me in particular because she is my personal coach and healer. This is someone who tricked me into doing a session with her (she didn’t really) and I am forever grateful. She is an amazing soul, a powerful transformational teacher, and an incredible guide who has these crazy gifts she came in with. As a result she has been able to have a level of consciousness and guidance with the folks she coaches that allows her to really lay it out, “Here’s what’s going on, here’s how to shift, here’s how to find and discover you.”

Jennifer McLean / McLean Masterworks


“Anamika, in times of “confusion” I still hear the Love which is you and the state of graciousness that always emanates from your mere presence.”

Maida Millan / Photographer

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30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.


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