Anamika: Our Extraordinary Power to Create


How does creating reality work? Can we consciously create it? Is there a different way to create than what we’ve known? Yes! Each of us is a limitless and powerful creator.


Creating is a process that occurs spontaneously beyond our understanding and beyond time and space. It’s so natural, that we’re not aware of our consciousness creating in each moment in concert with All. The outer form of our lives comes from the resonances of our consciousness. Our resonances effortlessly create form.


In this special offer, Anamika guides you through the principles and the energetic experience of two major creative resonances, Love and Abundance. You will experience both the power to create from these resonance fields as well as to create new resonances where none existed before.



Our Extraordinary Power to Create


Our Extraordinary Power to Create

Item 1: Creating Abundance From New Resonances Workshop

As uncertain and full of crisis as these times are, they are also ripe with potential for greater abundance than ever before. But what is abundance and how do we generate it? The subject of abundance, and money in particular, can bring up survival fears and panic. It’s a highly charged topic.


Abundance, however, is not a taboo subject as often thought, but part of our spiritual growth. It is not about how much money we have or how many things we accumulate as commonly thought. We can have a billion dollars and not be abundant at all. Even though it seems that we need to earn money and work hard to become abundant, money and abundance don’t actually come from outside of us. Nor are they manifested in a linear cause and effect manner, even though that’s how it appears.


Abundance is a natural state of being in which there is no limit to what we are able to choose to experience. It’s always there within us; it’s an experience. It’s a field of resonances with a wealth of unlimited thought, richness of feeling and spiritual depth. The resonances that radiate from abundance effortlessly create physical resource, including money, in surprising and synergistic ways. All the abundance we could ever wish for is already within us, but most people have many emotions, beliefs and stories that impede its manifestation in the physical world.


This workshop will be a journey of liberation from misconceptions into the art of abundance. In this natural state we create with ease, elegance, and innovative magic.


In this workshop we will:

  • explore the false meanings we assign to money, prosperity and abundance
  • become aware of blockages such as guilt, unworthiness, destructive contracts, and difficulty in receiving that separate us from our abundance
  • discover where money and abundance really come from
  • experience the resonances of abundance that are within us
  • learn to amplify the field of abundance so it can create unimpeded

Item 2: New Resonances Of Love Workshop

When looking for solutions in these uniquely challenging times, we tend to search our minds. It easy to forget that it’s our love that has the power to create. When we take the time to connect with the love and compassion in our hearts, its radiance creates and co-creates positive change.


Now, more than ever, all of humanity needs love. Each one of us needs love, and every part of us needs love too.


Our earliest imprint of love comes from our relationship with our mother. Healing that is an important part of opening to greater love. While we can long to feel the beauty of love, it can also seem frightening. Many have spent lifetimes seeking it and wanting more, but at the same time running away from it. Sometimes we push it away unintentionally without realizing why or how.


Whatever love we’ve known, no matter how splendid and unconditional, is only a fraction of what exists as love. There are nameless depths so radiant with light that they are incomprehensible, beyond imagination. As we learn to touch and be touched by the radiance of this nameless love, we transform our fear and pain, and transcend our sorrow.


In experiencing its radiance, we change our essence, our very nature, and our reality. We not only heal the past, but we become new, and as does love itself. In its radiance we can celebrate all that is, including the parts we don’t like. In celebrating All, we experience its sacredness. To make sacred really means to connect deeply with it. Thus, celebrating connects us to All in extraordinary co-creation.


In this workshop, we will:

  • honor the love that we have already experienced throughout life
  • explore our resistance to experiencing and receiving greater
  • heal your relationship with your mother more deeply
  • learn to celebrate All, even the parts we think we don’t like
  • touch the radiant resonances of love, which change us forever
  • experience the power of your love, which changes you and All forever

Item 3: Two Months in Anamika’s Community Membership Program


  • Anamika’s Online Workshop in English: Every Saturday, @ 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET.
  • Anamika’s Online Workshop in French: Every Wednesday, @ 11 am PT / 8 pm France.



  • Access the LIVE weekly online workshop via phone, computer and handheld device. (Normally $25 per workshop.)



  • Enjoy all the previous online workshops and bonus audios & videos on a variety of topics.



  • Ask questions and share with Anamika and each other outside of the online workshops.



  • Enjoy updates from Anamika in between the online classes to support you in being aware of the current growth opportunities and how to best utilize them.



  • Submit and vote on the topics you’d like Anamika to include in the online workshops. One workshop per month will be created from the topic with the most votes!



  • Members receive 20% off select products.

BONUS: Form and Creating

Anamika’s bonus offer is two chapters, Form and Creating from her newest book and… Both these chapters are a perfect complement to her special offer workshops, Creating Abundance from New Resonances, and New Resonances of Love.

“Every sentence is a potent life-changing truth.”

What Others Are Saying About Anamika

Anamika, your words are like liquid flowing into me. I am beginning to understand the word ‘awakening’ as though I had been in a long deep sleep. I no longer feel isolated or separated. I feel the LOVE everywhere.”

Roma Downey / Actress


“Anamika transmits a standing wave of love and effortlessly draws us into its embrace so that the experience becomes our own. It’s simply uncanny….”

Norman Seeff / Film Director


“Anamika, I can never thank you enough for being in my life. You’ve truly given me a life for the first time.”

Sarah Ferguson / Duchess of York


“Anamika’s energy transmission is absolutely relevant for now. It has created greater clarity, happiness and serenity. “

Louis Gossett, Jr. / Actor


“That was awesome! I loved the part about having it All within me. That it’s ok to open to this, letting go of all of the lack stories. “

Lisa, CA.


“I will never forget this place I discovered in the journey. I saw a field of diamond-like flowers that was going far away to the horizon limitless, moving under the breeze.”

Yazemeenah, CA.

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