Brandy Gillmore: Discover Your Own Unique Energetic Self-Healing Code

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are working on self-healing, is that they try to use the same strategies and modalities that other people have used to get better. And then? … they wonder why it’s not working for them.

The obvious fact that most people overlook is that we are all different.


Whether you are working with archangels, nutrition, or guides, we each have a unique energetic code of what is needed for our bodies to heal.


Unfortunately, this is why following exactly what others are doing typically does not work for YOUR body, and can waste a lot of time and money.

That’s exactly where Brandy was for several years of her life. Trying everything she could find.


What finally changed it all was when Brandy figured out her body’s own unique energetic code. It became life-changing. Not only was she able to heal, Brandy developed an ability to understand and connect with energy to a level that is virtually unheard of. After her recovery she has been helping people around the world do the same in their own lives. Brandy’s accident became a life-changing gift and she now knows that everything happens for a reason. If you are here, there is always a reason for that too…

  • Do you know about the energy of the body, you still have not been able to produce the self-healing results you are wanting?

Unfortunately, health issues carry with them a negative energy in themselves that can damper your energy and your experience of life.

And for most people, even though they know about the energy of the body, they still fail at getting results. Many people are confused with which energy healing to try, what diet is best for them, which supplements, what energy needs to be changed? How does the mind work for self-healing? Most people, who have been trying to read their own energy or who use muscle testing or various types of energetic biofeedback are actually shocked to find out they have been getting false readings!! If you’re thinking to yourself, “that cannot be possible, I am sure the results I am getting are accurate!”… I understand. Even experts who have taken Brandy’s course are surprised by what they were missing out on!

After working with Brandy, people report:

  • Rapid self-healing results.
  • Feeling more in love with life than ever before.
  • Increased understanding of energy and how it works and being able to use their energy.
  • Feeling empowered in their health and life! And SO much more.


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Package A

Item 1: 7 Module Video Course: Discover Your Body’s Unique Energetic Code to Self-Heal

If you look at the variety of self-healing modalities, different types of energy healing, and the millions of supplements, vitamins, products, on the market, they’ve all probably helped someone at some point. But, if you had to go through every different type of diet or supplement or type of healing modality to heal your body, that would be very expensive!! And waste a lot of years by while you were trying every product. Not only that, but it would not help you learn to use your own energy. This is why it is so important to understand YOUR Unique self-healing code. What is your body’s energy needing? What are the energetic imbalances that are occurring? What nutrition does your energy want? What deficiencies is your body experiencing? These are all important questions that your body can reveal to you when you Discover Your Unique Self-Healing Code. In this course, you will:

  • Learn powerful ways to start shifting your energy and health immediately.
  • Unlock your body’s unique energetic healing ability
  • Connect with your body’s own unique energy.
  • Quickly identify energetic nutritional deficiencies that can hold you back from self-healing.
  • Understand your energy at a whole new level.
  • Develop the ability to understand your own unique energetic code and clearly understand what your body is wanting.


Module 1: Your Body’s Energetic code

When it comes to getting real results for self-healing, it’s important to look at all factors that can affect the body and the energy of the body and locate the imbalance. Of course, you know that. And, you also know that our bodies are all different. Which also means, it’s not just about following what someone else did for self-healing,. Rather it requires looking at your own energetic code. This, of course, it’s why it’s important for you to know your body’s own unique self-healing code. Not only for now, but also for your life and your future. Which makes logical sense. But most people don’t know how to do this… and the ones who do feel like they are checking what their body’s need would be shocked to know they are getting false readings from their body! They have no idea this is happening.





Module 2: Connecting with Your Unique Energetic Code

Prepare to be surprised! Now that you have created a strong connection to your energy in the first module, this module is about connecting with your unique energetic code. And, if you are already familiar with checking your own energy, as mentioned previously, prepare to be shocked to find the answers that almost everyone is getting while checking their energy are inaccurate. This module will help enable you to overcome common mistakes that even seasoned experts are missing. This is a very interactive video where you will be working with your body’s energy for much of the process throughout this video.







Module 3: Identifying the Deficiencies

As you know, nutritional deficiencies in the body cause an imbalance to the energy of the body that can block the bodies self-healing ability. So obviously, they are important. Not only that, but it is estimated about 90% of serotonin is created in the gut. Serotonin helps with happiness, The unfortunate reality is that most people have more deficiencies than they realize. This module is very interactive, as Brandy walks you through a step by step process to help you identify specifically what your body is missing. In this module, you will also continue to gain key insights to up-level your ability to work with your own energy!







Module 4: Supercharge Your Body and your Energy

More surprises in this module about how to use your energy! What most people don’t realize is that there are several factors in your energy that can cause false readings – at a subconscious level. In this module, we continue the theme of using your energy in a different way and to help you identify what is really in alignment for your energy and your body.








Module 5: Connecting with Your Mind’s Self-Healing Code

Brandy’s in-depth understanding of energy has given her a mind-blowing ability to demonstrate consistent results! Brandy is known for showing people how to release their own chronic pain within minutes, even under thermal medical equipment, using only their mind and energy! In this module, Brandy shares with you powerful insights on how understand and start using the power of your mind to get real results!







Module 6: The Mind-Body-Soul Keys for Self-Healing

In Brandy’s work with the mind, she has found 4 specific keys in the mind that are needed to shift energetic healing of the body and to direct the flow of energy for conscious creation! She calls them the 4 Mind-Body-Soul Keys. It is important to identify these keys and transform these specific energetic neural pathways. Once you begin to understand them and shift them, you will be able to see how powerful they are!







Module 7: Release and Elevate

Finally!! After reprogramming your energy, it is important to release the negative unwanted energy from the body and from the energetic field. It’s not only great for your health, it helps you to feel light! and is energetically liberating as it helps you to get unstuck and gives you more power to you create the life you are wanting!

Item 2: Welcome Call and Intro Video

This call is to help jump start your progress into the modules. Brandy will provide powerful tips that will be helpful as you are working through the modules to help get your own results even faster! You are also welcome to ask any questions you have pertaining to your own situation.

Welcome Call:

  • Jul 25, 2017 1:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Item 3: Peaceful Sleep activator

As we all know, lack of sleep can detrimental to your health and your happiness. It can result in increased irritably, stress, and frustration, which can make it hard or nearly impossible to maintain happiness, and your energy! But when sleep is restful, this can help raise your level of joy and happiness, as well as help get the body in a state for optimal energy. This Sleep Activator powerfully combines brain entrainment with subliminals, binaural beats, and energetic frequencies. It is focused on helping to support your mind, energy and biofield, and therefore support your body’s optimal natural sleep state to help you fall asleep and remain sleeping throughout the night for a more restful and peaceful sleep.

Item 4: Morning Self-Healing Activator

When reprogramming your mind and energy, it is important to start your morning off with the new programming. And not just “programming” but the right programming. It can help dramatically increase your results and your success! The Morning Self-Healing Activator brings in powerful key energies into your mind and body to help tap into your bodies healing abilities! This Activator combines brain entrainment, subliminals, binaural beats, and energetic frequencies.

Bonus: Anti-Aging Activator

New research continues to be released on the effects of meditation and anti-aging. It has shown that meditation can help protect telomere on the end of the chromosomes that are responsible for aging to help reverse aging, and that meditation can even take years off your physiological life. This Anti-Aging activator has been created to help amplify these results! The activator uses specific frequencies, audibles and subliminals geared towards helping to support and optimize these powerful effects in your own life, while also placing specific focus on helping to reduce the visible signs of aging.







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Package B

Package B



Includes everything in Package A PLUS

Two 75 Minute Live Groups Calls, One Activation

AND one Meditation!

Item 5: Two 75 Minute LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Doing a course alone can be great because you can go at your own speed, but it can also be nice to have support along the way. The goal for the group calls is to set you up for success! And to provide you with support up front in working through the process with your video set. During the Group coaching, Brandy can answer any questions you have to provide you with assistance along the way.

During these group calls, you will be able to:

  • Have the opportunity to get any questions you have answered
  • “Workshop it!”: Receive assistance in implementing the key concepts contained in this course.
  • Do interactive energy exercises on the calls.
  • Feel further empowered!
  • Gain additional insights on learning to shift your own energy
  • While it would be best to not miss this invaluable time together, the coaching calls will be recorded.

Group Intro Calls:

  • Aug 1, 2017 12:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
  • Aug 15, 2017 12:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Item 6: Stress Release and Empowerment Activator

Stress negatively impacts your health and overall wellbeing in life we know that! So of course, being able to release stress is important for your life. This activator contains powerful energetic frequencies along with brain entrainment and a guided meditation to assist you in helping to release stress and negative patterning and to shift it into a more empowered state of being.

Item 7: Awakening Meditation

It’s an exciting time in the world as we move into an awakened state of being. However, most people still struggle with feelings of undeserving or feeling unworthy. This powerful guided meditation helps you to overcome these feelings of unworthiness, and bring new empowered feelings into your subconscious programming.








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Package C

Package C



Includes everything in Package A & B PLUS

a 45 Minute Private Session with Brandy

AND a $100 discount off a future session!!

Item 8: 45 Minute One-on-One Session with Brandy

In a 1-on-1 private session with Brandy you will get the opportunity to go deep with Brandy to receive support and invaluable insights on specific key areas of your life. Her level of understanding and knowledge in working with energy is mind-blowing. She will help you up-level your life and identify the stuck energies linked to your health or holding you back in life. During your one on one session you will also receive assistance in helping you shift these stuck energies that have felt virtually impossible to move. The goal is to help support and provide you with the assistance needed to create a rapid and authentic shift/transformation in your own life.

Item 9: $100 Discount for a future Session

Take advantage of this great value to not only have a 45 Minute Private session with Brandy with this package to ALSO receive a $100 Discount toward you next session with Brandy!








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About Brandy Gillmore

Motivational and Self Healer Speaker


After making her own miraculous recovery and leaving her wheelchair behind, Brandy Gillmore has been turning heads by sharing her revolutionary approach to helping people quickly get out of physical, mental, and emotional pain and transform their lives. She recently gave a mind-blowing TEDx talk on self-healing, and has also been featured on stages across the U.S. and in Canada. She is known for leaving audiences awestruck by demonstrating immediate live results by showing people how to release their own pain- even within minutes, using only the power of their mind. Today she coaches celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and groups worldwide on her process of “Harnessing Your Inner Power.” Her work is frequently described as “miraculous and mind-expanding” as she shows people how to truly understand and harness the power of their own mind.



What Others Are Saying About Brandy


“I have been around the world working with the greatest intuitives, psychics and energy workers seeking truth, healing and enlightment, and I have never seen anyone with Brandy’s abilities. Brandy reads energy like most people read the yellow pages. Truly incredible.” 

D.F. – Peru


“Thank you, Brandy, for showing me how to relieve my pain so quickly and so permanently.
After suffering from intense leg pain for over two years, I met one of your clients who recommended you highly as the one person who could help me. My pain was growing more intense every month, and at moments was reaching a level of 10. I had been to my Primary Care Physician, as well as the Endocrinologist, both of whom couldn’t find the problem through lab tests. I spent hundreds of dollars visiting other practitioners, all without any relief. Then I found you. What you did for me that day was a miracle. With your special techniques you helped me discover the source of the pain through a mind/body connection, and within twenty minutes, yes just 20 minutes, ALL of my pain was gone. Since then, when the stressors in life begin to cause me physical pain, I use the same techniques you taught me, and within seconds all of the pain goes away.”

S. J. P.


“I’d been experiencing extreme neck pain for years. I was referred to Brandy, not really thinking what she did would work, but desperate to try anything. Somehow, she was able to immediately identify the stress that was affecting my body. She helped me to do a couple of mind exercises to change my energy. Even as I did these steps, the pain began dissipating until it was just gone! She is incredible. I thanked her for taking away my pain for me. She responded that I was the one who did it, and that she just coached me to use my own mind and energy. All I know was that I was pain free in just few minutes only… truly amazing! And it makes me want to understand more about what my mind can do.”



“I’ve noticed HUGE changes in myself…HUGE!!!! WOW! I’m SO appreciative and excited about the videos that I’ve encouraged my friend Sally to get them and work with them. I intend to encourage my group of Unity women to purchase the videos. They’re absolutely life-changing!” 

Joanne Noll
“The day before you came to see me, I was having suicidal thoughts. I just didn’t see the point of living this life and being a burden. You really changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.”


30-Day Money- Back Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

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