Bree Melanson: Soul Sculpt ~ Unleash Your Limitless Expression & Soul’s Purpose

Manifest your limitless expression and make lifetimes of change by clearing your own life-long subconscious patterns. You’ll learn not only how to access your own subconscious blocks, but also how to energetically clear them to help you unravel your soul’s voice, purpose and highest expression.

This advanced course will link you up with your future fully-expressed self and teach you how to change any negative patterning in all areas of your life for permanent, real, soul-level change.

Stop circling back to unhealthy romantic patterns or blocks with finances, clear lifetimes of karma to create rewarding relationships and abundance on all levels. Unplug from doubt and old patterning and into your true, soulful, infinite expression!


This is the ‘best of’ from years of working with others to create what many call ‘miracles’ and channeled new material on exactly how-to move out of limitation and into ease, well-being joy and abundance. You will have an enormous amount of tools to pull on for life!

  • Uncover the biggest subconscious equations that keeps you stuck – you won’t believe what you’re holding!
  • How to identify and change your own subconscious beliefs using easy therapeutic + energetic techniques
  • How to do energetic clearings on yourself on a soul, cellular and genetic level
  • Easy formulas to shift major subconscious programing
  • Manifesting secrets to create quick and powerful change by tapping into your future self + bridging the gap between where you stand and where you want to be
  • Powerful manifestation process with Pleiadian activations

Package A


Package B


Package A

Item 1: Change Your Deep Subconscious Beliefs

Lesson on how to find and change a deep subconscious beliefs. How the subconscious works and concrete formulas to find your own subconscious blocks and change them for good. Learn how to never get stuck again in limitation + how to access your soul’s perspective to manifest what you desire.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration: 54 Minutes

Item 2: Learn How to Clear Hidden Resentment

Lesson on the quickest + most concise method to reach personal freedom and empowerment through clearing hidden resentment.

You won’t believe what you’re holding! This is the biggest block to manifesting what you desire. Learn how to shift this and allow abundance to flow on all levels.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration: 44 Minutes

Item 3: How to Muscle Test

Instructional video on how to muscle test for beliefs and communicate with your body, subconscious, and soul.


Video / Duration: 10 Minutes

Item 4: Mediation to Identify and Clear a Deep Subconscious Belief

Mediation to Identify + Energetically Clear A Core Subconscious Belief. Learn how to find and clear beliefs on a subconscious, genetic and soul level to make profound change.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration: 10 Minutes

Item 5: Meditation to Clear a Core Belief

Quick Meditation to Clear a Core Belief on an subconscious, genetic and soul level. This meditation helps you to become your own energetic healer + connect with your infinite life source to create healing.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration: 8 Minutes

Item 6: Forgiveness Meditation and Soul Cleaning

Become complete with karmic relationship patterns to create abundance on all levels. Connect with your soul’s perspective and find out why your soul has charted specific relationships and conditions for your learning and expansion. Make lifetimes of change now. Create lifetimes of change with this powerful healing and clearing meditation.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration: 14 Minutes

Item 7: Worksheet and Powerful Formula Core Limiting Beliefs

This simple formula can clear up a lifetime of patterning and can be equated to years of therapy. This will teach you how to move out of limitation in any area of your life.



Item 8: Worksheet and Forgiveness Factor Formula

Move through this simple formula to make lifetimes of change. This worksheet will unlock you from limitation and help you to create abundance on all levels.



Item 9: Core Beliefs and Hidden Resentment

Master identifying and clearing your own blocks + beliefs! Become your own energetic healer for true liberation.

Create comprehensive understanding and change. Tying these two together will be the only formulas you’ll ever need to access your unconditional, limitless self.









Package B

Package B


Includes Everything in Package A PLUS Manifestation Audio, Activation and much MORE!

Item 10: Most Common Block and Programs People Hold

A comprehensive list of the most common programs that people hold around money, success, abundance, love, health and manifesting. You can use these lists to test yourself and clear each belief! After working with thousands of people, I have compiled the biggest beliefs that keep people stuck to help you unlock freedom and abundance on all levels!


2 PDF’s

Item 11: 5 Major Blocks to Manifest

Master Manifesting Class Video and Audio including The 5 Major Blocks to manifesting and how to move past them. Moon rituals and activation are helpful, but if you’re not changing your patterns, you’re not changing your life. The truth is we’re manifesting all the time, we just have to clear up our beliefs and vibration. This class clearly breaks down the specific areas where people stuck and how to shift your thinking and energy on a powerful level quickly and easily. This is not a basic class, this is advanced material for real, tangible change!


Video and Downloadable Mp3 / Duration 1 Hour

Item 12: Manifesting Energetic Meditation with Pleiadian Activations and Clearings

Manifesting Energetic Meditation with Pleiadian Activation’s and Clearings. This meditation links you with your future-self that is expressed and helps to bridge the gap between that expression and now on a deep energetic level. It includes energetic activation’s to help you speed up your manifesting process and link you with your future self.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration 30 Minutes

Item 13: Manifesting Exercises Worksheet

Use this worksheet to move out of limitation and into abundance by identifying your major thought patterns and create specific ways for you to move out of them for permanent and lasting change.



Item 14: Manifest Monumental Change

Meet your future self + shorten the gap between your highest expression and where you stand now. Speed up divine timing with this powerful process.”Meditation Process to Manifest Monumental Change Through Shifting A Core Belief. In this meditation and clearing we tie in the two packages to activate your highest expression. Go deep by exploring your alternate reality where you are fully expanded and connect and communicate with your higher future self. Step into real change with this life-changing process and clearing.


Downloadable Mp3 / Duration 21 Minutes





About Bree Melanson

Psychic and Medium


Bree is a celebrated psychic and medium making her mark on the all-things-esoteric world making it more accessible to everyone; sharing spiritual straight-talk and direct channeled messages from light beings on how to our unfold potential. The depth of her work is unparalleled; single sessions equate to years of traditional therapy and classes helping people make lifetimes of change through concise psychological processes + divine insight. She offers online courses and international workshops teaching people how to access their own intuitive gifts and reach their highest potential by tapping into their soul. Her approach is fresh, contemporary, real and raw, assisting us in lifting the veil between worlds and demystifying the mystical.





What Others Are Saying About Bree


“I could have never imagined how life changing this program would be. The way Bree teaches is incredible, she takes away all the “drama” of dealing with the spiritual world and focuses on practical and beneficial tools you can use in your everyday life. I literally can’t go back to my old bad habits. I have tools to help me in my journey to true happiness and awareness.”


“The clearings and meditations were unreal. I’ve never had such positive and visceral responses from other meditations. The course is loaded with tools, direction, guidance and massive support.”


“This is important work that is ahead of it’s time. Bree has somehow managed to create a course about very advanced topics, in a beautiful, light-hearted way. She has made things so accessible. I think what I loved most about the course is that the information is presented in a very down to earth way. Bree’s sense of humor is awesome. If you are feeling the call to do this work, do it! THANK YOU for creating this course, Bree.”


“I promise you, this one session was worth more than a lifetime of therapy. My session with Bree was nothing short of breathtaking. She literally opened the doorway for me to have a direct conversation with my soul and why I’m here this lifetime. Bree’s not kidding when she says you can make lifetimes of change in one session. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this peaceful and so expansive. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Book a session and be ready to hear and feel more than you ever imagined possible.”

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*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.

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