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Cherie Vergini

Cherie is a Pet Communicator and Psychic who has a deep love and understanding for people and animals, as well as a true desire to help each soul reach their fullest potential.


Throughout her life, Cherie has felt a special connection to animals. As a very young adult, her abilities were simply a part of who she was and she never believed there was anything special about her. However, as she began her adult life, she came to understand that she possesses a unique skill of communicating with animals and that they have amazing and profound messages to share with all of us.


Realizing she could combine her love for empowering people as a Psychic and her Love for animals, as a Pet Communicator, she launched a career as a Pet Communicator & Psychic 20 year ago.


As a Pet Psychic and Intuitive, Cherie has been on  television and radio, sharing her psychic gifts and explaining her passion for animals and people. In addition to her private clients who reside all over the world, Cherie also works closely with several animal rescue organizations throughout the nation. Communicating with animals and sharing their wisdom with us, has proven to be her life’s purpose, passion and great joy.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • April 18th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET