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Cherie Vergini: Private Session

One on one private session with Psychic/Channel and Animal Communicator Cherie Vergini!

This is a special BTO offer where I invite you to experience Cherie’s unique gift and benefit from her access to the other side of the veil.

Ask Cherie your questions regarding the messages your pets or loved ones have for you on a soul level, whether deceased or alive.

These sessions will open your heart and mind to the truth of your journey. Feel the love as Cherie channels clear and direct messages specifically for you during this intimate private session!

The Animals Are Talking


1 Hour Session with Cherie!

Pet Psychic Reading

This is your opportunity to hear what’s on your pet’s mind, have questions answered about problems and concerns you have and gain an understanding of how your pet views the world. You can find out about their past before coming to you, what they do and don’t like, what is the cause of unwanted behaviors, how they view you and your family, do they have any health concerns, what they do and don’t understand and how you can create more cooperation and an enjoyable relationship with your animal friend.

Psychic Services for People

A lot of the time people tend to think that psychics can tell the exact future and that you as a person can not affect what will happen. This is not the case and one of the most important things to consider in preparation for your psychic reading with Cherie. We all have free will and can change the course of our lives in a moment based on the decision we make.

A Psychic reading with Cherie will tell you what is likely to happen in your immediate future if you stay on your current path but you always have free will and can change any outcome you may heard in your reading. Cherie can tell you what she see’s happening depending on the path you choose but ultimately it is up to you to choose your path and make your own future.




About Cherie

Cherie Vergini

Pet Communicator and Psychic

Cherie is a Pet Communicator and Psychic who has a deep love and understanding for people and animals, as well as a true desire to help each soul reach their fullest potential.

Throughout her life, Cherie has felt a special connection to animals. As a very young adult, her abilities were simply a part of who she was and she never believed there was anything special about her. However, as she began her adult life, she came to understand that she possesses a unique skill of communicating with animals and that they have amazing and profound messages to share with all of us.

Realizing she could combine her love for empowering people as a Psychic and her Love for animals, as a Pet Communicator, she launched a career as a Pet Communicator & Psychic 20 year ago.

As a Pet Psychic and Intuitive, Cherie has been on television and radio, sharing her psychic gifts and explaining her passion for animals and people. In addition to her private clients who reside all over the world, Cherie also works closely with several animal rescue organizations throughout the nation. Communicating with animals and sharing their wisdom with us, has proven to be her life’s purpose, passion and great joy.



What Others Are Saying About Cherie


Pet Reading Testimonials


“During Fluffy’s 8 years she has gone through 2 major operations with polyp removals and two teeth were extracted. Her tail was partially ripped off by 2 dogs which also required total removal with an operation. She had a near death experience when a garage door closed on her. She was also diagnosed with Feline Herpes. Because of the trauma she has experienced in the past, she still has anxiety off and on on a daily basis. We give her Bach Flower Remedies to help with that. She has a sweet soul and is a true blessing to our family. In the past I had a veterinarian after trying to help Fluffy for 2 years say that there was nothing else she could do for Fluffy. She then suggested that I try to find someone else to help her. When I have felt it necessary I have called or e-mailed Cherie. After Cherie has communicated with Fluffy I feel calmer and Fluffy Angel also seems calmer. Cherie has always remained calm even when I am emotional regarding Fluffy’s health. Communicating with Cherie many times over the years regarding Fluffy Angel’s health has saved me stress, time and helped financially with some of the medical decisions that I have needed to make for Fluffy. While Cherie did not tell me what the decisions should be, the input I received from Fluffy through Cherie’s communications with her has helped me to make wiser decisions. Well, none of us gave up on Fluffy Angel. Today Fluffy is healthier and happier then when she first came to our family. THANK YOU, CHERIE.”

Patricia R. / Rochester, NY


“Cherie has done readings for me several times. She spoke with a childhood dog of mine whom was very dear to my heart. His name was Rocky and I loved him very much. I spent my childhood playing and growing up with him. I have thought of him many times and her ability to speak to him and relay messages from him has brought me great comfort and joy in knowing how much I meant to him and that I will see him again on the other side.
I recently rescued two female cats from the humane society and was having issues with them. Cherie was able to shed light on their past as well as relate to me what they were going through and why they were acting the way they do. This enabled me to make behavior modifications and logistical modifications to ease the transition into their new home. Cherie’s accuracy is astounding. One time she told me Snowball (my white cat) told her that Midnight, (my black cat) had urinated by one of the end tables. A few days earlier I had scoured my apartment with a black light and had not found any spots. I told Cherie I felt
she was mistaken. After speaking to her, I scoured my apartment again with the same black light and lo and behold if I did not find a spot right where Cherie said I would. This is just one of many instances in which Cherie has been amazingly accurate.”
Cherie, in my opinion, has an incredible gift. She has the ability to communicate and relate to animals due to her incredible passion and sensitivity to their needs. Anyone who knows Cherie and how she is with her own animals, can see, she can relate to them in a way that is unique and comforting and this helps others feel the same connection with their own animals.”

Mark Wright / Boynton Beach, Florida


“I have been blessed to experience Cherie’s gifts with dogs, cats, birds & other pets. She communicates with them as though she is feeling their whole being. She genuinely cares sooooo deeply for animals that she also does a lot of volunteering to save dogs lives. I have heard such amazing statements come thru her from my dog. She is able to provide me with the understanding of how my dog feels. She has told me what he experienced at the hands of others and what scares him (so I know what to avoid doing). I appreciate how Cherie will be patient to really get the correct thought and communicate what my dog is sharing with her. Her gift with my dog has been lifesaving. I highly recommend her work with pets. Sincerely,”

Judy Cali / Boynton Beach, Florida


“Cherie’s communication of my little Marvin has lightened my heart. Since his rescue, I have been unsure of where he came from and the life he lived. Now, I know he had a rough life before he came to me, but as we all have our own histories it’s the present and future that matter. It brings me so much joy to know that he is happy now, and care free. Even though he dreams of a little brother or sister to play with, he is no longer dreaming of a home.
Thank You Cherie!”

Briana / Boynton Beach, Florida


Psychic Medium Testimonials

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ so much for your reading with me the other day. You truly have a gift and I was so amazed by how accurate you are, especially since we haven’t met and you were reading only over the phone. While I am a believer, I am also a skeptic and purposely did not divulge anything and yet, you were able to read me in such amazing detail. I was really surprised when you gave me information on my son-in-laws. When you asked their names and they are both “Chris”, I thought, ‘now here goes – let’s see if she is really good’. And you were right on, describing each of them exactly correctly. If you ever need a reference or testimonial, please let me know and I will surely vouch for your abilities.

Warmest Regards,
Bermuda Dunes, CA

I have had readings for over 20 yrs and worked with many different people, but none are as precise and exact as working with Cherie. Initially I sought help with my cat, and was amazed and dumb-founded with the clarity of the readings. In addition, Cherie offered solutions that proved to be beneficial for my animals and myself. Cherie comes from a place of a “pure heart” and so her readings are supportive and very nurturing in the process. After a few months some personal issues surfaced and again Cherie was able to not only “read“ the issue but offered very important insight and more importantly SOLUTIONS!!! I strongly recommend Cherie!!!

Suzanne DiStefano
MSW, New Jersey




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