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Christine Elder is an Awakening Guide and Sound Healing Alchemist who serves as a portal to pure, divine awareness. Through the embodiment and emanation of her vibrational signature of ChristiEl, she creates a luminous bridge between divine love and human perception, allowing you to easily experience your life as the peace, wholeness and joy that you are.

ChristiEl is often described as an “Angel in a Body,” and her ethereal sound alchemy has been called “The Voice of God.” Her unique ability to dissolve blocks and open awareness has resulted in the spontaneous healing of migraines, severe back pain, anxiety, and much more, including facilitating deep soul retrieval. As a classical singer and university music professor, she performed at Carnegie Hall and on a nationally televised CBS Christmas Eve special. She now devotes her musical and spiritual gifts exclusively to the awakening of the planet and beyond.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • June 14th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET