Colby Wilk

Colby Wilk possesses the ability and finely honed skills to access pure Source, then read whatever issues are presenting in your life. By holding this high frequency, while tuning in, you have the opportunity to release what has kept you stuck, confused and limited Sometimes this happens spontaneously when your system is “reminded” of its highest state, and sometimes it’s more gradual.

Utilizing highly developed intuitive skills, Colby sees past the surface helping you identify what is hidden, long forgotten, and currently doing you damage. By helping you to bring into consciousness what has been long suppressed, you can finally process what has been left behind, abandoned, and undealt with. With compassion and humor, Colby partners with you to help you take a heroic journey into your body.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • November 14th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET