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Colby Wilk

Colby Wilk has been educated in a variety of methods that strive to change behavior, but it was through spiritual healing that he changed the core of who he is.

It was when he started doing spiritual healing work that the foundation of who Colby is changed. He was no longer depressed, anxious or angry. Transformation occurred. The core of who he is changed. He no longer had to fight or struggle. He opened and his relationship to life shifted to one of profound amazement, sacredness and wonder.

Colby now works on multiple levels with multiple modalities to resolve, change what seems unchangeable and heal what seems unhealable. He has received training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Theta, Matrix, Nine Dimensional Healing, Quantum Healing, Pat Field’s and Lynda Ceasara’s work.

Colby learned what he learned to get out of his own pain—some of which he did not even know he was in. He did not imagine there could be so much richness on the other side, but there is. Life can be good. Really.

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