Dafna Ohana: Metaphysical Hypnosis

2 Hour Private Session


The Heart of this process is to Illuminate your Inner world, Release all that is out of Harmony in you, and Remember your Divine Spark and Connection to Infinite Wisdom.


This profound Intuitive journey Pierces through Time-Space to Unveil all that is True with-In you. We will begin by Setting a clear Intention to Hold during this Transformational process. Often we will go through Clearing all that is out of Harmony to create Space for your True Essence to Emerge.


All that arises is being Integrated on a cellular level throughout the process. As you open to Infinite wisdom, you gain deep Insights and Clarity into the Truth of who You are and the Meaning of your Existence


Metaphysical Hypnosis


Metaphysical Hypnosis

Some of What we Engage in during this Two Hour Private Session:

  • Clearing – unresolved Emotions, negative Patterns, Vows (Past Lives), Karmic Ties, Ancestral Wounds, Pain Body, Blocks and Barriers, and Stuck stagnant Energy.
  • Forgiveness work – with those that are here and / or passed.
  • Releasing anything that is out of Alignment with your Divine Truth.
  • Traveling Beyond the veils and Investigating questions you have.
  • Opening to Messages and Information from: Light Beings, Ascended Masters, the Counsel of light, the Counsel of Elders, your Soul Group, a Loved one that passed.
  • Opening to Receiving: Healing, Recalibration, Realignment, Rebalancing.
  • Revisiting the ‘In-Between’ Realm where we Review our Human experience through the Soul consciousness.
  • Visiting a lifetime in a different constellation. A life as a Different form of Life (non human as we know it).
  • Re-establishing deep connection with your Higher Self and Opening to continued Guidance from Beyond.
  • Re-aligning your Creative power and entering the Flow of Conscious Co-Creation with the Universal Source.

What Others Are Saying About Dafna

“Dafna as my guide/facilitator was able to reach my subconscious mind and help me connect with my inner world that I had no idea existed. All the solutions to all my stressors were all there waiting for me to discover. With her help, I was able to make sense of everything going on in my life. The powers behind these experiences in hypnosis are profound. She was able to send me to a place where I found inner wisdom, unconditional love, peace and understanding. Dafna provides a safe, unbiased and life changing experience with her practice. Her knowledge and natural intuition is like no other. The experience has left me with a new perspective of the world and life as I now know it. By far the best thing I have ever experienced.”



“Dafna helped me work through blocks around receiving abundance and Divine guidance. She has a gift of unconditional acceptance and compassion for everyone she meets, that every therapist can aspire to. Her gentle approach, paired with a deep desire to help clients heal wounds which keep them for living joyous and fulfilling lives are complimented by her professionalism and love of her work. Dafna is a lifelong student of the human condition, a gifted therapist and experiences life on a level deeper than anyone I’ve met before.”



“I did not know what to expect for my hypnotherapy session with Dafna. I felt nervous and unsure since I had never tried hypnotherapy before. From the start Dafna was a wonderful guide – clear and open which allowed me to feel empowered and safe during our work together. We discussed what I hoped to gain from the session – I felt safe and trusted Dafna as my guide, that this experience was my own to lead, to experience as gently or as deeply as I chose. From my hypnotherapy with Dafna I found a stronger connection to myself, connecting to the wisdom and the know-er within, helping me to dispel self-doubt. I feel strongly that the genuine care, gentleness and non-judgmental approach Dafna brought to our session allowed for me to explore within myself with the same level of care and compassion. Thank you!”



“I don’t know what else to say about Dafna except that she is the most giving, loving and connected person I know. Someone who wakes up every morning of every day looking to serve others so that she may help them to reach their highest potentials. Thanks to Dafna’s guidance through multiple hypnosis sessions, I was able to connect deeply with my Source and live from a place of more love and power. After each session, I left feeling light, free, deeply connected to myself and open to connecting with the world around me. Dafna is a gentle and wise soul who has the highest level of care for all people. I would 100% recommend her to anybody I know.”



“Dafna’s sessions are nurturing and holistic. I believe her greatest asset is her ability to meet you right where you’re at, holding space for you whenever you are ready. She has an amazing intuitive ability to help you get to the heart of whatever it is you are seeking help with. Dafna is a compassionate and talented hypnotherapist and healer. Her approach is gentle and kind. You feel instantly at ease in her presence. After every session I have come away feeling as though I have re-discovered something about myself and re-connected to parts of myself that had been missing. Thank you Dafna for your wisdom and support.”



“I went to Dafna at a time when I was processing a lot of emotions and energy that was coming at me from so many different angles. Dafna was patient, compassionate and perceptive to what I needed to work on. Her soft demeanor relaxed me immediately and I trusted her with my process. I was able to let go and do some healing that I didn’t know existed! I look forward to future sessions and time with Dafna, this is truly her souls work.”


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30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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