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Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton is a self-taught verbal channel and sound healer. His journey as a channel and healer began in March of 2010 when he received a physical and energetic upgrade from his extra-terrestrial friends in the middle of the night. This upgrade changed everything for Daniel. He was already a daily meditator for over ten years, but when he felt the energies moving through him like never before, he became obsessed with connecting within himself. Eight months later, he spoke for The Creators for the first time.

Over the years, Daniel began channeling a myriad of other beings as well, including: a faerie, The Hathors, Archangels Michael & Gabriel, The Zetas, The Pleiaidan High Council of Seven, and many more. Along this journey, Daniel also discovered he had the ability to channel healing tones and overtones with his voice, and he now teaches others how to make them as well.