Daniel Scranton: Your Channeling Journey- S11

This package includes everything you’ll need to get you started and hit the ground running in your journey as a verbal channel.

You’ll attend Daniel’s Beginner’s Group Channeling Class and two of his Advanced Group Channeling Classes, and you’ll receive a whole host of downloads, all about ten minutes in length.

You can attend the classes via phone or computer…your choice!

And you’ll receive recordings of the classes so that you can use all the techniques, meditations, and processes that are offered on your own.

Each of the downloads contains a different approach to channeling, and many of them are targeted at channeling specific entities, such as: Archangels, Ascended Masters, Faeries, and non-physical collectives.

Your Channeling Journey


Your Channeling Journey

Item 1: Beginners Channeling Class

In this two hour Beginners Channeling Class, you’ll learn everything I’ve come to know in my six years as a professional verbal channel during the first half, which will be lecture format.

I’ll debunk the myths, give you powerful exercises you can use to induce the channeling state, and remove some of the mental barriers and beliefs you may have picked up that are preventing you from shining your light.

In the second hour, I’ll guide you through three exercises that I’ve created to get you to meet your guides, write for them, tone for them, and ultimately speak for them.

I’ll also give you exercises you can do on your own, moving forward. You’ll receive a recording of the entire two hour class so that you can practice on your own.

Item 2: Advanced Group Channeling Classes, Part 1

In my Advanced Group Channeling Classes, I get completely out of the way and let my guides do all the work.

In the October class, you’ll have The Creators as your teachers and guides.

These classes will involve a lot of channeling on your part, so make sure you are plenty hydrated before class begins. This will ensure that the energy moves through you smoothly and easily.

Item 3: Advanced Group Channeling Classes, Part 2

In the November class, Archangel Michael will be at the helm.

These classes are two hours, with a short break in between sessions.

You’ll be guided through a number of processes that will get you channeling Archangels, Ascended Masters, faeries, and other high-frequency collectives and beings of love and light who are here to serve.

It’s a fantastic journey that will take your channeling to new heights!

Item 4: How to Channel Non-Physical Collectives ∞The Creators

The Pleiadians, The Hathors, The Creators, The Founders, and the Archangels Michael & Gabriel (all of which I channel) are all non-physical collectives.

In this download of just over 11 minutes, The PHCo7 offers a process for how to perceive, access, and channel the non-physical collective that is seeking to connect with YOU.

This recording may be just what you need to meet your non-physical collective and bring through their high-frequency energy of light and LOVE!

Item 5: Channeling Chakra Opening, Upgrade & Activation ∞The PHCo7

The throat chakra is an often overlooked chakra that contains our abilities to express ourselves verbally, through singing, toning, and channeling.

If you feel stuck in your verbal channeling, or if you don’t speak up for yourself enough or set healthy boundaries, this is the download for you!

The Creators walk us through several processes in this 12 and a half minute recording.

Afterwards, you will discover that you have more ways of expressing yourself than you originally thought!

Item 6: A Process of Channeling Pleiadians ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

In this download of 11 and a half minutes, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven walk us through a visualization/process to connect us to the vibration of the Pleiadian Star System.

This process is similar to the one I experienced myself on my journey to channeling them.

The energy transmission coming through me for this one is enough to enough to get you right there. Once you feel the vibration of the Pleiades, the rest is just about letting go and letting the channeling come through.

Item 7: A Process for Channeling ∞The Hathors

This channeling process of over 12 minutes is brought to you by The Hathors.

In it, they walk us through a series of steps that culminates in their encouragement to speak your very own light language.

The Hathors offer a mini-workshop on channeling in this one. It’s filled with the power of their frequency and the certainty with which they teach. It was a pleasure of mine to bring it through for all of you.

Item 8: A Process for Channeling High-Frequency Beings ∞Archangel Michael

This process of 11 minutes and 11 seconds comes to you from Archangel Michael.

They delivered an exercise for opening our central channel, and they also walk us through inviting high frequency beings in through that channel. Michael really brought the goods for this one.

Item 9: How to Channel Ascended Masters ∞Quan Yin

This download represents the first time I’ve ever channeled Quan Yin.

I got the inspiration to do it after a really good meditation, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Quan Yin has been around me for a while now, and she finally came through when I invited and allowed her to.

It can be that easy to channel an Ascended Master. But don’t take my word for it…check out the recording!

Just over 13 minutes in length. Sweet compassionate Quan Yin will definitely reach out to your heart.

Item 10: How to Channel Faeries ∞Ophelia the Faerie

Ophelia the Faerie offers an invitation to channel the Fae. She gives a series of steps that will help you to find their frequency and bring them through you.

This download of almost 12 and a half minutes is infused with her energy, and listening to it over and over will assist you in finding the faerie frequency so that you can give it your unique translation into the physical.

Item 11: A Process for Channeling Archangels ∞Archangel Michael

This process came through in a private, one-on-one channeling lesson, and I thought it was so good that I decided to channel it again for everyone to enjoy.

Archangel Michael delivers this powerful process that’s just over 16 minutes in length. You can use it for any of the Archangels that you’d like to channel – or all of them!

Item 12: How to Verbally Channel: A Process ∞The Creators

You can download and listen to this process from The Creators that is just over 13 and a half minutes in length.

In it, they take us through a process that is designed to get us verbally channeling.

The Creators are powerful teachers, and this is a powerful exercise. Enjoy!

Item 13: Overtones to Induce the Channeling State

I’ve recently been told by at least three people that listening to the tones and overtones I channel have put them in the channeling state or at least an altered state of consciousness.

So I wondered what would happen if I made a recording of tones with that intention infused into it?

This is the result. 11 minutes and 11 seconds of tones and overtones.

I think all of my guides chipped in, and maybe a few I don’t know (yet) too! Sit back, let your intention be to let the tones do their thing.

Item 14: A Breathing Exercise to Induce the Channeling State ∞The Creators

In this download of over 16.5 minutes, The Creators lead us through a breathing exercise designed to open us up, access more energy, connect to higher frequency beings, and channel those beings.

Breathwork has been coming up a lot lately, and so I’m not surprised at all that it’s the focus of this week’s download.

It is certainly an easily accessible path to becoming a clear direct voice channel.

What Others Are Saying About Daniel:

“WOW!  That’s all I can say.

I just listened to the recording of my channeling session with Daniel and Archangel Michael and I am in such a state of appreciation.

All the questions that have been on my heart for some time were answered in such a way that I experienced full resonance with. I could feel the love and compassion that Michael has for  me and the knowing that he wants for me to experience, the knowing of my own power. I gained so much clarity and expansion from this short channeling session that I am highly recommending this for anyone who is ready to take a quantum leap in the things that may feel like a block.

I found great joy in this channeling session!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Archangel Michael and to Daniel for allowing this beautiful energy to flow through him.”


Suzy D., Connecticut


“I had my session (that was manifested!) with the renowned Daniel Scranton last night and it was even greater than I anticipated!!!

Daniel has such a great spirit and disposition and not only did I receive a wealth of knowledge but I have never felt more clear headed & free in my life!

Above that I feel how loved I am both in the physical & metaphysical realm. I am eternally grateful for everything I received. It was my own little chat with God. On top of it his rates are a steal because it was extremely therapeutic releasing me from the heaviness that my hearts carried for years. Thank you Daniel Scranton for sharing your blessing with me!”


Jennifer C., Indiana


“I’m feeling so grateful to have found you and your collective consciousness cadre!  The advice that I receive from them, even when asking a single question, always goes right to the core of my situation.

These profound answers brings me both relief in the moment and direction for ongoing improvement.

It’s hard to express how life-changing these experiences have been for me so I can only say, thank you!!!”


Kevin Y. Michigan


“Daniel Scranton is amazing!

He is very easy to approach with questions and the answers are always clear, I always feel so much better after a channeling session with Daniel!”


Pavlina H. Hollywood CA


“The listener can instantly sense that Daniel’s channeling abilities come from the heart. The insight and love which come through are personal and powerful.

Daniel is truly tapping into the greater collective.

One example of this was when the channeled entity was able to clarify the specific date of an event. Another time, the entity was able to offer dream interpretation that was spot on and revolutionary for my growth in making peace with my father.

My sessions with Daniel have always been heart-opening experiences. He channels with precision and integrity.”


Eliza S. Chicago IL

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