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Deborah Skye King

CEO + Founder of Soul Therapy School®, Bestselling Author and world’s leading authority on Soul Therapy, Deborah Skye is the creator of the 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Apprenticeship Training Program, Courageous Souls – a Woman’s Global Initiative, The Wholelife* Transformational Breakthrough System, Soul Therapy Coaching Programs and Soul Therapist Licensing Training’s. She has mentored over 35,000 women globally with a sole mission to eradicate fear and suffering from the human condition by healing generational imprints and opening up a spiritual relationship for mothers to support and guide their child’s soul.

Her teachings ground women into their bodies, with a core knowledge of self love, integrity, trust and honesty to developing extrasensory perceptions from the view of the soul to witness what is out of alignment and is seeking wholeness. Her sacred wisdom teachings have transformed tens of thousands of lives by empowering women globally in understanding her relationship to her earth purpose by activating her spiritual gifts. She leads sacred retreats around the world supporting women in developing an inherent trust to her own inner power.

Deborah Skye provides business breakthroughs with radical shifts in mindset, integrating spirituality with core values, empowering women to take bold strides in living soulfully, enabling her clients globally to live in freedom and serve the world from a courageous place of self confidence and soul clarity. Mentoring with Deborah Skye is for women who desire to be more spiritually empowered and awakened to their inherent purpose on Earth.

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