Dee Wallace: Loving the Force of Your Little Child

To manifest what we want, we must be integrated.

To be integrated, all parts of us must be in agreement.

To be in agreement, we must love ourselves.

To fully love ourselves, we must be integrated.

It is a circle that must be complete in order for creation to occur.



Loving the Force of Your Little Child


Loving the Force of Your Little Child

Item 1: Peace; Disease, The Immune System and Wellness Webinar

Join Dee for two hours of channeling the highest discernment and understanding around disease, the immune system and wellness AND how that affects our Peace and is CREATED BY our lack of peace.

Joy and Love do not live in stress, and therefore our Immune System becomes compromised when we move out of those vibrations.

Play with me in accessing the Truth about miraculous healing and health. That is the clear commitment we have joined together to create!


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Item 2: Sex Webinar

Join Dee for a webinar on SEX: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Dimensional Intercourse with each other and the Universe.

Explore the “recigive” of sexual contact in all aspects of life, and how the formula for one applies to all.

Hint: You need to trust your partner to have great sex and a beautiful experience, right?

The Universe works the same way. We have to trust the Universe to have intercourse with it.

The orgasm of a joyful creation is built on trust & commitment. From the personal to the Universal! WOW!!


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Item 3: Patterns of Violence

This video explains the real energy behind patterns of violence and the vibration that creates them.

You will definitely have an expanded understanding, and even compassion, for the perpetrators of violence.

It is always shocking to learn the information around how we all feed into this growing concern in our world. If you are magnetized to the fear of violence, you absolutely need to watch this!


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Item 4: I Am The Light


This presentation gives such clarity around how we create, that we create, and that we are the energy of creation Itself.

The visuals alone will give you a whole expanded way of understanding how important YOU are in creating the life you desire, by taking the responsibility for your own light energy, and the light energy you are working with to bring into 3-dimensional form.

Again, the clarity and new thought that the channel brings forward will open you up to new possibilities and power.

Please join Dee in exploring your power as the light of creation Itself.


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Item 5: I love Me Playshop

A 5-hour webcast presentation of Dee’s amazing workshop on loving yourself, which is the basis of all manifestation.

Have fun, shift loads of energy and experience love–and love for yourself–in a way that you never have before!

Dee considers this her most valuable product because self-love is the key to creation.

The next best thing to Dee in person! Expansion guaranteed!


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Item 6: Personal Block Revealed!

Dee will channel the greatest place for the opening of creation for you in 2017!

A great opportunity to have Dee’s personal insight into your life.

What Others Are Saying About Dee

“Just sitting here thinking how much change I’ve had and how wonderful my life is…and it’s primarily due to you and your commitment to ‘learning’ energy and teaching others. Just eternally grateful.”


“I am writing to thank you over and over for the work you are doing and the clarity in which you bring forth powerful information.”


“This work has changed my life in every way. I am happier, healthier and creating more everywhere in my life. Thank you for teaching me how to use my power.”
S.S. Kansas


“I thought I understood me, but I had no idea of what was running me! My marriage is much improved, and I feel happy to get up every morning. That is a lot to say after years of depression. I am so very thankful.”
T.N. Texas


“I am no longer stuck in my story and am really starting to create from a brand new amazing place! My heart is soo full of gratitude to Dee ..that I feel like shouting it from the rooftops!”

30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


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