Dee Wallace: The Brain & Beyond (Season 9 Package)

Includes: Dee Wallace’s ‘Restructuring your Brain’, ‘For the Love of Your Inner Child’ and 6 Videos on the ‘Four Cornerstones of Creation’




Item 1: Restructuring Your Childhood Brain

We all know our personalities are in place between 4-7 years of age. We know what the brain perceives and is affected by, creates that personality. Please join myself and expert Deborah McNelis, M.Ed, as we delve into the reprogramming of our childhood brains so we can break free from programmed responses, and into unlimited thinking and creation.

Mp3 / Duration: 2 hours

Item 2: For the Love of Your Inner Child

We have studied the philosophical, the spiritual, and the emotional impact of our little children within, and how they are running us today. Now join Dr. Shannon Wilson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and myself for an amazing look into the research and findings of how our child creates our adult, and how we can work with them (and retrain them) to be in support of our adult direction. This is your opportunity to ask a professional about significant situations from your childhood, their implications in your life now, and tactical ways to deal with them. Get real life answers in real time to make real shifts, and move back into your empowerment.


Mp3 / Duration: 2 hours

Item 3: Four Cornerstones of Creation Video Series

The Four Cornerstones are the basic blocks that hold the ” house” of creation together, and that everything is built upon.

When these are in alignment, all can be created. When you are in reaction and out of alignment, asking these four questions is a quick way to bring yourself back into balance so you can focus on your creation.

  • Introduction Part 1: Four Cornerstones of Creation
  • Introduction Part 2: The Basics of Energy
  • Cornerstone 1: I Love Myself
  • Cornerstone 2: I Love All Energy
  • Cornerstone 3: I Am Living In The Present Moment
  • Cornerstone 4:  I Know I Am The Creation of Me