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Donna Root

Donna’s ability to communicate complicated physics and advanced spiritual concepts while breaking them down into simple and digestible processes in an absolute logical manner has attracted many individuals, universities, and corporations to invite her as a speaker time and again. Her uncanny ability to simplify complicated issues to their bare energetic essentials has allowed her to help bring hope to people who have felt stuck their whole lives. Donna’s talks have brought clarity and perception to leading intellectuals, business executives, individual, and organizations around the world.

Donna Root, is the creator of The Inner Architect; The Science of Personal, Corporate, and Spiritual Transformation. This Program helps Individuals, Companies, Business Executives, Performers, Organizations, Professional Sports Teams, Professional Athletes, Addicts and Individuals remove the hidden barriers to achieving maximum personal performance and corporate growth.

Donna Root has devoted the last 25-years to understanding the mechanisms that make people, leaders and organizations more effective and powerful in achieving transformational growth. Her expertise in business, cultural and interpersonal alignment and interpersonal transformational leadership development, have kept her busy speaking and training internationally as a Personal Success Coach, Mindful Executives Coach, and Corporate Management Consultant for C-suite Executives for over a decade.