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Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel Dagher has become recognized as a global Humanitarian, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Multi Best-selling Author who truly walks the talk when it comes to living from the heart. Emmanuel’s early challenges of growing up in the war-torn country of Lebanon have helped him develop a level of compassion and awareness that heals those who enter his space. Emmanuel’s ultimate desire is to remind everyone he meets of the wholeness that resides within every cell of their being; leading them back to the happy, rich and fulfilling life they desire most of themselves.

Emmanuel has had the honor of connecting and engaging with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. You may notice that upon your first encounter with Emmanuel, it’s as if you have been long time friends.

One of Emmanuel’s greatest gifts he offers to humanity is the amount of compassion he is able to share, as a direct result of having grown up below the poverty level during the Civil War of Lebanon in the 80’s and early 90’s. Having experienced unfathomable adversity, Emmanuel views all of his prior experiences as sacred gifts from the Divine that helped to shape his ability to love all those he meets beyond measure.
Emmanuel’s has quickly come on the world stage through his wisdom, healing gifts and humanitarian work, giving him the opportunity to present and facilitate global healing at the United Nations in New York City where the heart of global diplomacy occurs, at the World Congress, Consulates, and other international events that promote world peace and healing.

The role Emmanuel was set to play with helping to raise the global consciousness of the planet was ignited early on in his childhood.

Growing up during the civil war of Lebanon—where Emmanuel witnessed things that no human being should ever see or experience, and where safety, food, water, electricity and other amenities were either nonexistent or sparse —gave Emmanuel a deep ability to embody a compassion for others that to many transcends logic. One of Emmanuel’s passions includes helping refugee children, women and men who have been displaced from their home countries due to war, teaching them how to heal so that they can create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

With a background in parapsychology, combined with his gifted intuitive healing abilities, experiences, and having received an abundance of specialty certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving and awakening humanity, so that they can remember and embody the sacred core essence of their Divine Self.

Emmanuel is also a two time #1 international best seller for his books Easy Breezy Miracle and Easy Breezy Prosperity.

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