HeatherAsh Amara: Warrior Goddess Package

Women often fall into the habit of putting others before themselves– Partners, friends, family, children, and while they can move mountains to accomplish things for their loved ones, there can be a vacant hole left where they once held their own Warrior Goddess power.

In this special package for Beyond the Ordinary HeatherAsh Amara coaches women to reclaim the Warrior Goddess energy that they have lost by undergoing physical, spiritual and emotional training to unchain the inner strength inherent in every woman.


Warrior Goddess Package


Warrior Goddess Package

Part 1: Reclaiming Your Warrior Goddess Self

A five-part audio series


Lesson 1: Setting a New Foundation

Practice being aware of your actions, thoughts, habits, and agreements. Be curious. Don’t try and fix or change anything; do your best to witness without judgment or blame. Watch your thoughts, your relationship with your body, your reactions… be curious and compassionate.

​And know you are held by our circle!






Lesson 2: Aligning with Life

Commit to aligning with life and creating a new container for yourself, one based in compassion, witnessing yourself rather than judging or blaming, and not abandoning yourself. Practice holding all of yourself, and seeing yourself as a sacred temple that is inherently beautiful but just needs some cleaning and loving!







Lesson 3: Energy

Pay attention to your how you gather, hold, and direct your energy. Root into the earth and stay connected. Call your energy back from the places you have given it away. Honor your inner fire: your creative, life force sexual spark that is your juice. And run experiments to reclaim your power from old strategies and behaviors. Let’s get big and sparkly, sisters!







Lesson 4: Open

Practice open to your closure, to your resistance, and to your fear. Explore what it would mean to unconditionally love yourself, no matter what. Pay attention to where you withhold your love, and how it feels in your body. Give yourself permission to tell yourself the truth, and share your observations, thought, feelings, and needs. And listen to the quiet voice within. Your inner wisdom is profound. Open your being, dear one!






Lesson 5: Claim

Practice taking your different roles on and off. Pick one little myth you want to live by for the next two weeks: a role that is maybe new, or that you want to put energy towards. Then create an experiment to move yourself towards embodying the role. Your experiment will be tiny actions you take every day (or once a week if that works better for you) that are outside your comfort zone but totally doable. share with us on the FB page how it is going!

Part 2: Warrior Goddess Mini-Makeovers

Five-part audio series:


An inner makeover guide to rewire your five senses to create more self-respect, self-love, and inner beauty.

Five days of Warrior Goddess inspiration, interviews, and revelry. An inner makeover guide to rewire your five senses to create more self-respect, self-love, and inner beauty. Join HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training and friends for these five morning makeover sessions. We mix a tasty blend of teachings and motivational “before and after” interviews with different women who have transformed their lives with the tools from the online or live Warrior Goddess Training circles.


Lesson 1: Sight

See yourself with new eyes








Lesson 2: Smell

Smell the flowers








Lesson 3: Hearing

Hear your inner voice








Lesson 4: Taste

Taste the sweetness of receiving








Lesson 5: Touch

Touch the world with love

Part 3: LIVE Group Webcast with HeatherAsh Amara

Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 5PM PT, 8 PM ET


Warrior Goddess Empowerment: An intimate question and answer session on how to reclaim your energy and self-love

About HeatherAsh Amara

Heather Ash  Amara

Empowerment and Warrior Goddess Trainer






A leader in mindfulness and empowerment, HeatherAsh Amara is the author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training, Become the Woman You are Meant to be and the new-release Warrior Goddess Way, Claiming the Woman you are Destined to be.

The heart of Amara’s teachings stems from her long Toltec apprenticeship and teaching partnership with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. After studying under Ruiz, in 2001 Amara founded Toci – The Toltec Center of Creative Intent, a non-denominational religious organization based in the wisdom of the Toltec and The Four Agreements. Over the past fifteen years she has taught workshops and apprenticeships and trained teachers. She now travels the world working with women to integrate the feminine wisdom of the ancients into their modern lives.

Since the publication of Warrior Goddess Training in September of 2014, sales of this series have exceeded 100,000 copies and the books have been translated into 15 different languages. The worldwide movement for Warrior Goddess Training has grown to include a robust, highly-engaged Facebook page with almost 400,000 fans, an email list nearing 100,000, and numerous book discussion groups around the country.




What Others Are Saying About HeatherAsh Amara




“Using examples from many of the world’s great spiritual traditions, Warrior Goddess Training is a true treasure for women looking to bring inspiration, balance and wisdom into their daily lives.”

Sandra Ingerman, MA, Author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life


“HeatherAsh Amara was once my apprentice, and now she is my peer… [she] shares her experience as a teacher, friend and guide, helping a new generation of women enter their own journey of inner transformation.

don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements


“Sisters, it’s time to shed the “shoulds,” see ourselves through our own eyes instead of others’, and close the gap between wishing for and realizing once and for all who we came here to be. No one shows you how to walk this journey with courage and compassionate self-acceptance better than gifted teacher HeatherAsh Amara.”

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, Author of Your Spacious Self


“…HeatherAsh Amara is a master teacher who embodies the concepts of warrior and goddess in her life and writing… Each lesson she presents offers insight and practices for spiritual, physical, intellectual and psychological growth.

Judith Yost, Dean of Students, Wisdom School of Graduate Studies and Author of Nature and Intimacy


“HeatherAsh guides us into ways of learning to let go of fears and the old patterns of belief systems in order to enlarge our souls and hearts.”

Matthew Fox, Theologian and Author of Original Blessing

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30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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